Top 9 Automotive Apparel Sites for Car Fans

Top 9 Automotive Apparel Sites for Car Fans

If you’re the type of car fan who likes to wear your automotive enthusiasm on your sleeve, then we’ve got a few sites that will be really interesting to you (and your bank account).

Shirts, hoodies, jackets, ties, socks and all kinds of other wearables are available online and we can’t get enough of them. There are even stickers and prints that you can get at some of these sites, so take a quick browse at some of our favorite online stores for automotive apparel.



Blipshift is an interesting site that offers a new shirt everyday that’s only available for about 24 hours. The shirts are designed by community members and artists are also credited for their creativity.

Detroit Shirt Company


If Motor City Detroit gives you the vibes, then check out the Detroit Shirt Company, which has a lot of Detroit and automotive themed shirts. There’s an abundance of Mopar stuff, too, so it’d make a great gift for Dodge owners.


Canadians are often left feeling a bit cold and not because of the weather, but because many retailers don’t have the same northern sensibilities. But has a number of cool t-shirts and it also caters to Canadians. Our favorite shirt at the site is inspired by the ’90s “Big Shiny Tunes” albums from Canadian MTV channel MuchMusic. Here it’s Big Shiny Cars and features a track listing from your favorite ’90s cars.

Enthusiast Apparel


These next three sites are similarly named, but each have their own unique qualities. Enthusiast Apparel has more than just shirts. It has shoes and home decor as well, and they range from tasteful car designs to the obscure, only-those-who-get-it-get-it types of shirts.

Driven Apparel Co.


The shirts on offer at Driven Apparel Co. are a bit more mainstream in terms of their portrayal of automotive enthusiasm. The shirts reference mechanics, the Fast and the Furious franchise and some include famous quotes from Top Gear or feature The Stig.

Driver Apparel


Driver Apparel might just have a shirt for every car fan out there, including ones for lovers of Volvo, Audi, Alfa, rear-wheel-drive cars, and motorsports. A huge assortment of t-shirts and hoodies make this online shop a great destination for automotive enthusiasts.

Import Bible


Those looking for something more brand or region specific may find it at different sites. For example, Import Bible features brands and slogans that would be associated with the JDM or tuner culture. There’s also some downright awesome posters that are always a tempting purchase.

Counter Kultur


Those who are more into the VW scene may fall in love with what’s offered at Counter Kultur, which features a number of designs that reference the VW Golf and Rabbit.

Wheel Whores


Another site full of gear is Wheel Whores. Despite the terrible name, there seems to be something for everyone at this U.K.-based site. Our favorites include the Hot Wheels package shirt.