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Retro-done-right looks, powerful V6, affordable pricing


Auto 'box a little slow, cheap interior, more of a GT car than expected

Bottom Line

The reborn Nissan Z—no numbers, this time—is a seriously stylish and potently quick two-door. It isn't quite the dynamic match for the more engaging Supra, but it's a more pleasant daily driver.

Acura Integra Type S Vs Nissan Z Comparison

You’re an OG, I get it. You’ve got the back issues of Sport Compact Car and the prizes from the Fast and the Furious trivia nights to prove it—hashtag family.

But it’s been a few years since you’ve lived your life a quarter mile at a time, and you want to get back into a nameplate you admired from your youth. With about 50 grand to spend in the US (or 60-ish in Canada), you’ve got two very different enthusiast choices from Acura and Nissan.

They’re both turbocharged and blessed with honest-to-goodness six-speed manuals, but that’s about where the similarities between the Acura Integra Type S and the Nissan Z end. One is a front-drive four-cylinder, with genes from the Type R. The other is a classic rear-drive setup, with an additional pair of cylinders and a serious power advantage. One has four doors; the other sticks to two. Which one earns your hard-earned? Let’s find out.

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2024 Nissan Z NISMO Review: First Drive

“NISMO”. You likely know the name; it stands for “NISsan MOtorsport” and it’s been emblazoned across the flanks of everything from the Frontier pickup to the GT-R supercar, not to mention road racing rockets and desert bashing off-road racers across the globe.

Most recently in the sports car world, we’ve also seen NISMO-ized versions of the both the 350Z and 370Z sports cars, all grey and low and bewinged and with the ubiquitous red and white checkered flag graphic running down their flanks. They were more committed versions of those popular rear-wheel-drive (RWD) sports cars designed to scratch the itch sported by many track enthusiasts.

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2024 Nissan Z Nismo Sharpens Up While Ditching the Manual

The Nismo Z returns with more power than ever before—but only two pedals.

Nissan on Monday evening debuted the 2024 Z Nismo. With the sports car seeing a thorough rethink for 2023, it was only a matter of time before the sharper, more track-oriented model returned to crown the lineup. Sure enough, the Nismo employs plenty of tried-and-true go-fast solutions, including one that is likely to wrinkle a few enthusiast noses.

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2023 Nissan Z Automatic Review

How many stylish, reasonably affordable two-door cruisers still exist on the market?

Calling the pickings slim is an understatement. Forget hot hatches; everything except the Mini is four-door now. Challenger? Dead at the end of this year. Camaro? Next year. Your choices are basically Mustang, Miata, or the Toyobaru twins—and the latter three are hardly cruisers, even with their optional (dull) automatic transmissions.

Nissan hasn't given up on the market, however. The 2023 Nissan Z can also be had with an automatic, and rolled into this year with a healthy shot of turbocharged power and drop-dead gorgeous styling. Enthusiasts will naturally flock to the more engaging manual, but does the slinky slushbox still make sense? I spent a week with one to find out.

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2023 Nissan Z Second Drive Review: Zee Grows Up

This event is about history.

The 2023 Nissan Z is a car defined by its history. I mean, just look at it: a rolling presentation of design cues from over half a century of sports car greatness. It looks fantastic on the roads around Quebec’s awesome Mont Tremblant race track, but it isn’t the only reason we’re here.

Get a Quote on a New 2023 Nissan Z

Nissan Canada has centered its national launch of the Z around the homegrown Sentra Cup. In a result that couldn’t have been scripted better, we arrive in time to watch the final race, after which Valérie Limoges makes history as the first woman to win an all-category title in Canadian motorsports.

The Z faces a very different automotive landscape than it did the last time it was really new, in 2009 with the 370Z. It won’t set the sales charts on fire. It won’t lure people out of their comfy SUVs. But, thanks to a renewed focus on affordable performance, the new Z does what the 240Z did 50 years ago. It reaffirms Nissan still knows how to make a great everyday sports car.

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2023 Nissan Z vs 2022 Chevrolet Camaro Comparison: Blue Meanies

We try to do things a little differently here at AutoGuide. Thus, this odd-couple pairing of the new Nissan Z and Chevrolet Camaro.

We had an earlier comparison involving what are probably both of these cars’ respective closest rivals: the Mustang GT and Toyota GR Supra. But that was an automatic-versus-automatic face-off; this one features two manual transmissions. The way managing editor Mike Schlee and I saw it, these two were the better pairing.

And in a lot of ways, they are. Both of these blue meanies offer up at least 400 horsepower through a three-pedal setup, adding an extra layer of interaction in packages that are meant to be enjoyed. One is the pared-back two-seater; the other, the more compromised, occasional-backseat-use pony car.

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2023 Nissan Z First Drive Review: The Franchise

As the fighter jets roared above, I couldn’t help but think of an iconic film of the Eighties.

The motion picture industry has been rocked over the recent years by any number of factors, including the rise of streaming services as well as the incredible costs involved in the actual production of a feature-length film. So it’s not at all surprising that it feels like most flicks making it to the cinema are based on proven concepts – such as the uncountable comic book and superhero franchises, as well as sequels to beloved hits. One such film – in theory coming soon – is the much-delayed sequel to the Tom Cruise blockbuster Top Gun.

I saw the trailer for the new film once again on YouTube while sitting in the airport to attend the first drive event for the 2023 Nissan Z in Las Vegas – part of which was located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, immediately across the street from Nellis Air Force Base. Fighter jets frequently overflew the track, interrupting my colleagues’ attempts at quality audio for their YouTube channels.

Yes, I know Top Gun is a film about the Navy, not the Air Force. Just go with me.

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Detailed Specs

Price$39,990 - $52,990
Engine 3.0-liter tubo 6-cylinder
Power400 hp
Torque350 lb-ft
Transmission6MT / 9AT
Fuel Economy (city/hwy)18–19 mpg / 24–28 mpg
Cargo Capacity 6.9 cu ft

Our Final Verdict

Nissan Z



Quality and Styling8.0
Value8.0 Staff Staff

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