Modified Lamborghinis Take on Japan’s Wangan Freeway [Video]

Japan is the holy land of modified imports, but there are also plenty of enthusiasts there who aren’t afraid to tinker with some of the world’s most exotic machines, including Lamborghinis.

The video that’s available after the break highlights some of Japan’s most wickedly built Lamborghinis. Some of them highlight a JDM style of modifying, while others are taken to a truly crazy level of extreme.

The video runs from Tokyo’s famous Wangan Freeway to Daikoko Futo, a popular hot spot for modified cars to meet up in Japan.

Some of these Lamborghinis will probably make a lot of auto enthusiasts, not to mention Lambo owners, cringe; but it’s still worth a look.

Make sure to check out the video after the break.

[Source: GT Spirit]