Hyundai “Serious” About Genesis Coupe V8


Proving that the V8-powered Genesis Coupe is in fact possible, Hyundai unveiled the RMR500 concept at the SEMA Show recently, built with its motorsports partner Rhys Millen Racing. Powered by the brand’s new 5.0-liter Tau V8, as found in the Genesis Sedan R-Spec and with a few modifications, it makes an incredible 450-hp.

During a Q&A session today at the automaker’s technical center in Ann Arbor, MI, when asked if the company was serious about bringing such a car to market, Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik replied: “How could you not be serious about that? How could you not be serious about a 450-hp Tau-V8 powered Genesis Coupe?”

Stopping just short of confirming the V8 Genesis Coupe, Krafcik did exclaim, “I want that for my next company car.”

Hyundai recently revealed photos of its facelifted 2013 Genesis Coupe, which will debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January. While specific details aren’t yet available, the 2.0T base engine is expected to increase from 210-hp to 274-hp, while the 3.8-liter V6 is expected to jump from 306 to 333-hp thanks to direct-injection technology. If Krafcik’s comments are any indication, those waiting for a V8-powered Genesis Coupe, might not be waiting in vain.

GALLERY: Hyundai Genesis Coupe RMR500



Free Agent says:

Build it and I will seriously consider it over a Mustang GT or Camaro SS. The more V8 coupes the better.

Chuck Finley says:

It won’t be serious competition for the Mustang GT however because it will cost a good 10-15 more grand. A Regular Genesis with the 4 cylinder costs as much as a 2011 Mustang V6 and has over 100 less horse power. The Genesis V6 Model costs as much as a Mustang GT V8 yet also got out ran by the Mustang V6 which costs almost 10 grand less. They just can’t compete with Ford or GM price to price and even their top of the line Genesis got beat by Fords base model Mustang.

If this V8 Genesis comes out it will be priced the same as a Mustang Boss and close to a GT-500 and sadly will get beat on the track and quarter badly. I’d say the Mustang GT will still beat the V8 Genesis as well since it’s getting a boast in Horse power too.

Bob says:

Of course there should be a V8 in the 2013 Hyundai genesis couple, it would make a much better car. It is already a sleek, sporty looking car, but it has a V6. If it had a V8, not only would it compete with other cars in its category but many more people would be wanting to buy one becasue it now has a V8 engine in it with more horsepower which is what people want.

JJS says:

a v8 mustang fully loaded is 39K a fully loaded genesis coupe is 31K a v8 might tops is gonna be like 38K so they will be in competition

Calltiffany72 says:

So are these out to buy yet?

Bbeckl says:

a tau powered genesis coupe….keep the price reasonable (35-40k), and i will be camped out at the dealer to get one.