Audi, Porsche Collaborating on New V6 and V8 Engines

Audi, Porsche Collaborating on New V6 and V8 Engines

Audi and Porsche are combining their engineering minds to develop a new range of V6 and V8 powerplants.

The new V6 and V8 engines will use turbochargers initially, while the German automakers are considering electric turbochargers later in the engines’ life cycles. According to a report, the engines will be based around a common 90-degree architecture with a common 500cc individual cylinder capacity, meaning the V6 engines will be 3.0 liters in capacity while the V8s will be 4.0-liter mills. Expect the new engines to replace the current family of V6 and V8 offerings from both brands.

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Sources say that the engines are being designed from the ground up so that they can be scaled in capacity and there’s also a possibility that Audi could introduce an entry-level 2.5-liter V6 paired to the same Atkinson-cycle process seen in the new A4 2.0 TFSI ultra model. Although there’s currently no timetable for when the engines will be introduced, they are internally being developed under the code name KoVoMo, a play on the German words Konzern Vee Otto Motoren. Expect the Volkswagen Group to also use them in various models from Bentley, Volkswagen and even possibly Lamborghini.

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