Honda, McLaren Rumored to Join Forces in F1 Again

Over the last 16-years, McLaren has found much success by giving their driver’s Mercedes-Benz power. However, for the last two-years, Mercedes-Benz has been running its own F1 team and rumors started circulating that this will lead to an end to their relationship with McLaren, especially since Mercedes-Benz sold all its shares in McLaren back to the parent company.

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Formula One's Bernie Ecclestone Gives Austin Race A One Week Deadline

Next year’s U.S. Grand Prix could be in jeopardy if organizers of the Austin, Texas race do not agree on a contract and pay fees by the end of next week. Formula One’s head honcho Bernie Ecclestone’s patience is clearly wearing thin with negotiations and does not want to wait beyond the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix race in San Paulo on November 27th for a decision to be made.

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Hennessey Viper Owned By F1 Champion Jacques Villeneuve For Sale

Villeneuve in his Williams-Renault was on pole, but Schumacher’s Ferrari got the better start and took the lead by the first corner. However, as the race progressed, Villeneuve started clawing back at Schumacher, and then on lap 48, took the inside line at the Dry Sack corner to take the lead. In an attempt to take out his opponent, Schumacher turned in and hit Villeneuve’s car. However, the hit proved more lethal to Schumacher, as he had to retire from suspension damage. Villeneuve’s car was damaged, he nursed the car for the next 22  laps and finished the race in third position, enough to give him the F1 Driver’s Championship.

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Tom Cruise Tests The Red Bull F1 Race Car

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has recently tested the Red Bull Formula One race car at the Willow Springs racetrack in California. Tom Cruise completed 24 laps with the Red Bull team, and guiding the top gun along the track was race car driver David Coulthard.

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Michael Schumacher Quashes Retirement Rumors

Despite a poor performance, rumors of retirement, and even a call to hang-up his racing gloves by former F1 Champ Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher will be back competing at the pinnacle of motorsports next year.

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Mercedes-Benz Offers The Chance To Race Against David Coulthard

If you fancy yourself quite the sporting gentleman, Mercedes-Benz is keen to offer you a proposition: race against David Coulthard in an SLS AMG. What say you, good sir?

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Michael Schumacher Sparks Retirement Rumors

Seven time F1 champ Michael Schumacher may re-retire at the end of the 2011 racing season, despite a contract that extends a full year beyond that point.

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F1 Goes Green With New Electric-Only Pit Lane Rule

Recently, Formula One has take a greener turn, becoming more environmental by exchanging high-revving V8 engines for 1.6-liter turbo sixes in 2014.

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Former F1 Star David Coulthard Appointed AMG Brand Ambassador

Now Coulthard can add another occupation to his resume, brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division.

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Why Is This Dodge Viper Towing An F1 Car? [Video]

Why is this man pulling an F1 car with a Dodge Viper GTS? Because he just bought it.

The F1 car, not the Viper—though given the funds needed to make such an impulse buy, he probably owns the other as well. A man in England bought Rubens Barrichello’s 2007 Honda F1 RA107 race car, chronicling every step of the purchase and rebuild. He bought it at a Bonhams auction in December of 2010 for £37,000, or $59,600—unfortunately, without an engine or steering rack.

Hence, the towing.

The Viper’s truck-derived V10 makes a perfect soundtrack in towing this Honda F1 car, which—to be fair—doesn’t exactly bottom out any suspensions in the first place. Between the two, the combined horsepower is probably enough to invade a small European nation. I wonder if the Top Gear trio will be as enraged getting stuck behind this convoy as they do behind caravans.

The enthusiastic buyer plans to put a Hartley V8 into the car in lieu of the original Honda 2.4-liter V10, which is an appropriate substitute: two Suzuki Hayabusa engines joined at the crank, good for 500 horsepower and 10,000rpm.

Click the jump to see the video.

[Source: Car Guy Dad]

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Tony Stewart, Lewis Hamilton Swap Race Cars at Watkins Glen [Video]

Replicating a stunt from back in 2003 when Juan Pablo Montoya and Jeff Gordon swapped race cars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, earlier this week F1 pilot Lewis Hamilton and NASCAR racer Tony Stewart made the switch.

Organized by Mobil 1 (which sponsors both racers), the event took place at Watkins Glen, the site of the first Formula 1 race in America. It’s also one of very few tracks to have ever hosted both an F1 and a NASCAR race.

Little more than a marketing stunt, it’s fun to watch and see how the two driver’s compare. Plus, we all know Montoya couldn’t resist the lure of NASCAR. Hamilton… you next?

Watch the videos after the jump:

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Sebastian Vettel Edition Infiniti IPL G37 Coupe on Its Way [video]

Infiniti’s Performance Line (IPL) seems to be a little bit underwhelming right now, but it looks like the luxury car manufacturer is continuing to push forward to prove their IPL G37 Coupe can be a total blast to drive. By teaming up with Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull’s Formula One defending champion, Infiniti is planning to come out with a special edition G37 Coupe that’s inspired by the young driver’s prowess.

Sebastian Vettel is the best driver out there in Formula One right now, and this video shows just how smoothly and effortlessly he commands the IPL G37 Coupe. It’ll be interesting if this partnership really helps influence demand on the IPL line of offerings from Infiniti, but here’s to hoping that it’ll feature some real performance add-ons and not just some special badging and minor accessories.

Check out the video of Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel of an IPL G37 Coupe after the break.

[Source: FastLaneDaily]

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Ken Block to Drive F1 Car: Can You Say "Publicity Stunt"?

Gymkhana expert, flat-bill cap aficionado and a man who knows the importance of thanking his sponsors, Ken Block, will drive a Formula 1 car.

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Marshall Becomes Big Black Pylon After Falling on Track During Canadian GP [Video]

The weekend’s Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix had a little of everything. There was a two hour rain delay and even some racing. And we’re not talking about a stupid fast 18,000 rpm parade, but a down-to-the-wire, pass on the past lap, OMG Schumacher might actually get on the podium, oops, no he didn’t kid of race.

It almost also included the near death (or at least severe injury) of a track marshall who perhaps had tipped back a few too many Molsons during the extended red flag portion of the race.

All joking aside, the marshall trips and falls while attempting to pick up track debris and then stumbles again. Missed by one car, he then seems to catch his breath on track, before another driver is forced to lock up the brakes and avoid a collision.

Enjoy the video after the jump. It’s both terrifying and comical:

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Bahrain Grand Prix Officially Cancelled

Well, they did it. The organizers for the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix have canceled the Formula One race, citing the criticism from fans and teams alike as the catalyst.

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