Report: Ford Outlines Massive 2010 Mustang Presence at SEMA Show

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

The 2010 Mustang is here and its only fitting that the most customized car in the world will be the focus of attention at the 2009 SEMA Show. Ford will have eight Mustangs, modified by tuning and race shops on display. Plus, there are certain to be numerous others at the show. Tuners like 3dCarbon and Galpin Auto Sports will showcase their creative sides, using the 2010 Mustang, while dedicated performance shops like Steeda Autosports and Paul’s High Performance will cater more to the performance traditionalists, focusing on making power and putting it to the ground.

Ford is also using the show to promote its 2010 Mustang Customizer, where alread one million people have visited to create their own custom Stang. Make your’s here:

For a full list of the 2009 SEMA Show Mustangs, see after the jump:

3dCarbon Boy Racer Mustang


First up is 3dCarbon, which will recreate the “Boy Racer” Mustang that it first built back in 2005, based on the previous generation Mustang. Bright red with white stripes, this car will take take the Stang’s classic lines and add some wild sport compact-themed aerodynamics.

Galpin Auto Sports Mustang GT Convertible

Next up is the Galpin Auto Sports Mustang GT Convertible, which is set to recieve a supercharger for a total of 550-hp. And in true Galpin fashion, it will be an extreme machine with a custom wide body conversion.

H&R Springs 2010 Ford Mustang

Now we haven’t seen it in the sheetmetal yet, but the H&R Springs Mustang looks like it might just be our favorite so far. Highlights will include the modern accents like LED lighting and a luxurious interior. And because it’s from H&R we can be sure it handles like a dream.

Paul’s High Performance 2010 Mustang

The Christmas tree loving team at Paul’s High Performance have built a beast for low 60 footers and high trap speeds. The car features a big functional hood and rear wing, along with plenty of other areo and a serious set of wheels and tires. What’s under the hood? We’ll have to wait for the SEMA Show to find out, but Paul’s boasts it will be “way ahead of the competition.”

Steeda Autosports Q350 Mustang

We’ve already brought you lots on the Steeda Q350 Mustang, but the SEMA Show will be the venue where the racing experts at Steeds Autosports divulge their secret. With more wins, record and championships in production based Mustangs than any other Mustang tuner, Steeda promises a track-tuned and street legal package that is sure to deliver both thrills and every day usability.

Street Scene Equipment 2010 Mustang

The folks at Street Scene Equipment are keeping most of the car’s details under wraps until SEMA, but it promises to be a complete package, with power, style and handling that is built for the street.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. RTR-C Mustang

If this were a beauty contest, the Vaughn Gittin Jr. RTR-C would be a good bet for the crown. With a carbon fiber body this mean looking beast is the creation of world championship drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. It’s got 550-hp under the hood and not only uses modern design influences, but modern technology too.

Ford Vehicle Personalization Mustang

Finally, we saved the best worst for last, with the Ford Vehicle Personalization Mustang, which is being used to showcase (rather poorly it seems) Ford Custom Accessories. Said to be inspired by brands like Prada, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga (no three wolf moon shirts here), the Mustang features a Carbon Black Metallic paint, as well as gold tinted headlights and hideous 20-inch gold wheels. Inside promises to be just as bad with gold leather set and door trim inserts, as well as gold on the steering wheel and shifter boot. (A true SEMA show car).

We’ll be sure to bring you full coverage of all the Ford vehicles from the 2009 SEMA Show with live reports starting November 3rd.

Official release after the jump:


  • There will be no shortage of Ford Mustangs at this year’s SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show, to be held Nov. 3-6 at the Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Self-expression is what the Ford Mustang – celebrating its 45th anniversary this year – is all about; Mustang is the most customized car in the $31.8 billion aftermarket industry
  • The 2010 Mustang Customizer,, offers an online experience that allows people at home to build their own custom Mustangs; already, more than 1 million virtual Mustangs have been built

LAS VEGAS – The Ford Mustang, America’s favorite muscle car, is also the most customized car in the $31.8 billion aftermarket industry, and there will be no shortage of polished-up ponies at this year’s SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show, which is being held Nov. 3-6 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“The Mustang is an iconic car,” said Melvin Betancourt, Ford SEMA design manager. “People always want to reinvent it, and everybody has an idea about what the next Mustang should be.”

According to Allison Revier, Ford Mustang marketing manager, much of Mustang’s popularity in the aftermarket is steeped in tradition.

“Many fathers pass down their classic Mustangs to their sons to restore,” she said. “They form emotional ties to the car and create special memories.”

But what really drives Mustang’s success is a universally shared desire among owners to make their steed unique, says Revier. “The Mustang is a ‘Look at me’ car,” she said. “You don’t want to have the same Mustang that the guy down the street has. You want to stand apart.”

In an effort to feed customization-hungry pony car enthusiasts, Ford recently launched the 2010 Mustang Customizer at, a Web site offering an online experience that allows people to create their own virtual Mustangs, choosing colors and decals to complement the all-new design.

“Since we know the first thing customers do when they buy a Mustang is customize it, we wanted to show them everything they could do,” explained Revier. “Some of it is concept – changing colors and stripes – but the site also gives us a chance to showcase our Genuine Ford Accessories as well as other aftermarket parts.”

The response has been overwhelming. In just two months, more than 1 million custom Mustangs have been built on the site. “The Mustang Customizer allows users to get closer to this new product, as well as connect to the brand in a creative way because they can truly make it their own,” said Adam Barrow, Ford digital marketing analyst. “Self-expression is what this brand is about.”

