2018 Nissan Leaf Details Leak Ahead of its Debut

2018 Nissan Leaf Details Leak Ahead of its Debut

Information on the upcoming 2018 Nissan Leaf has leaked online this week along with some grainy images of the new EV. 

The Japanese automaker has been doing an extensive teaser campaign for the all-new Leaf, but we imagine these leaked images and specifications aren’t meant to be part of it. The leaked photos of the new EV come via Twitter user @2001yNB8C bluemiata and have since been deleted – but we all know nothing truly gets erased once it appears on the Internet. The translated tweet explains how he works for Nissan and spotted the new Leaf at the inspection line of the Oppama factory in Japan.

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Following the leak, Autobytel posted the images to its page for the 2018 Nissan Leaf along with pricing and specifications. At a glance, it may seem as if the data was just copied over from the 2017 model since the three trim levels are the same: S, SL, and SV. But looking closer at the specs, they’re indeed different with the 2018 Nissan Leaf having 147 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque, compared to the current model’s 107 hp and 187 lb-ft of torque. The entry-level model appears to have a 40-kWh battery, which will be comparatively smaller to the Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt. We’ll have to wait for actual confirmation on the car’s range before we decide just how competitive the new Leaf will be.

As for pricing, it will start under $30,000 if Autobytel‘s pricing is accurate, with the base model priced from $29,990 presumably without destination fee. The Leaf SV’s pricing is said to be $32,490 while the range-topping SL is $36,200. All models are said to be powered by a 110-kW AC synchronous motor.

For now, we will have to wait until the car’s official debut on September 5 to see if there’s any truth to the early listing.

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