Ford has officially announced the all new Ford Bronco will be showcased for the first time in spring of 2020 and no, it will not be at the New York Autoshow. The Bronco is a notable icon in the automotive sphere, especially among the off-road enthusiasts. And with the popularity of SUVs skyrocketing in recent years, Ford couldn’t have chosen a better time to revive one of its iconic nameplates.

2021 ford mini bronco teaser

 The Bronco will likely rival the Jeep Wrangler which has enjoyed much success in the SUV market. It will be based on the Ford Ranger and will feature a body on frame construction and a live rear axle. That also suggests that it could feature independent front suspension unlike its likely rival which comes with a live front axle. 

As for body styles, we can expect Ford to offer both two and four-door models like the Wrangler and unlike the original Bronco. 

But that’s not all! Fully capitalizing on the legendary Bronco name, Ford is expected to offer two versions of this nameplate, the body-on-frame Wrangler rival and a smaller, soft-roader, a vehicle likely based off the brand-new 2020 Escape crossover. The name of this “Baby Bronco,” which is expected to compete with models like the Jeep Compass and Cherokee, is anyone’s guess at this point, but word on the street is it could be called the Bronco Sport or Bronco Adventurer. As always, take these unsubstantiated reports with a grain of salt.

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Estimated Specs

Estimated Ford Bronco Specs

Engine: 2.3-liter turbocharged Ecoboost four-cylinder

Horsepower: 270

Torque: 310 pound-feet

Drivetrain: Standard four-wheel drive

Transmission: 10-speed automatic

ford bronco mule spy photo

Estimated “Baby Bronco” Specs

Engine: 2.0-liter turbocharged Ecoboost four-cylinder

Horsepower: 250

Torque: 275 pound-feet

Drivetrain: Standard all-wheel drive

Transmission: Eight-speed automatic

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Estimated Ford Bronco Features

Expect the Bronco to feature a wide-array of off-road-focused kit. Ford’s recent experience with its Raptor pickup truck have given them plenty of experience in this area. Skid plates and durable steel bumpers should protect delicate components. A winch mounting point, sky-high suspension lift and rock rails are almost surely going to be part of the equation. Dedicated low-range gearing is a basically a given as well and, if the documents uncovered by our paten sleuths prove true, the vehicle will also have removable doors.

Like the Ranger it’s expected to be based on, there’s a good chance the Bronco will feature a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. In pickup guise, this turbocharged four-cylinder delivers 270 horses and 310 pound-feet of low-RPM torque, perfect for tackling the toughest terrain.

For added performance, it’d be awesome if Ford offered their larger 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine in the Bronco. Serving F-150 duty, that powerplant delivers 325 horses and 400 pound-feet of twist! Unfortunately, this is pure theory at this point but we can dream.

Ford Bronco Will Have Removable Doors

As for the Baby Bronco, it ought to share the same powertrains found in the 2020 Ford Escape. The top offering in this crossover is a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine delivering an estimated 250 horses and 275 pound-feet of torque. If this engine used, it’s almost guaranteed an eight-ratio automatic gearbox will be part of the drivetrain equation, along with some sort of lockable all-wheel-drive system.

The new Escape can be had with an efficient hybrid drivetrain and even as a plug-in hybrid. These powertrain options make a world of sense in an everyday crossover vehicle, but it seems unlikely they’d find their way into an off-roader such as this.

Both the full-size and compact Broncos will likely be fitted with the automaker’s latest driver-assistance technology (at least as an option). Ford-CoPilot360 bundles potentially lifesaving features like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist and more into one convenient suite.

Another innovative feature of the new Bronco was recently revealed in patent filings. Rather than a conventional removable roof like the Jeep Wrangler, the new Bronco will feature a removable roll cage as well. This will allow for a completely open air driving experience, with both the C and D pillars able to be unbolted from the chassis.

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Ford Bronco Competitors

As mentioned, the new Ford Bronco will compete with Jeep’s venerable Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited. It’s also a rival to models like the Toyota 4Runner and possibly the ultra-fancy Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Land Rover Discovery.

On the other hand, Ford’s upcoming Baby Bronco is more likely to tussle with the Jeep Compass and Cherokee plus a variety of Subarus. Aside from these more off-road-focused models it will almost certainly compete with more mainstream crossovers like the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue and Chevrolet Equinox, in short, the latest crop of “cute-utes.”

Detailed Specs

Estimated Ford Bronco Specs /
Engine / 2.3-liter turbocharged Ecoboost four-cylinder
Horsepower / 270
Torque / 310 lb.-ft.
Drivetrain / Standard four-wheel drive
Transmission / 10-speed automatic
Estimated “Baby Bronco” Specs /
Engine / 2.0-liter turbocharged Ecoboost four-cylinder
Horsepower / 250
Torque / 275 lb.-ft.
Drivetrain / Standard all-wheel drive
Transmission / Eight-speed automatic