VW Teases New Super Bowl Ad With "The Bark Side" [Video]

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

Good news – Volkswagen has just released a 60-second teaser ad called “The Bark Side” to get us excited about this year’s Super Bowl offering that will air during the big game on February 5.

Playing on last year’s “The Force” commercial, “The Bark Side” stars 12 cute pooches regaling us with a rendition of the “Imperial Death March.” The dogs are outfitted in various Star Wars outfits that would make even Darth Vader melt.

“The Force” ad went viral after it aired during the Super Bowl, so VW fans and ad enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the newest commercial, which will be 60-seconds long (last year, VW ran two 30-second ads). The new ad is expected to feature the VW Beetle, and you can expect the Star Wars theme to carry over. In fact, at the end of “The Bark Side,” you’re directed to visit a URL on VW’s website that features an “Intergalactic Invite Creator.” It lets you create cool Super Bowl party invites that can be personalized with your friends’ names written in the stars just like the Star Wars title crawl.

“The Bark Side” closes with a promise that VW is “Back. And Better Than Ever.” We can’t wait to see if the new Super Bowl ad makes good on that affirmation. You can watch “The Bark Side” after the jump.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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  • I am SO pumped for this superbowl. I think Tom Brady is gonna get after it! A lot of hatred comes his way but I can't hate the guy. He's an amazing quarterback. Even the name "Tom Brady" is stereotypical of a quarterback lol. The only quarter back with a better name is Colt McCoy. Anyways, This is going to be a really great game and I am thrilled for the rematch. Good post. :-)