Lexus LS+ Concept Brings Big Tech to Tokyo Motor Show

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Self-driving cars are kind of a big deal. It seems every single automaker and supplier company on planet Earth is racing to develop some version of this technology, including Lexus.

Toyota’s luxury division just revealed a high tech new design study at the Tokyo Motor Show. Its LS+ Concept is a sizable four-door sedan that’s focused on bringing autonomous-driving features to market.

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One part of this grand plan is called Highway Teammate, which aims to take the stress out of long-haul driving. Aside from being able to merge, change lanes, adjust vehicle speed and maintain a safe following distance behind other traffic, this technology could also allow the LS+ Concept Flagship to navigate on- and off-ramps all on its own.

According to the press release, this suite of features could be available as early as the year 2020.

On the other hand, Urban Teammate aims to offer similar functionality but for use in densely packed cities. This system is targeted to be introduced a little bit later, in the first half of the 2020s.

Additionally, the Lexus LS+ Concept features embedded artificial intelligence that has the ability to learn about roads and surrounding areas. Essentially, the car can become smarter over time

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Now, it’s a shame we can’t really show you any of this technology. It all sounds pretty cool, but for the time being, it’s total vaporware. Instead, let’s talk about something you can see… styling.

The LS+ Concept’s design is based on Lexus’ L-finesse*3 design philosophy. That means it’s gussied up with a revised version of the brand’s spindle grille, one that features active shutters for proper cooling and improved aerodynamics.

The head and tail lamps feature lasers while traditional side-view mirrors have been replaced by cameras tucked in small blisters on the body.

If you don’t have a beef with Lexus’s current – and very aggressive – design language, you’re sure to enjoy the LS+ Concept. Aside from offering loads of technology, it also presages what a future version of the LS could, maybe, possibly just might look like.

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