Not unlike the iconic highway from which it takes its name, Route 66 extended warranties have been around for a long time. Despite being in business for over 33 years, there are not many Route 66 warranty reviews available online. The company has a strangely small online footprint for a company that is so old.

This article will provide information about a Route 66 extended warranty by analyzing cost, coverage, reviews, and the claims process.

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Route 66 Highlights

Overall Rating 2.8
Reputation 2.2
Coverage 2.1
Price 2.8
Transparency 2.9
Customer Service 3.8

Route 66 extended warranties, also called vehicle service contracts, are a little different than other providers in that all coverage is provided through financial institutions. This means that contracts are serviced through banking partnersgenerally local banks and credit unions. As such, all service agreements are fully insured and available nationwide.

There aren’t many Route 66 extended warranty reviews online, so it’s difficult to find out how customers feel about this provider.

Route 66 Extended Warranty Coverage

Route 66 offers three levels of mechanical breakdown coverage: Easy Street, Main Street, and First Street. In less obscure terms, the three levels of coverage offered by Route 66 correspond to bumper-to-bumper coverage (Easy Street), deluxe coverage (Main Street), and drivetrain/powertrain coverage (First Street).

The following vehicle types are excluded from deluxe and bumper-to-bumper coverage:

More details about each plan and covered parts are described in the chart below:

  First Street
Main Street
Easy Street
Vehicles Covered No restrictions 10 manufacturer years old and newer with fewer than 140,000 miles 6 manufacturer years old and newer with fewer than 85,000 miles
Transfer Case
Drive Axle Assembly
Cooling System
Electrical Components
Timing Chain  
Air Conditioning  
Front Suspension  
Select Brake System Components  
Fuel Delivery  
Rear Suspension    
Navigation System    

All extended service plans cover parts and labor and have no deductible. Each plan also includes the following bonuses:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance: Includes towing, flat tire changes, fuel delivery, lock-out service, and battery jump-starts
  • Rental car reimbursement: Includes reimbursement of $40 per day up to $200

The term limits of Route 66 extended warranty plans vary with each contract. Main Street and First Street plans are 3-year/36,000-mile contracts.

The Easy Street plan is most similar to a factory warranty, and its terms vary depending on vehicle mileage.

  • Vehicles with less than 72,000 miles: 4 years/120,000 miles or 8 years/120,000 miles
  • Vehicles between 72,000 and 85,000 miles: 4 years/48,000 miles

All contracts are transferable and can be purchased at any time. If your car is declared a total loss, Route 66 will refund your entire premium.

Route 66 Cost

In our shopper analysis, we were unable to obtain a quote for a Route 66 extended warranty. To get an idea of what an extended warranty costs, we had to turn to Route 66 warranty reviews. The company does not have a profile on Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau, but there are some reviews on Yelp.

In Yelp reviews, customers complained about the high cost of contracts. One reviewer said that Easy Street coverage costs $3,000. Another customer said their coverage was $3,900 but did not mention which plan. These prices are average to high for an extended car warranty.

Your own price will vary depending on your vehicle’s make, model, age, and mileage.

Quotes and Claims Processes

You cannot get a quote directly from Route 66 or through car dealerships. All contracts are serviced through local financial institutions, so to receive a quote, you must first reach out to Route 66 to find the provider nearest to you. Then you need to contact that bank directly to ask for your quote. Email [email protected] for more information.

All contracts come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contracts can be canceled after 30 days, but you must pay a prorated amount for the days you were covered.

One nice customer service feature offered by Route 66 is a live chat option, which offers a quick and painless way to chat with a representative.


If you have a breakdown, you can take your car to any licensed repair facility. You’ll have to contact Route 66 Warranty before any work can be performed. There are four options for submitting claims to the claims department:

  • Submit an online claims form.
  • Call 800-808-0828.
  • Email [email protected].
  • Use the website live chat feature.

When your claim is accepted, Route 66 will pay the repair shop directly. Route 66 warranty reviews from customers on Yelp complained about the claims process. Many reported difficulties having claims covered. Customer service appears to be good when you are purchasing a Route 66 warranty, but poor when it comes time to file a claim.

