Randy Pobst Takes Us for a Ride Around Mosport in the K-Pax Volvo S60 [video]

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Several weeks back, while at Mosport International Raceway, we had the opportunity for a ride-along in one of the World Challenge race cars. The series provided a lineup of different models, including a race-prepped Acura TSX, a Dodge Viper and a Volvo S60. Under most circumstances, we’d choose the Viper – but not this time. You see, while the TSX runs in the mid-level GTS class, the Volvo is a serious track monster, competing in the top-level GT Class alongside the Viper and other high-powered machines.

The term “competing” is a bit misleading, however, with series veteran Randy Pobst driving the K-Pax Racing Volvo to victory two and a half seconds head of the Viper in race one of the weekend. Pobst then managed a second place finish in race number two, succumbing to the faultless skills of Ron Fellows, a man who’s won so many international championships for Corvette Racing that they named a car after him. Oh, and did we mention this is Fellows’ home track? They don’t call him the Mayor of Mosport for nothing.

And as excited to get a ride in the Volvo S60 as we were, the decision was made that much easier when we found out the Pobst himself would be driving.

Now at these sorts of ride-alongs the pace is usually set at 6/10ths or 7/10ths, as much for legal reasons as to not scare the participating journalists too much. Having met Randy before and with close ties with both the series and the K-Pax team we made a special request for an all-out hot lap on what is easily one of the world’s fastest race tracks.

Randy said he’d oblige.

See the video of AutoGuide editor Colum Wood getting his skull slapped around like a bobble-head after the jump and give us your thoughts:

GALLERY: K-Pax Volvo S60 Race Cars

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If you like what you see, check out the World Challenge website to find out of the series will be racing at a track near you.

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