Jeep Planning MINI Countryman Rival

Because the Patriot and Compass weren’t, which must have been hard for Jeep to resist slapping them with “Trail Rated” badges. This crossover will be even smaller than those two, based on a Fiat platform but developed out of Detroit.

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MINI Teams Up With Luggage-Maker Tumi For Two Special Edition Cars

Specially designed for the Chinese market, luxury luggage manufacturer Tumi has teamed up with MINI to make two “MINI Goes Tumi” models. The unique MINI concepts are coated in different paint schemes, Alpha (black) for one and Alpha Brave (Hunter Green) for the other, with contrasting highlights on the exterior. The rest of the cars are also inspired by Tumi colors, from the tires to the grille to the trunk lid.

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BMW Tops 6 Million 'Likes' On Facebook, Retains Significant Lead Over Competitors

There are approximately 500 million people of Facebook and BMW has used this to their advantage. Just over 6 million people  ‘Like’ the BMW brand, holding first place of the Top 10 most liked automotive companies. This means that over 1 percent of Facebook users enjoy the BMW brand. The next closest rival was Audi which has half of the ‘Likes’ BMW has.

The official BMW Facebook page features fantastic photos, videos, links to national fan pages, and members are also allowed to post as well. As one member put it “if God doesn’t drive a BMW, then why is the sky blue and white?”

The Bavarian automaker currently owns and maintains fifty-four separate Facebook pages associated with its various geographic regions, business segments and products. BMW was also declared the “Most Influential Automaker on Facebook”

Check out the Top 10 most like automotive brands after the jump!

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KISS and MINI Raise $129,000 For UNICEF

With their army behind them, KISS is a force to be reckoned with. And when it came to helping out Japan after the earthquake and tsunami, the band partnered with MINI USA to raise money for this worthy cause.

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MINI John Cooper Works Coupes Take on the Nurburgring [Video]

Mission accomplished. After the official reveal of the MINI Cooper Coupe, the fun British brand wanted to show off its reliability and performance through two John Cooper Works Coupes campaigning at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. Both vehicles passed with flying colors, running strong throughout the 24 hour race and crossing the finish line after campaigning almost 3,500 miles at the Green Hell.

The John Cooper Works Endurance MINI Cooper Coupes got a 500-lb weight savings thanks to a gutted interior and a single Recaro race seat. There was a slight bump in performance as well, with the Nurburgring racers sporting 247-hp and 243 lb-ft of torque compared to the stock JCW’s 208-hp and 207 lb-ft of torque. And of course, tackling such an arduous track as Nurburgring is, aerodynamic enhancements had to be made to the body of the racers.

Check out a highlight video of the JCW MINI Cooper Coupes campaigning on Nurburgring after the jump:

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Start/Stop Technology To Be Implemented In 55% Of New Vehicles By 2016

Stop/Start technology will more than triple in five years as automakers worldwide seek better fuel efficiency. This function allows a car’s engine to shut off when the vehicle is at rest, for example, at a stop light, and the engine restarts when the gas pedal is pressed.

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2012 MINI John Cooper Works Coupe Racer [Video]

MINI has recently released the all-new 2012 Coupe and it will pack a serious punch. The company’s racing heritage will continue with this sporty two-door in the John Cooper Works Coupe Endurance. This race car has been developed to compete in this weekends 24-hour Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit. MINI will race the “Green Hell”, as the track is affectionately known with two cars wearing numbers 146 and 147. Three other MINI teams will also track two cars each, making for eight MINI’s in a race of 250.

The race car gets a specially-tuned version of the factory produced John Cooper Works engine, packsinga 1.6-liter four cylinder equipped with a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection. The car will produce 250-hp with an over-boost function cranking out 330 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of 240 km/h.

The car looks and sounds great in the video and looks very quick. The exhaust system sounds mean and the minute and a half long video is definetly worth watching.

Check out the video after the jump!

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Next-Gen MINI Lineup to Include 5-Door Model

Many fans of the original MINI complain that the new cars bearing the name are just too big. They certainly won’t be happy to learn that the next generation model of the MINI Cooper, also known as the F56, will offer a five-door variant along with the three-door offering.

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MINI John Cooper Works Coupe Endurance Race Car Set to Take on the Nurburgring

Having just unveiled the new Cooper Coupe, MINI is looking to drive home the car’s performance message by competing with a race-prepped version of the two-door at this weekend’s Nurburgring 24 Hour race.

