General Motors Planning To Leave NUMMI


With the Pontiac brand gone, GM is looking to get out of its arrangement with Toyota that spawned the Vibe/Matrix models

In stark contrast to official statements by General Motors reps (and to a story we ran yesterday) the struggling U.S. automaker does indeed want out of the joint project with Toyota that saw the creation of the Vibe/Matrix.

Word comes at GMInsideNews reports that it has obtained a list of four of the six plants General Motors plans to shut down or idle as a part of its new viability plan. Included on that list are the Wilmington, Orion and Pontiac plants… as well as the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) facility in Fremont, CA.

Just yesterday Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson stated that GM is in talks with Toyota about the shared NUMMI project and that ideally GM would like to collaborate on another vehicle.

“We’re clearly not backing away from our partnership at NUMMI,” Hopson said. “There’s no issue of us backing away from NUMMI.”

But apparently there is.

GMInsideNews is reporting that their sources say GM wants out of NUMMI entirely. And to stoke the flames of that fire even further the source claims that were GM to go into bankruptcy, its part of the NUMMI facility would wind up in the “BadGM” pile.

[Source: GMInsideNews]


Chrissy Robello says:

NUMMI employees got word today that they would be making the last Pontiac Vibe as of June 1st this year. They also got word that they will begin working a 40 hour week starting June 1st after two months of Friday shut downs. Don’t know what this all means…is GM leaving joint venture with Toyota at NUMMI???? Being that NUMMI’s contract with the UAW ends in August, could the 40 hr weeks until then be a send off as Toyota plans on leaving the plant??? No one knows..would love for Auto guide to find out & let us know!!! Here’s hoping!

Chrissy Robello says:

The last Pontiac Vibe will be made by June 1st this year…no word on any other car by GM at NUMMI. Looks like this story is correct.

Big Phil says:

The last Pontiac Vibe will not be made June 1st, Nummi plans to idle the production of the vibe for a week or so while GM sorts out their banckruptcy,we are scheduled to produce this vehicle to at least 2010. I admit it is still a scary situation but only time can tell.

Tony says:

I don’t think NUMMI employees can compete with Toyota employees who make $10 an hour in South Carolina, and Mexico where they make even less. Toyota has NO reason to carry the entire California burden for failing Pontiac/GM.