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Things have been a little bit strange in 2020, to say the least. Which means it’s little surprise that online retailers are taking a different approach to Black Friday this year. If you’ve been keeping an eye on deals around the web, you’ve likely seen some stores already offering Black Friday deals. So we’ve decided to join in on the fun, updating our post a bit early this year to spotlight what companies are calling Black Friday deals for 2020.

So whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. From car care products to portable jump starters, OBD2 scanners to replacement windshield wipers, we’re keeping an eye out for the best Black Friday automotive deals you can save money on. Make sure to check back often, as we’ll be updating this post as we find more deals.

Gift Ideas

black friday deals gift ideas

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Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for gifts. If you have a car enthusiast in your life and don’t have the slightest idea what to get them, you’ve come to the right place. Some great gift ideas for car lovers include die-cast models, remote controlled cars, books, LEGO sets, Hot Wheels tracks, or even car-related puzzles. You can even think outside the box and get something a bit unique, like a portable refrigerator, if that special someone is always traveling on the road. Or maybe you’re shopping for a busy Mom that’s constantly commuting with her kids; a backseat organizer or even a handbag holder makes for a great gift.

If you’ve ever noticed collectibles around the house of the person you’re shopping for, make sure to look up some die-cast models of their favorite car. Trust us when we say that car enthusiasts can never have enough collectibles of their favorite car. The same goes with LEGO sets and Hot Wheels tracks if they’re interested in either one. With so many different options out there for car LEGO sets and Hot Wheels, you’re likely to find something they don’t already have.

Shopping on a budget? Consider a nice, framed photo or even a poster for the garage. These affordable gift ideas are sure to make them smile during the holiday season.

Deals we’ve found:

Save 25% off at Advance Auto Parts by using coupon code BF25, for a maximum savings of $50 (11/26/20)

Lightning Deal! OUDEW Car Trash Can – $11.19 (11/27/20)

Save 45% off Squish Qi Wireless Charger/Phone Mount with promo code 63XKTE5F (11/27/20)

Save up to 35% on ComfiLife Car Seat Cushion (11/27/20)

Save up to 20% on Audew Portable Power Station (11/26/20)

Save up to 45% and an additional 50% on Topume Wireless Car Charger – use coupon code G4P9LCKK at checkout (11/26/20)

Save up to 20% on LEGO Speed Champions Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Race Car (11/25/20)

Save up to 20% on LEGO Speed Champions Audi Sport Quattro S1 (11/25/20)

Save up to 20% on LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Sunset Track Racer (11/25/20)

Save up to 20% on LEGO Hidden Side Supernatural Race Car (11/25/20)

Save up to 20% on LEGO City Safari Off-Roader (11/25/20)

Save up to 20% on LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F40 Competizione (11/25/20)

Save up to 64% on Double E RC Car (11/24/20)

Save up to 29% on CubicFun Race Tracks (11/24/20)

Save up to 26% on DEERC RC Car (11/24/20)

Save up to 43% on CROWNFUL Mini Fridge (11/23/20)

Save up to 25% on AstroAI Portable Car Refrigerator (11/23/20)

Save up to 20% on LEGO Speed Champions Nissan GT-R NISMO (11/20/20)

Save up to 20% on LEGO Speed Champions Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing Set (11/20/20)

Save up to 20% on LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (11/20/20)

Car Washing and Detailing Supplies

Car Wash Products

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Buying a car isn’t exactly a cheap investment, so you’ll want to make sure it looks good for as long as possible. That means regular washes and routine detailing should be on your calendar to retain that new car shine. Don’t focus on just the exterior of your car; you’ll also want to stock your garage with some interior cleaning supplies to make sure your seats, dash, center console, and more last for years.

From car wash soaps to pressure washers, waxes to quick detailer, tire shine to foam cannons, there are hundreds of options out there for car washing and detailing supplies. What you want to buy largely depends on just how passionate you are about washing and detailing your car. At the very least, you should get yourself a couple of wash buckets, a grit guard, a wash mitt, quality car wash soap, and a drying towel. For an easier and more thorough wash, invest into a pressure washer and a foam cannon. Wheel and tire cleaners also adds convenience, along with tools like a wheel cleaning brush.

