Rolls-Royce ‘Year of the Dragon’ Phantom Sells Out in Two Months

Rolls-Royce ‘Year of the Dragon’ Phantom Sells Out in Two Months

Some people probably rolled their eyes when Rolls-Royce announced the Year of the Dragon Phantom, believing it would just be another poor-selling limited edition vehicle. But never underestimate just how strong the Chinese culture and beliefs are. Or rather, just don’t underestimate the wallets of those strong-believing Chinese.

The $1.2-million custom Rolls-Royce Phantom sold out in just two months. How many did they sell? Well, the luxury British automaker won’t reveal the number.

This clearly gives Rolls-Royce even more confidence in the Chinese market, where the company plans to add another 10 dealerships to its 14 existing ones.

The Rolls-Royce Year of the Dragon edition has “marvelous embroidery work” and a red exterior, which is the color of luck. There are also gold hand-painted dragons on each fender, same as the one that is hand-stitched on the cushions in the rear and in the headrests.

GALLERY: Rolls-Royce Year of the Dragon Phantom


[Source: Bloomberg]