If you’re planning a long journey with your family and want to use your iPad or tablet in your car safely and easily for some entertainment, you need a secure way to fix it in place. That is where an iPad car mount comes in handy. These come in various styles and designs, all suitable for different vehicles and user needs.

Most cars don’t come from the factory with tablet and iPad mounts built in, so there are a lot of aftermarket solutions. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 iPad holders for cars so that you can decide which mount works for you. With that said, let’s get into the types of iPad holders and the best ones you can buy.

1. Editor's Pick: iKross Tablet Mount Kit

ikross car tablet mount holder

Whether you’re planning a solo trip or one with a few kids in the back of the car, this mount is flexible enough to show your iPad to everyone sitting back there, since the clamp can be adjusted to the center of the two seats or be fixed behind one. It is great for people who need some sort of entertainment for a long car ride.

This mount provides you with several mounting options, each allowing strong clutching to the seat headrest. Your iPad will be secure throughout the ride and can even be adjusted for other devices as well.

The mount allows 360-degrees of rotation so that you can choose the viewing angle that is most comfortable for everyone. What’s not so great is that the actual mounting and release can be slightly difficult, so don’t be surprised if it takes time to remove it. That isn’t a bad thing though since it proves just how strong and sturdy the mount is.

The holder works for basic two-post headrest setups and can be fixed on either the driver’s or the passenger’s side. Its sturdy center extendable arm is what makes multiple viewing possible. With such a versatile and strong car iPad mount, you know you’ll be set for any trip or journey that comes your way.

2. TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount

tfy universal car headrest mount holder

The TFY universal car headrest mount is a reliable iPad car holder that any family can enjoy. The mount makes use of a strong synthetic leather that is resistant to any staining as well as wear and tear. Moreover, it uses a smooth interior lining that provides protection for your iPad against scratches and damage.

This mount is a universal holder that is made to fit any seat in any car or vehicle. The design also ensures that every car passenger or driver has easy and quick access to the ports and buttons of the iPad for better control.

In addition to that, this mount comes with an adjustable Velcro strap that provides secure and easy mounting to any car’s headrest. What’s great about the holder is that it is compatible with all major iPad models.

The one problem with the mount is the quality of its cover, which makes it too slim and flimsy. Other than that, it is a compact and lightweight mount by a reliable brand. It is one of the few car mount models that not only focuses on secure mounting but also makes sure your iPad is safely protected against any turns, bumps or scratches along the road, making it ideal for any trips you have planned.

3. ARKON TAB-FSM Tablet Mount

arkon truck or car tablet mount holder

The Arkon TAB-FSM tablet mount is a seat rail/floor mount that could be useful for drivers who take long journeys and need GPS navigation or entertainment. We don’t recommend watching movies while you drive, but this can definitely be used for navigation if your car doesn’t have a built-in system. Designed using strong aluminum, the mount can be fixed to either the seat rail or the floor of any car or truck to accommodate 9 to 12-inch iPads.

The mount is a great option for people who need quick access to their iPad but also want to mount it to something more stable than a windshield, dashboard, or air vent. The package comes with the Arkon’s Slim-Grip Universal Tablet Mount and a seat rail floor mount that has a 22-inch flexible aluminum goose-neck.

The goose-neck for the mount can be adjusted by using a swivel ball system that provides great flexibility and optimal positioning. The iPad is kept securely in position with the Slim-Grip spring-loaded mount and can be placed and taken out from the hold just with one hand. The design of the mount also helps keep any side buttons and ports uncovered for quick and easy use.

The Arkon TAB-FSM tablet mount comes with 8 adjustable support legs, four short and four long ones that can easily be adjusted to set the perfect mold for your iPad. This allows you to adjust it for all iPad2, 3 and 4 models, and even other tablet devices.

4. iKross Car Headrest Tablet Mount

ikross tablet holder for car

Get ready for a road trip with the iKross Car Headrest Tablet Mount. This compact and lightweight mounting solution is built to provide a backseat entertainment system that does not require any wiring, tools or alterations to your car headrests. It is easy to set up with any double posted headrest and provides a safe and stable iPad viewing experience.