Once you’ve got your car washed and looking clean, consider detailing supplies such as hybrid ceramic quick detailer or wax. If your paint has some flaws, you’ll want to get yourself a clay bar and maybe even some polish. Don’t forget to stock on microfiber towels if you’re planning to detail your car.

When it comes to your interior, grab yourself a bottle of interior detailer or upholstery cleaner. You may even want to consider a vacuum designed to clean up messes inside the cabin of your vehicle.

Deals we’ve found:

Lightning Deal! Mothers California Clay Bar System – $14.32

Lightning Deal! Carfidant Ultimate Leather Cleaner – $13.59 (11/27/20)

Lightning Deal! Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray – $13.66 (11/27/20)

Save an extra $10 by applying coupon on Brush Hero Car Wheel Brush (11/27/20)

Save up to 17% on Sun Joe Cordless Vacuum (11/27/20)

Eagle One All Wheel & Tire Cleaner – $2.35 (11/26/20)

Sun Joe SPX2003 Pressure Washer – $89.00 (11/25/20)

Save up to 31% on Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer (11/24/20)

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax – $12.74 (11/24/20)

Save up to 33% on Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer (11/24/20)

Save up to 29% on Meguiar’s Ultimate Fast Finish Kit (11/24/20)

Save up to 33% on Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash (11/23/20)

Save up to 42% on Leather Honey Leather Conditioner (11/23/20)

Save up to 43% on Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover (11/23/20)

Save up to 31% on Audew Cordless Handheld Vacuum (11/23/20)

Save up to 43% on Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit (11/23/20)

Save up to 15% on Meguiar’s Smooth Surface XL Clay Kit (11/20/20)

Save up to 25% on Chemical Guys products (11/20/20)

Save up to 22% on AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (11/20/20)

Save up to 30% on TriNova Foam Cannon (11/20/20)

Save up to 65% on Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax (11/19/20)

Save up to 30% on TriNova Foam Cannon and get either a sunshade or bottle of Quick Detailer for free (11/17/20)

Save up to 25% on 303 Products Quick Wax (11/06/20)

Save up to 15% on Black Magic Tire Wet (11/06/20)

Portable Car Jump Starters

top 10 best portable car jump starters

Even if you don’t plan on having your car parked for a long period of time, a portable car jump starter is still a wise investment. These devices are fairly compact, allowing you to conveniently keep it in your glovebox for when you need a jump start. The main advantage of owning a portable car jump starter is being able to jump your car at anytime, without having the need of another vehicle. We all know how tricky that could be if your car is stuck in the garage and you’re trying to get the jumper cables to reach from one vehicle to another.

Most portable jump starters these days can also serve as a battery bank for your portable devices, allowing you to charge your phone on the go. Some options will have other features such as a built-in LED flashlight or even an adaptor so you can power your 12-volt accessories from the jump starter.

When shopping for a portable jump starter, the first thing to ensure is that it’s capable of jump starting the engine under your hood. Most manufacturers will state the engine size their products are capable of jump starting. If you’re planning on regularly using it as a portable battery bank, get a device with more battery capacity (measured in mAh) so you don’t have to constantly recharge the jump starter itself.

Deals we’ve found:

Lightning Deal! SANROCK Portable Jump Starter – $55.99 + an additional 10% when clipping coupon (11/27/20)

Save up to 39% on TACKLIFE Portable Jump Starter (11/27/20)

Save up to 30% on BUTURE Car Jump Starter – clip coupon for savings (11/26/20)

Save up to 20% + 13% on Audew 2000A Portable Jump Starter – clip coupon and use code AUDEW2000A at checkout (11/25/20)

Save up to 38% on NEXPOW Portable Jump Starter (11/23/20)

Save up to 28% on TOPVISION Portable Jump Starter (11/23/20)

Save up to 15% on BEATIT Portable Car Jump Starter (11/20/20)


why you should buy tires online

Have you been putting off getting new tires? Or maybe it’s time for you to switch to a new set of winter tires. Whatever is the case, there are a few great deals to take advantage of this year. It’s always important to make sure the tires on your car are in good condition and you definitely don’t want to get caught in a rain storm before realizing your tires have little to no tread left. 

