Mercedes X-Class Truck Concept is Way More Posh Than the Nissan It’s Based On


Mercedes has revealed a new truck concept, teasing the German brand’s future entrant into the world of small pickups.

To show off its new truck in multiple variants, Mercedes rolled out the X-Class Powerful Adventurer and the X-Class Stylish Explorer, demonstrating both off-road and luxurious examples of the new truck concept.

Mercedes plans to launch the X-Class in Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe by late 2017. The decision to bring the truck to the U.S. is said to still be up in the air.

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Mercedes says the the top-of-the-line model trucks will be powered by a V6 diesel, combined with 4Matic all-wheel drive, a transfer case with low gears and two differential locks. Mercedes says the X-Class will be rated to tow around 7000 pounds and haul 2,200 pounds of payload.

The rear end of the truck will use a five-link rear axle with coil springs, like the Ram 1500, to provide a nicer on-road ride than traditional leaf springs.

All of the latest technology will also be available in the X-Class, including the suite of Mercedes me connect services, which allow drivers to use their device to control their truck. For example, you can send navigation destinations to a parked vehicle or find out how much fuel it has left.

The face of the truck concept carries a familiar face, taking what it is seen on Mercedes’s SUVs and crossover and beefing it up a bit. For the Stylish Explorer, Mercedes has packed the interior with nubuck leather, white nappa weather and open-pore smoked oak, in other words, all of the niceties you would expect in a modern Mercedes-Benz.

In the Adventurer, Mercedes chose materials that would be easier to clean and that will hold the occupants in their seats even while they’re bouncing over off-road terrain. It also packs a taller ride height, big off-road tires and plastic cladding.

The X-Class will be based on the Nissan Navara, though it appears that the styling will have nothing in common with Nissan’s small truck.

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