Hyundai’s LA Auto Show Concept Car to Outline Automaker’s 50-MPG CAFE Goal


At the LA Auto Show this November, Hyundai will debut a new concept car that will give a better idea of how the Korean automaker intends to achieve its 50-mpg CAFE goal. Company CEO John Krafcik recently made the bold statement that Hyundai would average 50-mpg across its lineup by 2025. Currently, the automaker has just over a 30-mpg fleet average – the best in the industry.

While no details have been provided, it’s possible that Hyundai could show a near-production version of the Blue-Will Concept, which has been rumored to hit production as a Toyota Prius rival.

That vehicle is a plug-in hybrid that uses a 152-hp 1.6-liter direct-injection gasoline engine and a 100kW electric motor with a lithium-polymer battery pack. Hyundai claims 106-mpg in plug-in hybrid mode and 50-55-mpg in standard hybrid mode.

GALLERY: Hyundai Blue-Will Concept Debut in Frankfurt


[Source: InsideLine]