The Best Black Friday Automotive Deals 2023

David Traver Adolphus
by David Traver Adolphus
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You do not want to miss out on these Black Friday automotive deals.
You know you're going to buy tools anyway, you might as well get them while they're cheap. Illustration credit: David Traver Adolphus /

Officially, Black Friday isn’t happening until November 24, 2023, but that hasn’t stopped online retailers from releasing seasonal deals without warning, which began this year in early October. So if you’re in the market for saving money and avoiding the Black Friday rush, you can start taking advantage of some best Black Friday automotive deals from major retailers’ websites such as Amazon. We’re including some of the best automotive deals from them below. Automotive tools, parts, supplies, accessories, audio, fluids, equipment, and more are the same year-round, so we like to wait for sales like this to snap up the things we’ve had our eye on.

We’re continuing to add both individual deals, and entire categories as the (pre-) Black Friday deals for your cars and trucks really start to appear. We’re also leaving up expired ones because we check on those throughout the week as well, and those products often go back on sale or get new coupons. Often, prices and deals can change within a single day—if you see something you like, even if it’s listed as “Expired,” it wouldn’t hurt to click the link to see if the Black Friday deal is back on before we can get back to it. You’ll find that popular products sell out fast and during Black Friday 2023, who knows when they’ll be restocked.

Thirty percent off is more or less our threshold, but some products almost never go on sale, so when we see one of those, we’ll include it, even if it isn’t a big discount.

For our automotive Black Friday 2023 deals, we’re scouring the sites of more merchants than ever before and even offering some bargains exclusive to AutoGuide. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, stocking up, or looking for gift ideas, we’ll be keeping this post fresh with awesome Black Friday automotive deals, even if they’re happening in early November. Make sure to check back often as we update this post as we find more deals. The dates listed are the last price change.

Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for gifts. If you have a car enthusiast in your life and don't have the slightest idea what to get them, you've come to the right place. Some great gift ideas for car lovers include die-cast models, remote-controlled cars, books, LEGO sets, Hot Wheels tracks, or even car-related puzzles. You can even think outside the box and get something a bit unique, like a portable refrigerator, if that special someone is always traveling on the road. Or maybe you're shopping for a busy parent who's constantly commuting with their kids; an organizer, container, or holder makes for a great gift.

If you've ever noticed collectibles around the house of the person you're shopping for, make sure to look up some die-cast models of their favorite car. Trust us when we say that car enthusiasts can never have enough collectibles of their favorite car. But you probably don't want to get a big neon Ford sign for a Chevy person, so you'll want to make some discrete inquiries. The same goes with LEGO sets and Hot Wheels tracks if they're interested in either one. With so many different options out there for car LEGO sets and Hot Wheels, you're likely to find something they don't already have.

Shopping on a budget? Consider a nice framed photo or even a poster for the garage (or getting a poster they already have framed). These fun and useful gift ideas are sure to make them smile during the holiday season.

Deals on Automotive Gift Ideas:

Car Cleaning and Detailing Supplies

Buying a car isn't exactly a cheap investment, so you'll want to make sure it looks good for as long as possible. That means regular washes and routine detailing should be on your calendar to retain that new car shine. Don't focus on just the exterior of your car; you'll also want to stock your garage with some interior cleaning supplies to make sure your seats, dash, center console, and more last for years.

From car wash soaps to pressure washers, waxes to quick detailers, and tire shine to foam cannons, there are hundreds of options out there for car washing and detailing supplies. What you want to buy largely depends on just how passionate you are about washing and detailing your car. At the very least, you should get yourself a couple of wash buckets, a grit guard, a wash mitt, quality car wash soap, and a drying towel. For an easier and more thorough wash, invest in a pressure washer and a foam cannon. Wheel and tire cleaners also add convenience, along with tools like a wheel cleaning brush.

Once you've got your car washed and looking clean, consider detailing supplies such as a hybrid ceramic quick detailer or wax. If your paint has some flaws, you'll want to get yourself a clay bar and maybe even some polish. Don't forget to stock up on microfiber towels if you plan to detail your car.

When it comes to your interior, grab yourself a bottle of interior detailer or upholstery cleaner. You may even want to consider a vacuum designed to clean up messes inside your vehicle's cabin.

We have a special section for Chemical Guys deals farther down.

Car Cleaning and Detailing Deals:

Portable Car Jump Starters and Battery Tools

Even if you don't plan on having your car parked for a long period of time, a portable car jump starter is still a wise investment. These devices are fairly compact, allowing you to conveniently keep them in your glovebox for when you need a jump start. The main advantage of owning a portable car jump starter is being able to jump your car at any time without having the need for another vehicle. We all know how tricky that could be if your car is stuck in the garage and you're trying to get the jumper cables to reach from one vehicle to another.

Most portable jump starters these days can also serve as a battery bank for your portable devices, allowing you to charge your phone on the go. Some options will have other features, such as a built-in LED flashlight or even an adaptor so you can power your 12-volt accessories from the jump starter.

