2014 Toyota Tundra Rumored for Chicago Auto Show Debut

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

Toyota’s first foray into the full-size half-ton truck market was unveiled in 2007 in Chicago, and now AutoGuide has learned that Toyota will likely reveal its all-new Tundra during the upcoming 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

The Tundra has seen lackluster sales, even though when it first debuted it had all the right power and towing numbers to compete with the big three. The main issue with the truck was not design, but that it wore an un-American badge few truck buyers were interested in.

Not much is known about the new Tundra as Toyota is staying very tight lipped, but it will have to be a radical departure from the current design. The new truck will probably be more angular, emulating what the other players have been doing with their trucks lately.

Fuel efficiency is one of the Tundra’s biggest weaknesses, and for 2014 we can expect the truck to improve immensely in this area. How it will be done is not clear, but some options on the table for Toyota are introducing a hybrid system, weight savings, direct-injection and even the possibility of introducing a small diesel engine.

The other real possibility is the introduction of more gears, copying the likes of RAM with an eight, or even nine-speed gearbox.

As for interior, the new Tundra will likely become more luxurious, with more options that the previous model.

Stephen Elmer
Stephen Elmer

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  • Romafern Romafern on Feb 06, 2013

    It needs to be a diesel version. Please! so sick of this mierda gasoline!

  • Lanekirt Lanekirt on Feb 10, 2013

    I HATE DODGE! USED TO LOVE TUNDRA. Now it looks like a dodge! Big mistake toyota! FIRE THE DESIGN TEAM! Waited for nothing. Expected a new engine not an ugly nose! Very disappointed! Now gotta released the HD so u wont lose customers!