BMW Planning Hotter M Models with CS Line


BMW has filed a number of new trademarks which point toward an entire lineup of new performance vehicles. 

The German brand filed to protect M1 CS through M8 CS with the World Intellectual Property Organization, suggesting that an entire range of new ‘CS’ models are coming.

Spy photographers recently caught BMW testing two versions of its upcoming M4 model together, one of which appeared to be more hardcore, sporting a lip spoiler, more air intakes, unique wheels and a larger rear spoiler. There’s a good chance that was the M4 CS model, which is likely to be a range of even hotter M cars in the same vein as the Mercedes-AMG S lineup.

Under the hood, the engines will likely be the same as the standard M models, though expect a small power bump. Some weight loss could also be part of the equation thanks to increased use of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials.

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A hotter version of the M2 was also recently reported, though at the time the name was believed to be either M2 CSL or M2 GTS. Now it seems like it will actually be the new M2 CS model.

Finally, the new trademark filing lends credence to the theory that there will be a new BMW M8, which has yet to be confirmed by BMW. An upcoming 8-Series model, essentially a 7-Series coupe, has already been spied testing, but now we know that BMW might want to build an M8 CS.

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