Explorer Drives From Poland To Japan in 2018 Nissan Leaf

Sean Szymkowski
by Sean Szymkowski

After a nearly 10,000-mile road trip, polar explorer Marek Kaminski and his 2018 Nissan Leaf have reached their destination. Beginning in Poland, Kaminski and the electric car set out for an epic journey ending in Tokyo, Japan.

Dubbed the “No Trace Expedition,” it’s been Kaminski’s mission to dispel conception over electric cars and their practicality. Driving 10,000 miles across Eurasia is certainly one way to accomplish that with flying colors. Through eight countries and 60 days, Kaminski left no trace of his travels on the environment.

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The travel wasn’t without its own hardships, though. In Russia, Kaminski had to resort to some innovative charging solutions to juice up the 40-kilowatt-hour battery and the Leaf was required to pass through rough terrain as the trip took him through Mongolia. Yet, despite the challenges, the Leaf won’t stop there.

Kaminski plans to pack things up in Tokyo and take the same route back to Poland for another 10,000-mile trip.

For me, this journey is not just about reaching my destination – it is also about making a simple, brilliant change to be more sustainable,” he said. “The Leaf gave me the opportunity to stick to my pledge and travel without a trace, so I hope that this is a step forward on the journey towards sustainable mobility.”

A version of this story originally appeared on Hybrid Cars.

Sean Szymkowski
Sean Szymkowski

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