Daihatsu Previews Fun, Eco-Friendly Concepts Ahead of Tokyo Motor Show

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu has announced its plans of bringing 12 vehicles to this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Four will be concept cars, three of which we can reveal already. Daihatsu’s slogan for this year’s show will be “Big Answer from Small”, which clearly emphasizes technological innovations in a compact car.

The first of the three revealed concepts is the D-X (d-cross), an aggressively styled new sports car powered by a two-cylinder engine with direct-injection and turbocharging.

The PICO is a newly-imagined EV commuter that Daihatsu wants to be the ultimate vehicle for short trips on a daily basis. It’s also geared towards functionality and accessibility, featuring a low, flat floor that makes it easy to get in and out of the car, and a front-and-back two-seat configuration designed for ease of use.

Lastly, there’s the FC ShoCase (above), which is developed as a zero-emission next-generation mobility solution featuring liquid fuel cells with no precious metals.

GALLERY: Daihatsu D-X

GALLERY: Daihatsu Pico

GALLERY: Daihatsu FC ShoCase

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