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MINI Coupe- Another Day, Another Adventure: [VIDEO]

MINI has been know to have fun with their commercials and they definitely pulled it off with their newest ad.  In this latest commercial entitled “Another Day. Another Adventure” the coupe tours around through Iceland, Rio De Janiero and Hong Kong in less than a week.

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AC Schnitzer Eagle Claims to Be World's Fastest MINI [with Video]

AC Schnitzer is laying claim that they sport the world’s fastest MINI, with their John Cooper Works-based AC Schnitzer Eagle. And while you’re probably thinking AC Schnitzer set some record on the quarter mile or out at Nurburgring, their test bed was actually the famed Grand Prix Circuit at Hockenheim. It was there that their Eagle laid waste to the track, clocking in a 1:13.341 lap time.

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Audi To Launch Q2 And Q6 SUVs

Audi is planning on launching the Q2 and Q6 sport oriented SUVs by 2016. Along with the Q2 and Q6 will be the new Q4 and today’s Q3, Q5 and Q7 to complete Audi’s lineup.

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2012 MINI Coupe Priced From $22,000
MINI Cooper Coupe Bows With More Style, Fewer Seats

The latest flavor of Cooper to join the MINI lineup is the all new Coupe. Yet another variant of the similarly styled Brit-car, this two-door forgets about even trying to have rear seats instead trading them for a small cargo shelf and a fixed rear wall.

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2012 MINI Coupe Spied In Toronto [Autoguide Exclusive]

A sharp-eyed AutoGuide reader spotted the 2012 MINI Coupe undergoing a shakedown in Toronto, Canada. The Coupe, which is supposed to be the most sporting version of the MINI lineup, was wearing minimal camaflogue, although the photographer reported that the driver did their best to make a swift getaway. Check out the gallery below, as well as a video clip of the 2012 MINI Coupe.

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New Top Gear Season 17 Promo Released [Video]

Car enthusiasts from around the world are marking their calendars off with big red Xs as BBC’s Top Gear returns. The first episode of season 17 will air in just eleven days with the trio will back in the drivers seat and up to their usual shenanigans driving exotic cars in exotic locations.

Top Gear has just released this montage commercial showing little segments of what will happen in the series. We know for sure that Jeremy Clarkson will be driving the all-new McLaren MP4-12C, James May will be riding shotgun in the MINI WRC car paired against a luge racer and Richard Hammond is driving some massive dump truck on top of passenger cars through a city street.

It looks like we are all in for a treat! Check out the video after the jump:

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MINI Rocketman to Remain a Concept, Nothing More

Recently, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer commented on how the MINI brand could expand to as many as 10 different models, sadly, however, it looks like the Rocketman concept will not be among them.

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Surveyed Mini E Owners Really Enjoy Their Electric Cars

The University of California at Davis and BMW have completed the largest study of electric car owners yet conducted: a project massive in scope, involving 120 families across the country who have put over 1 million miles in their MINI E for an entire year. Their findings? They sure love ’em.

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MINI Lineup Could Grow to 10 Models Says BMW CEO

MINI will expand its lineup considerably over the next few years and could grow to as many as 10 models says BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer.

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BMW To Expand Mini Production In UK

BMW will sink £500 million into its British production network for the current and next-generation Mini, expanding the factory at Oxford and adding over 5,000 UK jobs over the next three years.

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MINI To Enter Factory Team In Nurburgring 24 Hour Endurance Race

On June 25th, MINI Motorsports and three privateer MINI teams will tackle 24 hours’ worth of the Nürburgring with 200 other competitors. MINI has never entered an endurance event prior to this, and as if surviving the ‘Ring’s 14+ miles wasn’t hard enough, teams will have to contend with changing weather, exhaustion, insomnia-induced hallucination, and other racing foibles and mishaps guaranteed to put hair on any race car’s chest.

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MINI Union Jack Sneakers: Heel-Toe in Style

Kick up your heels in the new MINI Union Jack Sneakers. These cool hi-top kicks are the latest addition to the MINI Lifestyle Collection.

