Audi RS 6 Avant Plus to Sport 600-HP

Audi is planning a ‘Plus’ variant for its new RS 6 Avant that will boast around 600 hp, up from the 560 hp that’s being offered now.

The news comes from the head of Audi’s Quattro division, Stephen Reil, who also promised that future RS models will be lighter. The Plus variants surfaced back in 2004 for those that wanted even more performance than what the German automaker’s RS models offered and first made an appearance on the RS 6 Avant.

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Back then, the RS 6 Avant Plus netted 30 hp more than the standard RS 6 Avant and sported larger brakes, lowered suspension, stiffer damping, and custom exterior and interior options. The Plus model then returned for the second-generation RS 6, but didn’t see a power jump.

As for the current generation, Audi plans on increasing performance 8 to 10 percent according to Reil, which will land it around 600 hp.

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[Source: CAR]

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