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by David Traver Adolphus
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Installing a truck seat cover takes some work, but you only have to do it once. Photo credit: U.S. Army.

We’ve driven trucks that cost close to $100,000, but even if yours is a more reasonable workhorse, it still makes sense to protect it with a set of the best truck seat covers. Truck seat covers aren’t what they used to be, though. Today, you can order modern truck seats that rival luxury cars of a few years ago. Made with a perfect fit, perforations so your backside can breathe, and even seat heaters. Don’t get us wrong, you can still get the old saddle blanket cover to use as a cover, which is a cool option in the right truck. But seat covers have changed and improved immensely since those days.

You’ve got options today from under $100, to tailored real leather,* and everything in between. True custom fit ones usually require a special order and can run into four figures, so we’re concentrating on much more affordable truck seat covers, with an emphasis on practicality. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, comfort, or durability. The most popular material is neoprene because it’s stretchy for a tight fit, hard-wearing, and durable. It’s not the most elegant, though, so there are also cloth and leather-textured seat covers for different looks.

If you get anything other than the most basic truck seat cover, you should prepare to spend some time on installation. Trucks tend to have a lot more room to maneuver in the cab than cars (and trucks are far larger than they used to be in general), but you’ll still need to run straps and hooks under the seats, where there are often electronic modules that don’t leave you much room. If you have a bench seat, single-cab truck, you might even be better off removing the seat entirely, installing the seat cover, and bolting it back in. That’s actually how most installers do it.

We recommend staying away from completely universal seat covers, unless you get a report from other owners that they work in your model of truck. We’ve installed them before, and while you can usually get them to do the job, it’s not going to look as good as custom fit ones. And car and SUV seat covers will definitely not work in your truck, at all.

*A lot of seat covers advertise “leather,” but few actually are, so be sure to read descriptions carefully.

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1. Editor's Pick: Covercraft Carhartt SeatSaver Custom Fit

Carhartt is a leader in rugged, work-ready clothing, so it's no surprise that this company also makes some of the best truck seat covers you can buy. No matter what type of truck you drive, Carhartt has a custom-fit set of seat covers that is sure to last. These SeatSaver covers feature Carhartt's Duck Weave fabric with a triple-stitched seam design for added durability, and they are available in the signature tan color or the light gray color called Gravel.

The Carhartt SeatSaver seat covers are custom made for specific year, make, and model vehicles, and they are available for most popular cars, trucks, and SUVs. Each set is sold by the row, and, when applicable, it includes covers for the armrests, headrests, and center console covers. Unlike universal seat covers, these Carhartt seat covers are designed to fit perfectly to deliver maximum comfort while looking good. Installation is extremely easy, and even if these durable seat covers get dirty, they are just as easy to remove for machine washing.


Durable, Classic Carhartt look, more breathable than neoprene, three year warranty


Will not fit as tight as stretchy materials, fabric can stretch and bunch

2. Budget Pick: Gorla Gear Universal Fit Neoprene Seat Covers

We recently spent a sweltering afternoon crawling around inside an SUV installing custom seat covers. On modern cars with a lot of electronics under the seats, it can be a big hassle. The Gorla Gear seat covers are a lot simpler than that: One end goes over the headrest, and the bottom buckles under the seat. That's it—there are no tiny hooks, no straps to try to feed through and fish out while scraping your knuckles on sharp plastic, and no sketchy elastic loops to break.

These throw on neoprene seat covers don't offer full coverage like custom covers, but they're waterproof, durable, and have a non-slip backing to reduce bunching and sliding. Gorla Gear's parent company Dabs Enterprises even offers a wild 100% lifetime guarantee on their seat covers, although we think they've only been in business since 2018.


Easy installation, lifetime guarantee


Expensive for a single cover, no side coverage

3. Rough Country Neoprene Seat Cover

Rough Country makes products for vehicles that will be used to explore the great outdoors, and that includes these neoprene truck seat covers to protect your seats from water, mud, and just about anything else you’ll encounter out on the trails. These custom fit covers feature four-layer construction for maximum durability, and they are built to factory specifications to accommodate headrests, armrests, and seat belts so you know the product will be easy to install and they will fit right the first time. Rough Country makes seats covers for almost any active-lifestyle vehicle including trucks and SUVs.

These seat covers are designed to protect your truck’s factory upholstery, but it also helps add some style. Unlike other seat covers out there, these are only available in a single color option, but the good news is that they still look great with a two-tone seating material that is complemented with the Rough Country logo embroidered into the front seat backs. In addition to its waterproof capabilities, neoprene is ideal if you also want a seat cover that adds comfort to your truck thanks to a built-in layer of foam padding.


Durable, tight fitting, stain and water repellent


May have to remove rear seats for proper installation

Tips For Choosing The Best Truck Seat Covers For You

Seat covers are designed to take a lot of abuse so your truck's factory upholstery remains unharmed from normal wear, water damage, and stains; and they also can add additional style and comfort that you can't always get from the factory. As you can see from our list of the best truck seat covers, there is a wide variety of options available to you, so knowing what you want and need is the key to a long-lasting product. High-quality seat covers like the ones mentioned above provide better fits that reduce rubbing on the factory upholstery and do a better job of keeping out dirt and debris that could further damage the seats. Protecting against wear, discoloring and any other damage that pickup trucks must endure will help improve resale value of your truck, and let's face it, at the end of the day, preserving resale value is an important part about owning any modern vehicle.

Most seat covers are sold by the row regardless if your truck has bucket seats or bench seats, but you still want to double check all of the information before settling on a set for your truck. Furthermore, since custom-fit seat covers are built exact OEM specs, be sure to double check the year, trim level, cab style and even vehicle options before ordering to avoid getting the wrong product. Once installed, be sure to retain all of the literature that comes with the seat covers for easy reference when it comes to cleaning recommendations or warranty information. Since most truck owners spend a lot of time in their trucks, the last thing you want to worry about is a dirty, damaged, or uncomfortable seat.

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