When shopping for a portable jump starter, the first thing to ensure is that it's capable of jump-starting the engine under your hood. Most manufacturers will state the engine size their products are capable of jump-starting. If you're planning on regularly using it as a portable battery bank, get a device with more battery capacity (measured in mAh), so you don't have to constantly recharge the jump starter itself.

Portable Jump Starter and Battery Tool Deals:

Have you been putting off getting new tires? Or maybe it's time for you to switch to a new set of winter tires. Whatever the case, there are a few great deals to take advantage of this year. It's always important to make sure the tires on your car are in good condition and you definitely don't want to get caught in a rain storm before realizing your tires have little to no tread left. If you live anywhere it snows, you need, at a minimum good all-season tires, preferably snow tires. According to NHTSA's Fatality Analysis Reporting System, 612 people in the United States died in 2019 because of bad tires. So while they may be one of the larger annual expenses for your car, tires are the only thing connecting your car to the road and should always be in good condition.

Fortunately, it's easy to get tires delivered. You can get them already mounted on new wheels, balanced, and with TPMS sensors installed, too, to save you the expense and hassle of trying to schedule time at an installer. If you don't have room to do it yourself, retailers like Tire Rack will ship the tires of your choice directly to a local installer. The advantage is that they have a much greater selection than any tire store, along with in-house testing, video reviews, and hundreds of customer reviews. Shipping can be expensive, but we've found it is still more affordable than paying a local retailer's markup. They even offer free pickup for returns if there's a problem. The AutoGuide staff has bought dozens of tires and wheels this way with their own money over the years.

Of course, many buyers still prefer to purchase their tires from a brick-and-mortar retailer like Walmart, and that's fine too. At Walmart or other traditional tire sellers, you can buy your tires and have them installed under one roof.

Tire and Wheel Deals:

Portable Tire Inflators

There are plenty of reasons why you want to have a portable tire inflator or air compressor for your home garage or to carry in your car. While they'll definitely come in handy if you unexpectedly need air in your tires, the main reason to keep one nearby is to always ensure your tires are properly inflated. Driving on underinflated or overinflated tires can have adverse effects, from a rough ride to negatively impacting your fuel economy. Add convenience to your life by being able to add air to your tires from the comforts of your driveway or garage.

With dozens of options out there, shopping for the right tire compressor isn't easy. One main feature to look out for is auto shutoff, which will automatically turn off the air compressor once your tire reaches the preset air pressure. This allows you to set it and forget it, so you don't have to sit there monitoring the pressure the entire time the tire is inflating. Other minor features that are nice to have included a built-in LED flashlight, just in case you need to use the portable tire inflator in the dark. Generally, you'll want a product that uses your car's 12-volt outlet for power.

Don't forget other tire pressure-related accessories, like a tire pressure gauge and spare valve stem caps!

Portable Tire Inflator Deals:

OBDII Code Scanners, DIagnostic, Test, and Measurement Tools

Don't be intimidated by the thought of attaching a scanner to your car and looking up a trouble code. Unless you're a tuner adjusting your fuel-air mixture for nitrous, it's literally as simple as plugging in a cord to a socket under your dash and looking at a screen. If you can set a timer on your microwave, we guarantee you can read an OBDII scan tool.

An automotive scan tool can literally pay for itself the first time you use it. A check engine light can come on for literally hundreds of reasons. Sometimes it's something serious that means you should park the car, but often, it can be as simple as a loose gas cap or a bad O2 sensor. The peace of mind, knowing you can safely continue to drive your car until you get the repair made, is priceless.

OBDII scan tools range from the twenty dollar range well into the thousands. Cheap ones will probably just give you a code you have to look up online, while a professional tablet-style automotive code reader may display a whole range of information.

OBDII Automotive Code Scanner, Diagnostic, Test, and Measurement Deals:

Baby Car Mirrors

Don't think the only essential item you need for a newborn child in a vehicle is a baby car seat. It's just a matter of time before you start wishing there was an easier way to keep an eye on your infant or child while driving, especially when they're in a rear-facing seat. Well, there is—they're called baby car mirrors, and they're perfect for infants and toddlers who are in rear-facing seats.

There are two basic designs of baby mirrors. For younger children in rear-facing car seats, they're typically a mirror that attaches to the backseat headrest, reflecting the view back to your rearview mirror. This way, you're able to check on your rear-facing baby with a quick glance. You'll find that the majority of baby car mirrors are similar in design, mostly varying in sizes and finishes. You'll want to make sure you're shopping for one that is shatterproof, just in case of an accident.

When children are older and in front-facing seats, you can add a larger rear-view mirror or passenger visor mirror, which lets you see both the back seat and the road behind you.

Within this category, you'll also find wireless baby monitors, which serve the same purpose, just in a more high-tech fashion. These products use a wireless camera and a display, allowing you to see exactly what you need to see without any fuss. If you're willing to pay a bit more for convenience and a more detailed solution, definitely consider a wireless baby monitor for your car.

Baby Car Mirror Deals:

We love having a roof cargo carrier on hand for those times when we end up with a car full of people and too much gear. Soft carriers are easy to store out of the way, and most of them don't even require you to have a roof rack—they can just be clamped right onto your roof, expanding your cargo capacity by the size of a small refrigerator.

