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Affordable pricing, lots of standard safety kit, good looks


Awkward seating position, only one engine, less model choices than other mid-sized trucks

Bottom Line

The Nissan Frontier is finally rejuvenated, with a strong engine and value to match.

Nissan Frontier Gains Retro Style With Hardbody Edition

Nissan’s Project Hardbody comes to production.

Last week, we broke news of Nissan’s intention to resurrect the Hardbody nameplate for a new truck – and it’s finally here. The limited edition new Nissan Hardbody package adds retro style to the midsize pickup. Alongside this new package, Nissan has added a few things to the Frontier for 2024.

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Jeep Gladiator vs Nissan Frontier Comparison: The Work-Life Balance

Be honest with yourself: why are you really shopping for a mid-sized pickup?

Jeep and Nissan have put out two very different left-fielders in the shape of the Gladiator and Frontier, respectively. The former bolts a bed onto the back of the Wrangler, a model that has only grown in popularity in the age of the SUV. Meanwhile, after being the butt of many jokes for being so old it needed to tie an onion to its belt, the Frontier has joined the modern world with a thorough revamp for 2022.

What we have here is a mullet of a comparison: one half business, one half party. Can one of these mid-sizers woo us over to its side? Managing editor Mike Schlee and I spent a week with both to find out.

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2022 Nissan Frontier First Drive Review: Into the Thick of It

I don’t want to overstate it, but when the departing Frontier was new George W. Bush was just beginning his second term as president, the iPhone hadn’t been announced, Twitter didn’t exist, and Netflix was still sending DVDs through the mail.

Yes, the last time the Frontier was all-new was in 2005. Think about that for a second. Up until 2020, Nissan showrooms across North America stocked a model dating back three presidential administrations to the era of flip phones and standard def.

True, Nissan facelifted the Frontier for the 2009 model year, and made incremental changes (colors, wheels, special models, etc.) during its run, and even managed to stuff a new engine and transmission (which were carried over to the ‘22) into it on its way out the door, but the oldness of that truck was unmistakable. The styling, especially in the cabin, looked and felt ancient, a reality that overtakes all vehicles after 15 years.

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Detailed Specs

Price $29,190 - $39,120
Engine3.8-liter 6-cylinder
Power310 hp
Torque 281 lb-ft
DrivetrainRWD / 4WD
Fuel Economy (city/hwy)17–18 mpg / 22–24 mpg
Cargo CapacityN/A

Our Final Verdict

Nissan Frontier



Quality and Styling7.0
Value8.0 Staff Staff

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  • Eric Munson Eric Munson on Aug 16, 2020

    I've had a 07 frontier since new SE king cab 4x4 it is a reliable truck, only problem w/ these trucks were the radiator issue , I replaced radiator for $300 Issue was ( radiator would leak coolant into transmission & destroy transmission a 5-6 k bill, so $300 was a cheap fix before a major problem, the truck is holding up body wise as well, no rust outs , so overall been a good truck, plan on keeping it as long as I can, back in 07 paid $24 k out the door now same basic truck is close to 35 k & still same basic truck. .

  • Richard yarchan Richard yarchan on Feb 16, 2021

    I bought a 2018 frontier I will never buy another Nissan again. The truck is having some issues with power train and Nissan is saying it has the wrong tires on it but I never changed them we bought it new so the factory tires are on it still I think they found a big problem and don't want to fix it