Monster Tajima First to Break 10 Minute Barrier at Pikes Peak [Video]

Standing Pikes Peak record holder Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima is once again back on top of the world, being the first ever to break the 10 minute barrier at the treacherous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. As in the past his weapon of choice was a Suzuki, with the SX4 Hill Climb Special laying down a massive 910 horsepower.

With a 9:51.278 time, Tajima broke his old record of 10:01.408, which has stood since 2007 despite increasingly fierce competition on the “hill”.

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb, which takes place annually on Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado, starts at an elevation of 9,300 feet and finishes at an elevation of 14,110 feet – where the air is so think drivers’ reaction times begin to slow and their race car engines lose 30 percent of their power. Drivers drift around 146 corners in 12.42 miles of track made up of dirt and asphalt, nearly missing guard rails and trees, while avoiding cliffs with 2,000-foot drop-offs.

GALLERY: Monster Tajima, Pikes Peak

Monster Tajima Pikes Peak 01.jpgMonster Tajima Pikes Peak 02.jpgMonster Tajima Pikes Peak 03.jpgMonster Tajima Pikes Peak 05.jpgMonster Tajima Pikes Peak 06.jpgMonster Tajima Pikes Peak 07.jpg


Watch video of the record breaking run after the jump: (Warning… don’t get your hopes up for this).

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