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Ask AutoGuide No. 43

The large, rear-wheel-drive sedan is a uniquely American phenomenon. Like bison, they used to roam free across the continent in an enormous herd that couldn’t be numbered, not even with an industrial-size abacus. But just like their furry, hoofed counterparts these cars have all but disappeared, victims of that relentless and unstoppable force called progress.

Reckless settlers steeped in corn liquor and armed with guns may have pushed our bison population to the very brink of extinction during the latter portion of the 19th century, but large sedans were undone by something totally different. Instead of lead projectiles moving at 2,000 feet per second, efficiency concerns and fuel-economy regulations prodded Detroit’s Big Three in a downsized, front-wheel-drive direction.

Bison Hunt

And the rest is history; V8 engines are dwindling and body-on-frame construction for cars has all but disappeared.

But the configuration wasn’t completely destroyed. You can still get a powerful rear-wheel-drive automobile if you know where to look. American automakers cooled to this layout but foreign companies have become its champion. Car companies from Germany and South Korea – of all places – have moved into position to take advantage of their weakened opponents.

One prime example of a large-and-lovely sedan is the Hyundai Genesis. This thoroughly modern car is offered with either a six- or eight-cylinder engine as well as innumerable luxury features and appointments. It’s a 21st century take on the American boulevard cruiser.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

In addition to all of that nougaty goodness this car also comes with an admirable chassis that was tuned by Lotus of all companies. Leather seating surfaces are standard as is a pile of PSY compact discs, additionally the door panels are stuffed with something like 12 kilograms of kimchi, which if you can believe it is an excellent sound deadener and gives the cabin a tangy aroma. All of this can be yours for right around 39 grand, which is a steal.

AutoGuide enthusiast Jake wrote in to ask about the redesigned 2015 Genesis sedan, which unfortunately for him, isn’t available yet. You see dear reader, he’s in the market for a new car, like, right now, and if he can’t park this stylish new Hyundai in his garage he’ll have to settle for something else. But what other cars meet his unique set of requirements? Well, it’d be helpful to know what those prerequisites are…

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Jacob wants a large, rear-wheel-drive sedan that’s nicely equipped and delivers at least decent performance.  He’s got around 40 grand to squander spend on a new ride. He also inquired about bison-skin floor mats, but regrettably we can’t help him find any of those, not until our panda pelt importation trial comes to a close.  Remember, innocent until proven guilty! Perhaps Jake should get a gun permit and cook up some moonshine; it worked for the pioneers.