You do make some compromises with a soft, collapsible cargo carrier. They're harder to attach and load than hard cargo carriers, and you have to take extra care to make sure they're sealed up against water and dust. But you can also get a perfectly good roof cargo carrier for a fraction of what even inexpensive hard carriers cost and never have to worry about storing a big, bulky container. And where a roof box can easily weigh 30 pounds or more and take two people to install and remove, most soft rooftop car cargo carriers weigh about 10 pounds, so one person can easily handle them.

Cargo Carrier Deals:

Trailering, RV, and Camper Equipment

A lot of parts and equipment are shared between trailers and campers. Everything associated with the hitch, wheels, lighting, maintenance, and many other items are the same whether you have a pop-up, fancy camper, or just a flatbed you throw bags of mulch onto. And for some people, a trailer is just a tool, but some people treat them like their cars, with upgraded wheels, custom paint, lights, and more.

Like Jeeps, we've never known a camper or RV that didn't need something. Whether it's a repair, maintenance, or upgrade, you're never satisfied with the way things are...and if you achieve that brief nirvana, you know in the back of your mind that it's only a matter of time until the next project appears.

We like to stock up on repair and maintenance items when the opportunity presents itself. The AutoGuide Garage has a whole shelf of repair, maintenance, and upgrade parts waiting to go, and we'll pick up some more during Black Friday this year, too.

Trailering, RV, and Camper Equipment Deals:

Winter Accessories

Winter is...well, you have a calendar. Here, in some parts of the country, and on the way for most of the rest. There aren't many places outside Southern California and the Gulf Coast where you won't want at least an ice scraper in your car, and with a La Niña winter on the way for the 2021-2022 season, it's anyone's guess what will happen.

What you can do is have at least the basics for a winter emergency in your car (and in your house, for that matter), especially on any kind of trip. A warm blanket, jump starter, good tires, and ice scraper are the minimum you should have on hand. Remember: Having emergency supplies isn't just for your benefit or that of the people who depend on you, but for anyone who might be in trouble.

Winter Accessories Deals:

LED Headlight Bulbs and Headlamp Accessories

For the most part, the factory headlight bulbs on your car do an adequate job of lighting up the road. But if you often drive at night or in areas that aren't well-lit, you may want to consider upgrading your factory headlights with a set of LED headlight bulbs. The main advantage of LED headlight bulbs is that they are generally brighter than standard halogen bulbs, but you should also consider that they last much longer. This means you'll end up spending less money over the lifetime of owning your vehicle, and you'll have less chance of hitting the road and discovering your headlight bulb is out.

The brightness of LED bulbs is measured in lumens, and the higher the number, the brighter the bulb. Typically you'll find today's offerings range from 8000 lumens to 16000 lumens, but brighter isn't always better. Extremely bright bulbs can cause glare for others on the road while possibly obstructing your own view. Also, you'll want to check with your local laws to ensure certain LED bulbs are legal.

If you're in the market for LED headlight bulbs, ensure you get the proper bulb for your vehicle. Check to see how long the bulbs are advertised to last and get a plug-and-play option for easy installation.

LED Headlights Deals:

If you're hands-on with your car and prefer to handle routine maintenance from the comforts of your garage, Black Friday is a great time to get those tools you've been keeping an eye on. And even if you're not regularly working on your car, it's never a bad idea to have a general tool set lying around. When it comes to working on your car, you'll want the basics, including wrenches, a socket set, a floor jack, and jack stands.

But automotive tools go beyond what you'd expect to find at your local hardware store. There are also DIY windshield or dent repair kits if you're looking to fix that one blemish on your car. There are the OBD2 readers you can get to troubleshoot check engine lights or even a car escape tool you can keep in your car in case of an emergency. Tools also make for a great gift idea, especially if the person you're shopping for is always working on their car. Oh, and don't forget about gloves—they're basically an essential tool when it comes to working on cars. Even a specialty tool, like a puller, can pay for itself the first time you use it, and tools are the same all year round, so it makes sense to grab what you need when it's on sale.

Automotive Tools Deals:

Chemical Guys Car Care Products

Chemical Guys has some great Black Friday specials. Photo credit: Chemical Guys.

Don’t delude yourself into believing that wash n’ wax season is over as soon as temps drop and snow falls. The deleterious effects of snow, slush, and the dreaded road salt can be reduced by continuing a regimen of paint and body maintenance throughout the cold weather months. Chemical Guys California-made waxes, washes, and other products are a great choice regardless of the season. They’re among the best-selling on Amazon, and we're buying some to test the Autoguide garage.

Besides developing and manufacturing car-care products, Chemical Guys offer courses on car detailing. The company’s five-day course is aimed predominantly at professional detailers; there’s no reason a dedicated owner couldn’t attend as well. There are also less intensive, DIYer-focused detailing classes. If attending an in-person class is impractical, Chemical Guys have posted instructional videos on its website.

Chemical Guys have a slew of Black Friday deals you can take advantage of for gifts or to stock your own garage.

Chemical Guys Deals:

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