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Mini Coupe Spied Ahead Of Official Debut

The all-new eagerly anticipated MINI Coupe is almost here. The all-new two-seater coupe is described as being an important competitor within the compact sports car class, a greater focus on performance compared to other MINI models. MINI describes its fine balance of the selection of engines, chassis set-up, weight distribution and aerodynamic properties, delivering optimum performance and superb driving pleasure.

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KISS-Themed Mini Countryman On EBay For Charity

As if KISS action figures and PEZ dispensers are not enough, the band has branded MINI Countrymen, although for a good cause. MINI teamed up with the quartet to customize the countryman for charity. All four band members have applied their trademark style to the exterior of the 2011 Minis.

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Vilner Builds Bentley-Inspired MINI Cooper S

Not to be outdone by the Rolls-Royce influenced MINI Cooper Goodwood, Vilner has put their own spin on a luxury-inspired Cooper S by outfitting it with Bentley-styled interior. The Bulgarian tuner decided to completely revamp the MINI’s interior with double-diamond stitched brown Nappa leather and Alcantara on the seats, headliner, door panels, center console and dash.

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MINI Cooper Goodwood Sports Exorbitant Price Tag

Pricing has finally been announced for the MINI Cooper receiving goods from Rolls-Royce’s factory in Goodwood and it’s probably shocking to many, even those that expected an utmost premium for the Rolls-Royce goods. So let’s just get that out of the way with the base-model Mini Cooper Goodwood coming in at an astonishing $68,000. We’re going to safely assume that the $68,000 won’t convert over to America’s market, but even at close to $50,000, that’s a crazy price to pay for a Cooper.

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DSQUARED2 Unveil Life Ball MINI

The Candian designers Dean and Dan Cate referred to as DSQUARED2, unveiled their exclusive Life Ball MINI in Vienna on May 21 at the Life Ball Event. The brothers refashioned their MINI Cooper S to include a front guard, rally headlamps and a spare tire on the rear. The car was also lifted to include deep-treaded all-terrain tires. The brothers are quite happy with the result, stating “Our MINI ‘Red Mudder’ is 100 per cent DSQUARED².”

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MINI Planning Smaller Model For 2014
Edmunds Lists The Best And Worst Fuel Economy Among Sports Cars

A big-name outlet like may get a lot of sports cars, but it’s not all burnouts and apexes—they have to pay for them as well. So they tallied up the fuel costs among 9 sports cars over one month to see what $4-gallon gas gets you these days if you’re not schlepping about in a Camry.

Ranging from the Mini Cooper to the Jaguar XFR, the BMW M3 to the Corvette ZR1, the list found that—to the surprise of no one—the Minis were the cheapest to fill up, and the BMW M3 and Corvette ZR1 were tied as the priciest. The non-supercharged Cooper cost $165/month to fill up, while the BMW/Corvette combo topped the chart at $330—almost the same cost of a full-size pickup,  but with less of your friends calling you whenever they need to move a couch.

Click the jump to view the whole chart.

[Source: Auto Observer]

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Federal Investigation Into 60,000 Mini Coopers For Potential Fire Hazard

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has upgraded their investigation into 60,000 the 2004-2005 MINI Cooper, regarding power steering issues linked to three fires.

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MINI Countryman To Get Rear Bench Seat Option

The MINI Countryman was originally offered with a 2+2 configuration that made it somewhat impractical for a significant portion of potential buyers, who need the fifth seat for whatever reason.

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DSquared MINI 'Red Mudder' to Be Auctioned Off at Life Ball

The Life Ball is an annual charity event, started in 1993, that focuses on those affected by HIV/Aids. Each year the charity event not only raises awareness for the disease but also money to help fight it. And this year part of the funds generation by the Life Ball will be through the sale of a one-of-a-kind MINI.

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April Sales Figures: Small Cars Trump Big Trucks

April’s U.S. sales figures are in, and to the surprise of exactly no one, $4-gallon gas and continuing unrest in basically everywhere has led to a surge in small car sales.

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2011 MINI Countryman S ALL4 Review [Video]

It’s the first MINI Crossover. The first MINI with all-wheel drive and, arguably, it’s the first MINI with room for four people and a few grocery bags. What about the Clubman you say? OK, the Countryman is the first MINI with room for four people, grocery bags and is something you might actually want to own.

