Nevada Might be Next With 85 MPH Speed Limit


Travel times might be reduced soon in parts of Nevada if a new bill proposing an 85 mph speed limit becomes law.

On Monday, Nevada State Senator Don Gustavson introduced the bill, saying it would pave he way for a speed people driving in rural Nevava “are already doing out there anyway.” The top speed on Nevada’s rural highways is currently 70 mph, or 75 mph on interstates. Utah and Texas are currently the only two states with limited over 75 mph.

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“Utah’s statistics show that the fatality rates in those areas with higher speed limits have actually gone down,” he told the Los Angeles Times. They thought that once it went up, the death toll would go with it. But the average speed under the lower limit was 82 before, and now it’s 85.”

Texas decided to raise its speed limit to 85 mph, albeit on a toll road while lowering the limit on neighboring roads to 55 mph.

[Source: LA Times]