Route 66 Warranty Reviews and Ratings

It is difficult to find Route 66 extended warranty reviews online. As we mentioned, the company does not have a BBB or Trustpilot profile. The only reviews we could find on Route 66 were posted to Yelp. Such a small presence is strange for a company that is over 33 years old.

The lack of customer review information is a troubling sign. It doesn’t guarantee that the company is bad, but it does make knowing for sure a little more difficult. The Route 66 extended warranty reviews we could find were mostly negative. Customers complained about the price of coverage and claims denial.

That said, a recent Yelp reviewer said the warranty covered most of the cost of a recent repair, but not all of it. Overall, the reviewer was satisfied but wished Route 66 Warranty covered the whole cost.

Route 66 Extended Warranty: 2.8 Stars

It’s hard to recommend a Route 66 extended warranty. While the company partners with local financial institutions and appears legitimate, the lack of Route 66 warranty reviews is suspect.

The sample contract on the Route 66 website is three years old, and customers have complained about coverage. It may be worth learning more about this provider, but because we were unable to find many other positives, there may be no need to take the risk. You can find similar contracts at lower prices from more reputable extended car warranty companies.

Top Recommendations for Extended Car Warranties

Route 66 isn’t the only auto warranty provider on the market. When shopping for anything, you want to compare prices, and extended car warranties are no different. Examine pricing options for your vehicle and consider our top two recommended providers.

#1 Endurance: Best Coverage

We think Endurance offers an impressive range of coverage and pricing options among warranty providers. There are six different coverage levels and four different deductibles. Endurance extended warranty plans extended as high as 8 years and 200,000+ miles. Endurance can help you protect your investment over the long-term.

In 2019, Endurance was named one of the Inc. 5000. This means it was considered among the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Endurance is our top-rated provider and a reliable choice for an extended car warranty.

Endurance is our pick for best direct provider with its comprehensive coverage options.

#2 CARCHEX: Best For Used Cars

CARCHEX has been selling extended car warranties for over 20 years. This is notable in the fast-changing car warranty industry, where companies are born and go out of business in less than a decade. While competitors withered, CARCHEX steadily accumulated multiple industry awards and an army of customers.

CARCHEX offers five levels of coverage, with options that extend as high as 10 years and 250,000 miles. Among top-tier providers, it offers some of the lowest prices. Multiple deductible choices allow for more plan customization to fit your budget.

Our research found this provider to offer the industry’s best service.


Our review team prides itself on sharing accurate and unbiased information with consumers. We have accumulated data from dozens of extended auto warranty companies to formulate our rankings of the industry’s best providers. Companies receive a score out of 5.0 overall, as well as a rating in each of the following categories:

  • Price: Comparing providers can be difficult due to the many factors that influence cost. To determine this score, we employ a secret shopper analysis using different vehicles, mileages, warranty plans, and locations.
  • Coverage: A wide variety of coverage is essential to support the differing needs of customers. We take into account the number of extended car warranty plans available, term limits, exclusions, and additional benefits.
  • Customer Service: The level of customer service and care provided by an extended warranty company is an important consideration. Our review team sifts through customer reviews and complaints from reputable sources such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot. We also consider the responsiveness of each company’s customer service team based on our secret shopper analysis.
  • Reputation: Good extended warranty providers consistently provide quality experiences. Our team takes into account BBB ratings and the company’s history of reliable service when giving this score.
  • Transparency: Customers value a commitment to open and honest communication when it comes to vehicle service contracts. Our team of experts takes into account the availability of money-back guarantees and sample contracts.

Q & A

Here are some frequently asked questions about Route 66 extended warranties.
How long is a Route 66 warranty good for?
Route 66 extended warranty contracts vary in term length. First Street (drivetrain) and Main Street (deluxe) plans last for 3 years/36,000 miles. Easy Street (bumper-to-bumper) plans last up to 8 years/120,000 miles depending on the vehicle’s starting mileage.
How much is a Route 66 warranty?
Route 66 Warranty’s plans vary in price depending on your vehicle’s age and mileage and on the coverage level you select. According to our research, plans can range from around $2,500 to $3,500 or more in total cost.
Do extended warranties really work?
Extended warranties from reputable companies do cover the repairs that are outlined in the contracts. According to our consumer survey, 41 percent of consumers were satisfied because the warranty covered repairs, while another 24 percent were satisfied even though they hadn’t used the warranty.