Subaru Forester XTi Rumored for Production With WRX Power?

Subaru Forester XTi Rumored for Production With WRX Power?

Back at the 2008 SEMA Show, Subaru unveiled the Forester XTi Concept and according to at least one report this hopped-up crossover might just see production. Subaru Australia has confirmed that it will launch a “sporty SUV” model at the upcoming Sydney Auto Show. No details of what the model will be have been confirmed, but the Forester is the most likely candidate.

Currently the Forester already gets a 224-hp version of the turbocharged 2.5-liter, which used to be the WRX’s engine, before it was upgraded to 265-hp. That same engine would be the ideal setup for an XTi version of the Forester, rather than the 300+ horsepower version from the SEMA concept.

The move to deliver a WRX-powered Forester would make sense with Subaru’s current product rollout, having spend several years focused on more mainstream models, and now putting the attention back on performance vehicles with the launch of the new 2011 WRX and STi.

We just hope a high-po Forester makes its way to North America.

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