NOS Energy Drink Presents Keep Drifting Fun

NOS Energy Drink Presents Keep Drifting Fun

Admittedly, the motorsport of drifting is a strange one. Those not passionate about it, roll their eyes at it while the general population complain about the noise it makes.

The problem with drifting is that it’s a subjective motorsport, where the only thing quantitative about it is the scores judges give. Yes, in a way it’s like ice skating. But the thing is, drifting has become so mainstream and so competitive over the years that a lot of people have forgotten the point of any motorsport: to have fun.

Like everything else that gets commercial sponsorship dollars, grassroots enthusiasts lose the passion to try to compete with the ‘big boys’ that have unlimited budgets. But unfortunately those are also the events that gets noticed and most of the press. So what’s there to do to help a new generation of drifters come into the fold?

NOS Energy Drink, who has supported drifting for years, created a half hour documentary with the aid of Will Roegge called Keep Drifting Fun. It travels the nation getting an inside look at both professional competition drifting and grassroots amateur drifting along with insight from drivers, event organizers, and more.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is that makes drifting so popular or successful, take a look at the documentary. It’s really the passion of the drifters and the fans; at the end of the day they just want to have fun and find a hard time finding something comparable.