Self-expression is evident with the Mustang project vehicles on display at this year’s SEMA show, according to Revier. “They all look dramatically different, and that’s what I think is so great about it,” she said. “Everyone starts out with the same vehicle, but each aftermarket builder turns it into something completely distinctive.”

Ernie Bunnell, vice president of sales and marketing for 3dCarbon of Newport Beach, Calif., says his Mustang is unique because it is a modern-day version of 3dCarbon’s award-winning 2005 Mustang Boy Racer.

“We are introducing the 2010 Boy Racer – an evolution of styling from the old to the new,” said Bunnell. “With its bold, aerodynamic design, this vehicle is sure to turn heads.”

In addition to a 3dCarbon Boy Racer body kit, the red Mustang with white racing stripes features a front “E” grille, rear window trim, window louvers with gel decal inserts, headlight splitters and decklid spoiler – all created by 3dCarbon.

The official motto of Steeda Autosports, “Speed matters,” is most certainly reflected in the Steeda Mustang that will be on display at SEMA.

“The Steeda Q350 is embodied with the very soul of Mustang performance,” said Dario Orlando, president of Steeda Autosports. “It combines the dynamics and agility of a high-performance sports racer with the everyday practicality and comfort of America’s original pony car – all in one integrated package.”

The Steeda Mustang has an array of modifications, including a functional body kit with unique aerodynamic features, an upgraded street/track suspension system, numerous powertrain enhancements and a top-notch sport interior.

Ford Vehicle Personalization also will have a Mustang on display at SEMA. The vehicle, which features Ford Custom Accessories, sports a unique Carbon Black Metallic custom-colored exterior accented with satin gold 20-inch wheels and gold-tinted headlights and fog lamps. The interior continues the gold theme, with gold leather seat and door trim inserts, seat piping, steering wheel cover and shifter boot.

“Metallic gold is currently very much in fashion throughout the design world,” said Mark Conforzi, chief designer, Ford Vehicle Personalization. “There is a wide variety of modern gold finishes that can be seen in fashion apparel designs from Stella McCartney, Dior, Prada and Alexander McQueen. I would like to encourage gold finishes on our future products, in subtle and technical applications presented in a modern way.”

The Ford Mustang project vehicles showcased at this year’s SEMA show include:

2010 Ford Mustang by 3dCarbon
The 3dCarbon Mustang is different from all other Mustangs because it is the true Boy Racer – an award-winning, full-body styling concept that was originally introduced with the 2005 Mustang body style. 3dCarbon introduces the 2010 Boy Racer – an evolution of styling from the old to the new featuring a bold aerodynamic design. The 3d Boy Racer is sure to turn heads.

2010 Ford Mustang by Galpin Auto Sports
The Mustang GT Convertible is the true American thrill machine, and that thrill doubles with a Ford Racing 550-horsepower supercharger and one-of-a-kind custom wide body. This is the car to have – whether you’re out on the road with the top down or in the city for a night on the town.

2010 Ford Mustang by H&R Special Springs
H&R Special Springs has taken a new 2010 Mustang and built a time machine that is making the future visible now. Working from awesome new styling cues, H&R brings the future closer; from the personalized colorized wheels and subtle LED lighting accents on the exterior to the luxurious white accents inside, custom tuning is the wave.

2010 Ford Mustang by Paul’s High Performance
This 2010 Mustang GT is unmistakably built for the quarter-mile drag strip, with low elapsed times in mind. From the functional hood to the rear wing, its aggressive wheels, tires, exhaust and custom-designed Paul’s High Performance products are all specifically tuned for maximum performance. Following in the Paul’s High Performance tradition, this GT screams “Record breaker!” while showing off Mustang’s impressive new body styling, which is way ahead of the competition.

2010 Ford Mustang by Steeda Autosports
The Steeda Q350 – embodied with the very soul of Mustang performance – provides a dynamic, super responsive and absolutely confident driving experience. With more wins, records and championships in production-based Mustangs than any other specialty manufacturer, the Steeda Q350 is both track tested and street legal. From the racetrack to the open road, the Steeda Q series never fails to amaze, combining the dynamics and agility of a high-performance sports racer with the everyday practicality and comfort of America’s original pony car – all in one integrated package.

2010 Ford Mustang by Street Scene Equipment
Street Scene Equipment once again leads the way with race-like styling for the street, and power, handling and style incorporated into the perfect package. This Mustang from Street Scene Equipment is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

2010 Ford Mustang by Vaughn Gittin Jr.
World championship drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. has introduced a new generation of Mustang to the world with the Mustang RTR. The extremely limited-production Mustang RTR-C puts still more muscle behind the already incredible 2010 Ford Mustang GT. Balancing 550 tire-shredding American horsepower with new-generation design influences, Vaughn has incorporated state-of-the-art technology with first-rate carbon fiber body construction to make the Mustang RTR-C one incredible-looking, raw performance machine.

2010 Ford Mustang by Ford Vehicle Personalization
Powered by imagination, this Ford Mustang showcases Ford Custom Accessories. The metallic gold design cues are inspired by such premier fashion designers as Prada, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga. The vehicle features unique Carbon Black Metallic exterior custom paint that is accented by gold 20-inch wheels and gold-tinted headlights and fog lamps. Inside, the gold theme continues with leather seat and door trim inserts, steering wheel cover and shifter boot.

Colum Wood
Colum Wood

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