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MINI Goodwood to Spawn New Line of High-End Models

MINI‘s new limited edition Rolls-Royce-inspired Goodwood model, introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show, will inspire a line of luxury models in the future according to a new report. Similar to how the John Cooper Works name has become synonymous with added performance for MINIs, the Goodwood name will be tied to future luxury models. Likely to all be limited edition cars, the Goodwood MINIs will feature high-grade interior trims and paint, often built to customer specifications. And like the Goodwood car are likely to come with a hefty price tag (the Goodwood model is rumored to cost around $50,000).

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Swarovski-Studded Royal MINI Cooper is Fit For a King

Alarm set for ungodly early hour: check. Good china set out to enjoy tea and crumpets while watching the royal wedding: check. Perfect ride to celebrate the nuptials of the year: check. Wave a stately hand out of the window to your adoring subjects as you drive the Swarovski-studded MINI Cooper S, in celebration of Kate and William’s wedding.

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Mini Unveils A Collapsible Bicycle

Mini is following in the footsteps of Audi and designing its own line of bicycles. And in the interests of smallness, the bicycles are designed to be folded—perfect for today’s clogged cities.

The Mini Folding Bicycle features a lightweight aluminum frame that collapses in a matter of seconds: the crossbar, seat, handlebars and pedals fold into each other for easy carrying from a subway to the trunk of a Countryman. The entire bicycle only weighs 24 pounds and still manages to sport 8 gears, 20-inch wheels, mud guards, a gel seat, a cute bell, and a Teflon-coated chain that won’t get your suit dirty when you inevitably get tangled while trying to fold it up.

Like most folding bicycles, it won’t be cheap at 500 Euros (approximately $729), but it’s still cheaper than getting your Mini Cooper impounded for the 3rd time in a row from a tow zone.

Look for it available online and at select Mini dealerships in August this year. And if you can’t wait that long, click the jump for the press release and specifications.

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MINI Teams Up With KISS for Charity; Announces 'MINI Rocks the Rivals' Tour [NYAS]

Introduced by MINI CEO Jim McDowell  today at the New York Auto Show (in full KISS makeup no less), the legendary rock band helped announce that the new Countryman crossover is going on tour.

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Mini Goodwood To Start At 50,000 Euros

The ultra-posh Mini Goodwood (sorry, “Mini Inspired by Goodwood) can start impressing unsuspecting neighbors in Germany, where it will start at 50,000 Euros.

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Audi Q3 May Come To United States

While Audi’s plans for the U.S. market originally did not include the compact Q3 crossover, but Audi is re-considering the decision to not import the car after seeing the segment expand with offerings like the MINI Countryman, BMW X1 and the Nissan Juke.

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MINI Inspired by Goodwood: The Rolls-Royce of MINIs Revealed

Set to officially debut at the Shanghai Auto Show next week, MINI has revealed the Rolls-Royce of Coopers. Titled the ‘MINI Inspired by Goodwood’ the car is the extreme expression of the brand’s new MINI Yours program, with the project overseen by the team at Rolls-Royce using materials, colors and accessories that had previously only been exclusive to that marque. The name indicates the connection, with Rolls-Royce being centered in Goodwood in the UK.

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Mini Returns To The World Rally Championship With The JCW Countryman

It’s been 40-some odd years, but Mini is finally returning to the world rally stage.

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MINI Captures First Rally Victory Ahead Of WRC Debut

While it wasn’t the MINI Countryman WRC that did it, the brand still captured their first ever rally victory, with an S2000-class MINI John Cooper Works finishing first in the Rally dell’Adriatico.

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MINI Cooper S Hybrid With All-Wheel Drive Spied

A MINI Cooper S fitted with an experimental hybrid all-wheel drive system was spotted testing in winter climates, a surprise move for BMW, which has given no indication it was developing such a car.

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Cool New Computer Accessories For The Mini Fan At Home

Mini has just released some new flash drives, a 4GB unit which is shaped like a British Bulldog and a 8GB unit shaped like an ignition key. The outer ring of the key glows when it’s in use.

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Mini Bringing Goodwood Concept to Shanghai Auto Show

Mini has released a few details on a new concept they have dubbed “Goodwood,” after the spiritual home of Rolls-Royce, the auto festival at the Goodwood Estate, and to British luxury in general.

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Lexus, MINI Top J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index Survey

For the third year in a row Lexus has taken the top spot in J.D. Power’s annual Customer Service Index Study, which rates the satisfaction by owners and lessees of their dealership service department.