The mount has a stabilizing arm to effectively support larger screen devices like the iPad, making it a convenient way to hold most 7 to 12-inch tablets so children and passengers can watch movies, use apps, and make use of the iPad easily using two adjustable bottom support legs.

The mount provides easy holding and removal of your iPad using secure rubber end grips, protective foam backing, and extendable bottom legs for a safe and stable hold. You get fast and easy access to the iPad screen, port and buttons without worrying about scratches or other damage. All you have to do is open the fastening knob to remove and adjust, close to secure and fix the angle.

Your viewing experience doesn’t have to be restricted to just one angle. The mount offers several positions including landscape or portrait screen viewing modes. It also works for major vehicle types and all headrests and backrests.

5. Okra Universal Tablet Air Vent Car Mount

okra universal air vent tablet car mount holder

The Okra universal tablet car mount is one of the best air vent car mounts out there for the iPad. Once the holder is installed, you will have easy, quick and consistent access to your iPad while driving or in the passenger seat. You can enjoy GPS navigation and road trip entertainment without having to worry about distractions or view obstruction while traveling and driving.

The mount is pretty easy to install. All you need to do is secure the mount to the air vent using a special grip. After that, the holder is firmly gripped so that it stays in position even during bumpy or sharp drives. It’s also inexpensive.

The tablet mount has an amazing swivel ball design that allows you to easily rotate and set up your iPad for the optimal viewing position.

The mount uses four fixing clips that can provide secure gripping of the iPad without covering any of its buttons and ports. The best part is that Okra provides users with a lifetime warranty.


macally car headrest mount holder

The Macally HRMOUNTPRO iPad holder uses an adjustable arm extension system that makes sure that your iPad can be mounted in a wide variety of seats in any vehicle. It also uses a special support stabilizer that protects your iPad against any shocks, bumps, and vibrations.

The mount is simple enough to use. All you have to do is fix your iPad in the mount, which allows you to keep the device fixed in an optimal viewing position to prevent arm and neck strains while you’re trying to watch videos, use GPS systems, or access the ports and buttons. What’s great is that you don’t need any installation tools to have the mounting done.

The holder uses a 360-degree rotation that allows both drives and passengers to view the screen of the iPad from any position. This is the best solution for your trip needs to entertain your kids during long journeys. This mount by Macally also uses a support stabilizer to prevent falls and avoid iPad damage.

With its compact and lightweight design, stability, durability, versatility, simple use and ease of installation, it’s no wonder that so many people consider the Macally HRMOUNTPRO an ideal mounting solution for their iPad entertainment systems.

7. DigitlMobile Goose-TAB Car Mount

digitlmobile tablet mount for car

The DigitlMobile Goose-TAB Car Mount is great since it can be mounted to the opposite side of a driver’s seat to make viewing and using the iPad an easy task while driving without causing any distractions or view obstructions.

The one major drawback of the mount is that it requires screwing for stable and secure mounting, which means you will have to make holes and alterations in your car headrests and seats to accommodate it, which is something many people may not enjoy.

That said, once mounted, this holder is a keeper. The DigitlMobile mount is universal since it accommodates not only iPads, but other devices like the LG G Pad, Nexus, and Sony devices.

The DigitlMobile mount has an 18-inch flexible bracket that allows full 360 degrees of rotation. This makes the design very convenient and easy to use. Furthermore, you can even hold a tablet PC in the cradle using a special clamp. With the mount’s four hold-down clips, you don’t have to worry about falls or damage.

Overall, this is a well-built iPad mount that provides great support and sturdiness while simultaneously coming at a reasonable price point.

8. Joy Factory MagConnect Seat Bolt Mount

joy factory magconnect carbon fiber tablet mount

The Joy Factory MagConnect Seat Bolt Mount can keep your iPad in the optimal position for quick and easy access in any vehicle. It can be easily mounted to your car’s seats, making it compatible with a large variety of automobiles for universal use.

