‘Mystery Machine’ Van Headed for Barrett-Jackson


Among the many classic masterpieces set for the upcoming Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas, there will be a retro throwback of a different breed: the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.

Before long-term fans who still watch the original show go knocking their bongs over in rage, of course it’s not the real thing. There isn’t any such thing unless you count the farce made a decade ago for which this wasn’t a prop. Instead, this is a 1965 Ford Econoline van customized to look like what those “meddling kids” used to foil so many cockamamie criminal’s plans.

The previous owner even went so far as to mimic the cartoon car’s orange wheels, though the interior is even more interesting. It features an L-shaped couch made from two bench seats facing a 26-inch flat screen tv and DVD player.

Blue and green shag carpeting matches the seat upholstery, and there a refrigerator and freezer to keep food for those odd times when you suddenly crave lots of snacks.

With a rebuilt automatic transmission, inline six-cylinder engine and new rear brakes, the van seems to have undergone a lot of recent mechanical work as well. If you’re interested, the car is lot number 42 and will be sold during the Las Vegas auction occurring between September 20 and 22. The only important information not disclosed is whether or not the interior has been given some inevitably needed smoke removal treatment.

GALLERY: Mystery Machine