Deals we’ve found:

PriorityTire Deals, including $15 off any purchase of $100 or more – use coupon code BLACK20 (11/27/20)

$70 Rebate from Pirelli (11/25/20)

$70 Prepaid Visa Card from Continental (11/25/20)

Up to $120 back from Michelin and BFGoodrich (11/25/20)

Up to $75 back from Goodyear and Dunlop (11/25/20)

$75 Prepaid Mastercard from Kumho (11/25/20)

Portable Tire Inflators

best portable tire inflators air compressors

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There are plenty of reasons why you want to invest into a portable tire inflator or air compressor for your home garage. While they’ll definitely come in handy if you unexpectedly need air in your tires, the main reason to keep one nearby is to always ensure your tires are properly inflated. Driving on underinflated or overinflated tires can have adverse effects, from a rough ride to negatively impacting your fuel economy. Add convenience to your life by being able to add air to your tires from the comforts of your driveway or garage.

With dozens of options out there, shopping for the right tire compressor isn’t easy. One main feature to look out for is auto shutoff, which will automatically turn off the air compressor once your tire reaches the preset air pressure. This allows you to set it and forget it, so you don’t have to sit there monitoring the pressure the entire time the tire is inflating. Other minor features that are nice to have include a built-in LED flashlight, just in case you need to use the portable tire inflator in the dark. Generally, you’ll want a product that uses your car’s 12-volt outlet for power.

Don’t get other tire pressure-related accessories, like a tire pressure gauge!

Deals we’ve found:

Save up to 33% on VEEAPE Portable Air Compressor (11/27/20)

Save up to 51% and an additional 5% by clipping coupon on TACKLIFE Digital Tire Inflator (11/27/20)

Save up to 44% and an additional 5% by clipping coupon on AUTLEAD Portable Air Compressor/Tire Inflator (11/23/20)

Save up to 43% on AstroAI Portable Air Compressor (11/23/20)

Save up to 39% on AstroAI Digital Tire Inflator (11/23/20)

Save up to 15% on JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge (11/20/20)

Save $8.00 with coupon on VacLife Portable Air Compressor/Tire Inflator (11/19/20)

Save up to 13% on Wheelor Portable Air Compressor/Tire Inflator (11/05/20)

Baby Car Mirrors

top 10 best baby mirrors for cars

Don’t think the only essential item you need for a newborn child in a vehicle is a baby car seat. It’s just a matter of time before you start wishing there was an easier way to keep an eye on your infant or child while driving, especially when they’re in a rear-facing seat. Well, there is—they’re called baby car mirrors and they’re perfect for infants and toddlers who are in rear-facing seats.

Baby car mirrors are simple in design. They’re typically a mirror that attaches to the backseat headrest, reflecting the view back to your rearview mirror. This way, you’re able to check on your rear-facing baby with a quick glance. You’ll find that the majority of baby car mirrors are similar in design, mostly varying in sizes and finishes. You’ll want to make sure you’re shopping for one that is shatterproof, just in case of an accident.

Within this category, you’ll also find wireless baby monitors, which serve the same purpose, just in a more high tech fashion. These products use a wireless camera and a display, allowing you to see exactly what you need to see without any fuss. If you’re willing to pay a bit more for convenience and a more detailed solution, definitely consider a wireless baby monitor for your car.

Deals we’ve found:

Save up to 15% on DARVIQS Baby Mirror (11/23/20)

Save up to 22% on Shynerk Baby Car Mirror (11/23/20)

Save up to 27% on Yada Tiny Traveler Digital Wireless Baby Monitor (11/05/20)

Windshield Wipers

best windshield wipers

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You do not want to wait until you’re caught in a giant storm to realize your windshield wipers are worn out. While relatively inexpensive, who doesn’t want to save a few bucks on replacement wiper blades? There are plenty of reputable brands and options out there, so here are a few suggestions on what to look out for when shopping for replacement windshield wipers.

