Volkswagen Distracted Driving Commercial has Nothing to do With Cars – Video


Normally a car commercial shows dramatic driving, talkgin about the new features or somehow otherwise tries to turn your attention to the latest model. One of Volkswagen‘s latest commercials throws that out the window in favor of shock value.

Partnering with a YouTube how-to makeup artist, the the spot shows viewers how to bedazzle their faces and apply makeup to recreate the look shown in the clip.

Everything is as normal as you could hope for in a situation where someone is gluing fake diamonds to their face until the whole room seems to crash, as if it sped into a brick wall.

Unless you know better, the clip looks like any of the others on the girl’s YouTube channel. It isn’t until the jarring moment before the screen goes black and a statistic from The Telegraph is show saying 500,000 car accidents are caused by women applying makeup while driving that you realize this is more than a face painting lesson.

In fact, it’s a VW commercial that borders on being a public service announcement in the spirit of distracted driving month.

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