The mount lets you adjust your device to the preferred position, and what is unique is that it can be folded away when not being used. For people like truckers or taxi drivers who use mobile apps to navigate while driving, the Seat Bolt mount is the ideal way to keep your iPad in plain sight while allowing you to stay focused on the road.

The iPad and other tablets are secured using a stable tray. When the iPad mount is connected to the MagConnect, the strong magnet on the holder quickly interlocks, and you can use a screw to tighten the mount for a better fit. It is also made using high-quality carbon fiber arms which make for a lightweight and durable design along with its secure mounting.

Furthermore, the mount comes with two round joints for several angle positions, one placed on top of the connection between the holder and mount, and other at the base. Each joint allows 360-degree rotation to conveniently angle your iPad for better viewing to minimize neck and back strains. Overall, the mount is definitely a strong competitor in the iPad mount market.

9. Lamicall P Car Headrest Tablet Mount

lamicall car headrest mount tablet holder

The Lamicall P Car Headrest Table Mount is a simple device that is easy to install. It also doesn’t look bulky like some other tablet mounts for your car. It can fit in any car with dual prong headrests and can hold any iPad or tablet with its up to 8.3-inch expandability.

To use the mount, the space between the two headrest posts in your vehicle has to be about 5.1 to 5.9 inches, which makes it ideal for most basic car types. The design involves rubber protection for the iPad in the holder, a strong and sturdy build to support such large devices easily, as well as 360 degrees of rotation for easier adjustment.

Another great benefit of the mount is that it provides you with a charging option for your iPad so you never have to worry about low battery while driving. This, along with the easy one-hand installation process, make the mount such a sought-after product for long trips.

10. MEMTEQ Tablet Car Holder

memteq ipad car holder

The MEMTEQ Tablet Car Holder is a great solution to allow you to use your iPad, GPS, and tablet devices while simultaneously staying focused on driving. This mount is versatile in terms of use since it can also be mounted to your desks, kitchen countertops, dashboards, windshields and any other flat or rough surface. You definitely get your money’s worth with this mount.

With a fully customizable ball joint and arms that provide 360-degree rotation, this windshield iPad mount provides you with both flexibility and durability to make car ride entertainment easy and simple. This universal product works for all tablets between 7 and 10.1 inches in size with a powerful suction cup that can stabilize and secure these large devices for even the toughest road trip.

The mount isn’t only great in terms of price and design. MEMTEQ takes pride in providing good customer support so that you don’t have to worry about any problems or breakdowns with the holder.

Different Types of iPad mounts/iPad holders

Before we get to the list of products, let’s discuss the various types of car mounts that you can choose from:

Windshield/Dash Mount

This is the primary type of car mount that uses a suction cup to cling to your car’s windshield or dashboard. The main concern with this type of mount is that the suction cups often aren’t strong enough to hold a heavier tablet or iPad and they might come crashing down if you drive over a sudden bump.

Headrest Mount

These are the best, safest, and most popular types of iPad holders for cars. They’re specifically made to keep backseat passengers entertained and are usually very easy to install with no tools required. Some are fixed, while others offer telescoping and rotating, which makes it easier to find the perfect position.

Seat Rail/Floor Mount

Seat rail or floor mounts are great since they don’t obstruct the driver’s view of the road and give stable mounting for backseat viewing. These often require some tools to install and can look quite bulky, however.

Air Vent Mount

The last kind of mount connects to the vents of your car. After an easy installation, you just slide the clip into one of the vents and the mount stays steady. After that, like other iPad mounts, you just press a button to remove the grips and turn the mount as required.

The only one issue with these vent mounts is that they keep your iPad directly in front of the vent, which blocks the air flow. Also, if you live somewhere in a colder climate, your iPad can overheat from hot air exposure over a long period of time. The vents might also not be strong enough to support the weight of a heavier tablet or iPad.

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