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MINI Countryman Gets Rear Bench Seat for 2012

The MINI Countryman currently seats four, plus a whole lot of cupholders. But due to consumer demand, a rear bench option will be coming to America as early as July.

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MINI Countryman Helps BMW Increase 2010 Profits

Purists may scoff at the 4-door MINI Countryman and its betrayal of “brand values”, but BMW’s bean counters are laughing all the way to the bank as the company credits the newest MINI with helping profits surge 15-fold in 2010. BMW’s net income was recorded at 3.23 billion euros in 2010, up from 210 million euros in 2009.

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2011 MINI Cooper S Review [Video]

It’s new? Are you sure?  But it doesn’t look new. Then again, MINI hasn’t really come up with an original design since the ‘new’ Cooper debuted in 2001. And even then one could argue it was just a modern interpretation of the classic shape.

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Mini Countryman Receives Top Safety Pick

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named the Mini Countryman its “2011 Top Safety Pick,” the first Mini to do so.

The sort-of-SUV received “Good” ratings in front, side, rollover, and rear impact protection, ensuring that owners won’t get beat up if they ever take theirs rally racing. The Countryman comes with electronic stability control standard and was able to take 5 times its own weight on the roof, while federal standards only need 1.5 times weight.

Click the jump for the full press release from Mini.

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MINI Rocketman Set For Production, Won't Come To America

With the positive reception given to the very compact MINI Rocketman concept at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, MINI execs have given indications that the car will be produced sometime in the near future.

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Mini Cooper Gaming Chair Offers the Ultimate Multimedia Experience

For those of you how really want the luxe treatment when you’re playing video games, do we have a seat for you – David Gawthorpe’s Mini Cooper gaming chair.

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MINI Rocketman Video: First Look at 94-MPG City Car Concept

Looking to return to its roots in a high-tech way, the brand famous for thinking small has unveiled a new more-mini MINI at the Geneva Auto Show.

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Geneva 2011: MINI Cooper SD Burns The Midnight Oil

Diesel hot hatches have always been a bit of an oddity – one would think that a big, heavy diesel engine would throw off the superb balance and lightweight that are the hallmarks of most front-wheel-drive hot hatchbacks, but the MINI Cooper SD is one diesel hot hatch that deserves the benefit of the doubt after seeing it at the Geneva Auto Show.

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Geneva 2011: MINI Rocketman Returns To Roots With Smaller Hatchback

If you’ve ever seen an original Mini (which may be unlikely if you live in North America) you might find it hard to wrap your head around just how small the car really is. The current MINI Cooper, while small by our standards, absolutely dwarfs the original car, but MINI’s new Rocketman concept should set things straight for the brand.

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2011 MINI Cooper S Models Get JCW Tuning Kit Upgrade Package [Geneva Preview]

As part of MINI‘s 2011 Cooper lineup and debuts at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, an announcement has been made that a John Cooper Works Tuning Kit will be available for the MINI Cooper S, MINI Cooper S Clubman and MINI Cooper S Convertible. The tuning kit will raise horsepower to 200-hp and torque to 186 ft-lbs, with an overboost function that increases torque even more to 199 ft-lbs.

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MINI Rocketman Concept: Carbon Spaceframe City Car Gets 94-MPG [Geneva Preview]

When the new MINI Cooper debuted back in 2001, it was impossible not to note how much larger the car was than its classic predecessor. The less-than-mini size of the vehicle is even more obvious in Europe, where the majority of cars on the road share roughly the same dimensions. It comes as little surprise then that the brand famous for thinking small is preparing to unveil a new more-mini MINI at the Geneva Auto Show next week.

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MINI Rocketman Tipped as Name of New 80-MPG Carbon Spaceframe City Car

MINI‘s rumored city car, set to debut at the Geneva Auto Show, now has a name. According to reports, the more mini MINI will be called the Rocketman and will make use of parent company BMW’s carbon fiber investments to showcase an entirely carbon fiber spaceframe chassis. This should give it an incredibly low curb weight.

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MINI City Car Concept to Bow at Geneva Auto Show

MINI will unveil a new city-car concept at the Geneva Auto Show next week as it continues to study the possibility of a smaller model to sit below the Cooper hard-top in the current lineup.

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