2011 Tokyo Motor Show Concept Cars Video

2011 Tokyo Motor Show Concept Cars Video

If there’s one thing you can count on from the Tokyo Motor Show, it’s wild and wacky concept cars – and lots of them. This year’s event didn’t disappoint either. Among the list of very cool concepts are cars like the Honda EV-Ster electric roadster, a NISMO-tuned Nissan Juke, the near-production and beautiful Mazda Takeri, the bold Subaru Advanced Tourer concept and even the hydrogen fuel cell powered FCV-R by Toyota.

In the totally strange category there were personal futuristic commuters like the Nissan PIVO 3 and Honda Micro Commuter Concept, topped only by ultra-strange machines like the Suzuki Q Concept and Daihatsu ShoCase.

GALLERY: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show Concept Cars

Suzuki Q Concept 06.JPGToyota FCV-R Concept 06.JPGIMG_0853.JPGIMG_1133.JPGIMG_0905.JPGIMG_0940.JPGSuzuki Swift EV Hybrid 04.JPGIMG_1072.JPGSubaru Advanced Tourer Concept 10.JPGHonda Micro Commuter Car Concept 12.JPGIMG_0900.JPGIMG_0953.JPG

See all these concept cars and more in the video below:

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