Audi Diesel-Hybrid Supercar Confirmed

Trying not to be left in the dust behind Porsche and Mercedes, Audi has confirmed that it is working on a diesel-hybrid halo car that will sit above the R8.

Audi’s diesel-hybrid technology has already been proven, with the brand’s R18 LeMans racer taking home the overall win during the last 24 hours of Le Mans. Audi research and development chief Wolfgang Dürheimer says that he wants a street-legal version of its Le Mans cars to help promote the brand because it doesn’t currently have a true halo car.

Previous reports suggest that the new Audi supercar will be fitted with a full-length tail fin sourced from the R18 LeMans racer, a smaller single-frame grille, stacked LED taillights, an adjustable tail spoiler and gull wing doors.

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The R18 E-tron Quattro gets its power from a turbocharged V6 diesel powerplant, mated to a flywheel based kinetic energy storage system. The road going supercar would come equipped with all-wheel drive and would likely cost above $500,000. It seems that Audi is benchmarking the Porsche 918, which has already been revealed with a starting price of $845,000 and 800 hp. Expect Audi’s supercar numbers to right in the same neighborhood.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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