For starters, check your car owner’s manual to determine the size of wiper blades you need. Typically there will be two different sizes, so shop accordingly. You don’t want to rely on the fitment systems that some online retailers offer, as they’re not always entirely accurate. Then, consider your environment. Just how much rain are you really dealing with? If it’s not frequent, you could live with all-season wipers. Live in an area that drops below freezing and snows? You’ll want to make sure you’re getting proper winter wiper blades so they can endure the cold and not easily get damaged.

Deals we’ve found:

Save up to 39% on Michelin Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade (11/25/20)

Save up to 24% on Rain-X WeatherBeater Wiper Blades (11/05/20)

Save $5 on windshield wiper orders over $25 with coupon code: SCW5DT11 (11/11/20)

Motor Oils

top 10 best motor oils

Well, if you haven’t already made the leap and purchased an electric vehicle, you’re probably shopping for motor oil. No car’s engine will function properly without oil and if you care about your car, you’ll want to do routine oil changes. Designed to prevent friction inside your engine, which is full of moving parts, motor oil keeps those parts lubricated so it can do its job. Quality motor oil will do more than just that, also working to keep your engine’s internals clean by preventing buildup, rust, corrosion, and oxidation.

If you’re shopping for motor oil, make sure you’re getting the correct viscosity as recommended by the automaker. 

Deals we’ve found:

Save up to 15% on Shell and Pennzoil Motor Oils (11/06/20)

Save on Valvoline Daily Protection Motor Oil (11/06/20)

Save up to 10% on Castrol Motor Oils (11/06/20)

LED Headlight Bulbs

Best LED Headlights

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For the most part, the factory headlight bulbs on your car do an adequate job of lighting up the road. But if you often drive at night or in areas that aren’t well lit, you may want to consider upgrading your factory headlights with a set of LED headlight bulbs. The main advantage of LED headlight bulbs are that they are generally brighter than standard halogen bulbs, but you should also take into account that they last much longer. This means you’ll end up spending less money over the lifetime of owning your vehicle, and you’ll have a less chance of hitting the road and discovering your headlight bulb is out.

The brightness of LED bulbs is measured in lumens, and the higher the number, the brighter the bulb. Typically you’ll find today’s offerings range from 8000 lumens to 16000 lumens, but brighter isn’t always better. Extremely bright bulbs can cause glare for others on the road, while possibly obstructing your own view. Also, you’ll want to check with your local laws to make sure certain LED bulbs are legal.

If you’re in the market for LED headlight bulbs, make sure you’re getting the proper fitment (bulb type) for your vehicle. Check to see how long the bulbs are advertised to last, and get a plug-and-play option for easy installation.

Deals we’ve found:

Lightning Deal! CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs – $31.99 (11/27/20)

Save up to 15% on BEAMTECH LED Headlight Bulbs (11/27/20)

Save up to 50% on StoneBanks LED Headlight Bulbs (11/25/20)

Save up to 26% on SEALIGHT LED Headlight Bulbs (11/23/20)

Save up to 41% on HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs (11/20/20)

Seat Covers

best car seat covers

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Out of all your interior components, your car’s seats likely see the most use on a daily basis. That means they endure plenty of wear and tear, which overtime can cause them to fade, tear, and simply look awful. If you’re interested in preserving your car’s seats for as long as possible, invest into a set of quality seat covers. Another reason to buy seat covers is if you find your factory seats a bit boring and want to customize your interior a bit.

Available in a wide variety of styles, you can add a splash of color or a crazy design through seat covers. More importantly, they’ll protect your seats from accidental spills and general use. They’ll also serve as a shield from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause leather to crack or cloth seats to fade. Choose from several different material types, depending on your needs. Want something with water resistance? Grab a set of neoprene seat covers. Want to add some luxury to your cabin? Get some artificial leather seat covers.

One factor to consider when shopping for car seat covers is whether or not you have side airbags. If you do, you’ll want to make sure the seat covers you’re purchasing are compatible and won’t interfere with their deployment.

