The Best Brake Caliper Paint

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
Change the look of your brake calipers with some high quality paint.

The brake calipers on your car don’t necessarily have to be boring. While painted calipers are typically an optional extra when purchasing a new car, you can save yourself some money by doing it yourself. The best brake caliper paints can add a sportier appearance to your vehicle, especially if you own wheels that show off the caliper. Get a paint that matches the style you’re going for on your car, or pick something that contrasts your exterior to make them stand out.

The best part about using a good brake caliper paint is that it’s extremely easy to apply and something you can do in your own garage. Simply get your car up on jack stands, remove the wheels, mask off the rotors, and apply the paint. If you have some time to spare and want an even better result, take the brake calipers off your car before applying the paint.

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Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot to look out for when shopping for a good quality caliper paint. You’ll just want to make sure the paint you’re using offers high heat resistance and can withstand dirt and other chemicals. Cheap caliper paint will flake off easily, so you’ll at least want to purchase a quality product.

Which is where we come in, picking out the top 5 best brake caliper paints you can get. For more information on the best brake caliper paints, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: G2 High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System

Our top pick comes from a company called G2, which offers a high temperature brake caliper paint system in a variety of colors: black, orange, silver, blue, red, white, purple, pink, green, gold, lime green, mustang redfire, mustang vista blue, and mustang windevil blue. These finishes are high-gloss, wear-resistant colors and is a complete and easy-to-use kit that comes with everything you need to paint your calipers.

The two-part paint offers resistance up to 980°F and is easily applied as a brush-on, adding a stylish touch to your brake calipers. Compared to what you'll find in a spray can, the G2 brake caliper paint system dries much harder and won't flake.


High gloss, can handle temps up to 980 degrees


Two-part paint finish is a bit more complex to apply

For a more affordable option, there are a few companies that offer aerosol spray cans for caliper paint. VHT is one of the better options for high-temperature caliper paint, available in an assortment of colors and finishes: bright blue, bright yellow, gloss black, gold, cast aluminum, gloss clear, real orange, real red, and satin black. VHT's caliper paint is specifically designed for brakes, drums, calipers, and rotors, offering superior heat and chemical resistance up to 900°F when cured properly.

It's recommended to use a primer color paint beforehand and then a clear coat process afterward for best results. VHT's brake caliper paint dries to the touch in 30 minutes, but you'll want it to dry thoroughly overnight. Easy to apply, this paint won't chip, crack, fade, or rust, even under extreme conditions.


Affordable, easy to apply, handles temps up to 900 degrees


For best results it should be used with a primer

POR-15's caliper paint is sold in an 8.0 fl. oz. container, and you can choose from 5 colors: black, silver, blue, red, and yellow. Each container is good for four calipers and is formulated for high-heat performance applications, withstanding temperatures up to 500°F. When properly applied, POR-15 caliper paint will provide a tough and attractive coating with a ceramic-like finish.

Unlike caliper paint that comes in an aerosol spray can, POR-15's brake caliper paint must be applied by hand with a brush. That means it'll take a bit longer to do than simply spraying your calipers. When done properly, however, the finished result is great and will last you a very long time.


Delivers ceramic-like finish


Must be brush-applied, only available in five colors

You've likely heard of the Rust-Oleum brand, which offers good quality brake caliper paint at an affordable price. Available in black or red, this spray-on application resists heat up to 900°F and is formulated to resist brake dust. Each aerosol can features "any angle spray" technology, making it extremely easy to apply to your calipers. This caliper paint is good for calipers, drums, rotors, and even springs.


Easy to spray on, heat resistant, inexpensive


Only available in red and black

Another spray-on option comes from Dupli-Color. The aerosol can features an "EZ Touch conical nozzle" for easy application with a fast drying durable finish. This caliper paint is dry to the touch in 30 minutes, although Dupli-Color recommends waiting an hour before handling the caliper. The ceramic resin formula is good against heat up to 500°F and is resistant to chipping, chemicals, and brake dust.

Designed for use on brake calipers, rotors, and drums, Dupli-Color's caliper paint is available in red, yellow, gloss black, satin black, silver, and blue.


Easy to apply, dry to the touch in 30 minutes


Only resistant to temps up to 500 degrees

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