Polestar 2 Electric Sedan Will Boast Up To 350 Miles of Range

Sean Szymkowski
by Sean Szymkowski

Following the debut of the Polestar 1 hybrid sport coupe, Volvo Cars’ latest brand, Polestar, has dropped details on its second model.

Called the Polestar 2, the sedan will be a battery-electric entry-level car with up to 350 miles of range. COO Jonathan Goodman told Autocar in a Sunday report that the electric car will also sport up to 405 horsepower and start around $40,000 USD. Pricing should top out around $60,000, per Goodman.

In his phrasing, we can expect the Polestar 2 electric car to offer at least two different battery packs. One will likely provide Goodman’s quoted figures of 350 miles of range and 405 hp. But, expect said specifications to lend themselves closer to the $60,000 price estimate.

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As for Polestar’s strategy regarding the electric-car market, the brand plans to simply build desirable-looking vehicles. Rather than skewing toward something too futuristic, Goodman said, “just design a great-looking car – not one with a big blue flash down the side.” He also noted the market for electric vehicles is estimated to grow to 30 million units by 2025.

Knowing the potential growth, Polestar EVs will look more mainstream than niche.

“It’s a mistake to assume that, because the cars are electric, you have to make them quirky or futuristic,” he added.

Volvo previously showed off two compact cars in 2016 based on its Compact Modular Architecture. The first, named 40.1, previewed the 2019 XC40 crossover, while the second is thought to preview the production Polestar 2, called the 40.2.

[Source: Autocar]

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