Deals we’ve found:

Lightning Deal! AUTOYOUTH Seat Covers – $15.99 (11/27/20)

Save up to 37% on FH Group Seat Cover (11/25/20)

Car Covers

Best Ways To Protect Your Car From The Elements

Photo credit: Robert MacMillan /

Just like how seat covers protect the interior of your car from wear and tear, a car cover is a worthy investment to ensure the exterior of your car stays scratch free and shiny for years to come. Even if you park your car inside a garage each night, a car cover can protect it from accidental scratches and bumps, not to mention keeping dust and other contaminants off the surface.

If you do have to park your car outside, and especially for an extended period of time, strongly consider getting a car cover to protect it. When shopping for a car cover, consider your environment. Do you experience heavy rainfall or wind? You’ll want a car cover with extra straps so the cover stays snug on your car. Endure snowstorms? Look for a multi-layer cover to make sure you have adequate protection. None of the above? Save some money and get a durable cover that keeps particles off the surface and harmful UV rays from damaging your interior.

Deals we’ve found:

Save up to 30% on Kayme Car Cover (11/23/20)

Save up to 30% on Autsop Car Cover (11/23/20)

Save $5.99 on MaxOffer Cover for SUVs (11/11/20)


best socket sets

Photo credit: DmyTo /

If you’re hands-on with your car and prefer to handle routine maintenance from the comforts of your garage, Black Friday is a great time to get those tools you’ve been keeping an eye on. And even if you’re not regularly working on your car, it’s never a bad idea to have a general tool set lying around. When it comes to working on your car, you’ll want the basics, including wrenches, a socket set, a floor jack, and jack stands.

But automotive tools go beyond what you’d expect to find at your local hardware store. There are also DIY windshield or dent repair kits, if you’re looking to fix that one blemish on your car. There are also OBD2 readers you can get to troubleshoot check engine lights, or even a car escape tool you can keep in your car in case of an emergency. Tools also make for a great gift idea, especially if the person you’re shopping for is always working on their car. Oh, and don’t forget about gloves—they’re basically an essential tool when it comes to working on cars.

Deals we’ve found:

Save up to 41% on Omega Plastic Creeper (11/27/20)

TEQ Correct Professional 20-Piece Ratchet Wrench Set – $69.99 (11/25/20)

Save up to 30% on Husky Workbench (11/24/20)

Save up to 35% on Husky 290-Piece Mechanics Tool Set (11/24/20)

Save up to 27% on HDX Tough Storage Bin (11/24/20)

Save up to 35% on DEWALT Drill/Impact Combo Kit (11/24/20)

Save up to 33% on Ryobi One+ Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kit (11/24/20)

Save up to 15% on Akro-Mils Storage Solutions (11/24/20)

Save up to 30% on Mechanix Wear Utility Gloves (11/24/20)

Save up to 30% on BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBD2 Scan Tool (11/24/20 – Deal of the Day)

Save up to 20% on FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner for BMWs (11/23/20)

Save up to 24% on TOPDON Car Battery Tester (11/23/20)

Save up to 66% on Autel Autolink OBD2 Scanner (11/20/20)

Save $300 on QuickJack Portable Car Lift (11/19/20)

Save up to 20% on Ryobi One+ Cordless Drill/Driver Kit with Accessories (11/13/20)

Free Select Power Tool or Battery with Purchase of a Kit from Milwaukee, DEWALT, or Makita (11/13/20)

Home EV Chargers

best home ev chargers

Photo credit: phanat /

If you own an electric vehicle, you’re probably loving the fact that you don’t have to stop by a gas station anymore. But unless you own an EV charger at home, you’re stuck charging in public and that has its own fair share of inconveniences. Sure, you could charge your car while shopping for groceries or grabbing a meal, but nothing is more convenient than being able to charge from the comforts of your own home.

Whether that’s in your garage or your driveway, there are plenty of options out there for home EV chargers. When you’re shopping for one, you’ll want to determine if you want a Level 1 or Level 2 charger. Naturally, Level 2 chargers will replenish your electric vehicle’s charge quicker than a Level 1 charger, but that will require you to have an available power outlet that supports it (typically a 240-volt outlet). You’ll also need to decide if you want a charger that simply plugs into an outlet, or one that is hardwired.

Deals we’ve found:

Save $50 on Juicebox chargers at Enel X (11/18/2020)

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