Infiniti Trademarks G35h, G30t, and G22d

Infiniti has had quite the success with its G-series . The G35 coupe was a huge hit when it first came out on the market, and its G37 successor in both coupe and sedan form have well received. So it’s really no surprise that the Japanese automaker looks to expand their lineup with even more variants to offer.

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Infiniti Battery-Electric Vehicle Announced for New York Auto Show

Questions and uncertainty are swirling around the Infiniti battery-electric vehicle (BEV) which Nissan will debut at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

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Infiniti Certified Collision Repair Network Launched in U.S.

Infiniti has announced its newest incentive in customer service, the National Collision Repair Network.

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Infiniti Global Ad Campaign to Feature F1 Champ Sebastian Vettel

Infiniti is continuing to leverage its relationship with two-time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel with the launch of a new global ad campaign. Earlier this month, the Japanese luxury automaker announced the official production model for the Sebastian Vettel Special Edition FX.

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Nissan Recalls 8,120 Infiniti M45 Sedans, Inaccurate Gas Gauge

Few people carry an emergency gas tank, even fewer carry it full but doing just that might be a good idea for a few Infiniti owners.

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Lexus, Infiniti and Acura Dealers Have Fastest Response to Customer Inquiries
Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Special Edition Production Details Confirmed

Infiniti has officially confirmed the production of its new FX Sebastian Vettel special edition sport-luxury crossover. 

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Infiniti Sponsors Coaches VS Cancer 'Round by Round' Contest

Infiniti is getting involved with the NCAA in its latest marketing campaign for the 2013 JX, sponsoring’s “Round by Round” bracket competition with proceeds going to the Coaches for Cancer Foundation. 

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Top 10 Cars of the Geneva Motor Show

It certainly deserves a spot on the list of Top 10 Geneva Motor Show cars. Many would also agree it also deserves the last possible spot. And so here it is, the Bentley EXP 9 F concept.

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Infiniti Emerg-E Video – First Look: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Infiniti is preparing to build a flagship performance car – or at least they’re thinking about it. Unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show, the Infiniti Emerg-E is our first look at just what that halo model might be.

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Infiniti Emerg-E is an Acura NSX Killer: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

This year marks the fifth time that Infiniti has attended the Geneva Motor Show. Since then a lot of changes have been happening in the auto industry, not only in Europe but across the globe.

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Toyota Claims 5 of 10 Spots in Consumer Reports Top Picks

Consumer Reports released its Top Picks for 2012, with Toyota claiming five of the 10 spots — the first time since 2003 that a company held so many.

Consumer Reports chooses the “best all-around models” in each category by conducting road tests, reading thousands of customer surveys about reliability and examining crash test ratings on each model.

Toyota is the only company on the list with a repeat appearance, its winners ranging from best family sedan to best family hauler.

See the complete list of winners below: (note: all cars listed are the 2012 model)

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Nissan Recalls 79,275 Vehicles Due to Fire Risk

Nissan is recalling 79,275 vehicles after finding that an improperly tightened fuel pressure sensor may lead to gas leaks and an increased risk of fire.

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Infiniti M37 Long Wheelbase Model Headed to China

The Chinese market love extended-wheelbase variants of luxury vehicles – mostly because many of its buyers prefer to be driven around in their cars rather than doing the driving themselves. Looking at just how popular Rolls-Royce EWB variants are for their Ghost and Phantom leaves no surprise that other luxury automakers such as Infiniti are lengthening their cars for the Chinese.

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Infiniti Emerg-E Leaks Ahead of Geneva Motor Show Debut

One of the most hotly anticipated debuts of the upcoming Geneva Motor Show has leaked onto the web. Called the Emerg-E, the concept car is a look at a future halo model for the Infiniti brand.

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Infiniti Emerg-E Concept Revealed in Leaked Patent Images

Patent office design illustrations that give away the shape and contours of the Infiniti Emerg-E concept leaked today, showing us more than we expected to get before the 2012 Geneva Motor Show on March 6.

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Infiniti M35h: Behind the Scenes Video of the World's Fastest Hybrid

Late last month, Infiniti released a video showing off what was crowned the World’s Fastest Full Hybrid, the M35h. In that video, Infiniti pitted the M35h against the Porsche Panamera Hybrid in order to show off its acceleration skills.

Even though the clip that was released back in January was barely over a minute and a half long, it’s amazing all the preparation work, setup, and equipment that was involved in filming what seems to be a fairly simple video. Infiniti has now released a behind-the-scenes clip showing off just what it took to make the video of a Guiness World Records setting car.

The Infiniti M35h hits 100-mph in 11.54 seconds and can run the quarter mile in 13.41 seconds.

And yes, that is a Mercedes-Benz ML carrying the gear. It’s pretty common to see outside advertising agencies that film these ads to use camouflaged MLs to carry the gear. There was one that was used at the Scion FR-S commercial too, that was recently shot in Northern California.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below:

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Infiniti Still Considering Nissan GT-R Based Supercar

There’s no denying just how excellent a platform the Nissan GT-R is. It appears that the head of advanced planning at Infiniti, Francois Bancon, shares the same sentiments about the GT-R. “It’s too good a platform to use only on one model,” he told CAR magazine.

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Infiniti Emerg-E Plug-in Hybrid Sports Car to Get Mid-Engine Layout

Infiniti has announced that its upcoming plug-in hybrid sports car concept will be called the Emerge-E.

Using a gasoline range-extended to add power and range to an electric powertrain, this will be the first such system used in an Infiniti product. The “advanced sports car concept” will also be the first Infiniti to use a mid-engine powertrain configuration.

Few details are yet known about the brand’s new flagship performance vehicle but Infiniti is promising a zero emissions mode as well as “vivid performance.”

Watch the latest video teaser for the Emerge-E below:

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Infiniti JX Will Be Company's Second-Best Seller Says Brand VP

Infinti is pointing their cross hairs squarely at the Japanese luxury crossover market, hoping that their new JX will be a hot seller capable of boosting the brand, but there could be an arduous road ahead.

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Infiniti M35h Crowned Fastest Full Hybrid in the World [Video]

Chances are a burnout is pretty far from the picture when you think of a hybrid, but in this case speed is the name of the game.

Last friday we posted a story about a teaser video featuring the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid titled “World’s Fastest Full Hybrid,” but just when you thought the message was clear, an Infiniti M35h showed up in the shiny Porsches’s paint. Well, it’s official: the M35h is faster than the Porsche, meaning it’s the fastest accelerating hybrid in the world.

Just when we thought Audi had a headlock on the cheeky advertising niche, Infiniti jumped up to prove that they too could pull sneaky shenanigans over the competition. The teaser video turned out to be the first little bit of the full clip which, not surprisingly, showcased Infiniti spanking Porsche in a heads up race.

The video is a dramatization, though reading the small print reveals that the company did have Guinness World Redords there to keep things fair. In the end, the M35h scored a 13.41-second quarter mile, though there was no small print to show how Porsche fared. We get verification that Infiniti won the race, though the video isn’t a trustworthy source of the margin of victory.

Regardless, the M35h gets an impressive 39 mpg while managing to hit 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds. That beats the Porsche’s maximum 30 mpg highway by a big margin, meaning the Infiniti takes a win in both columns, something all but the most brand-loyal customers will likely be concerned with. On top of that, opting for the Infiniti, which starts at $53,700 means room in the budget to buy a couple of new economy cars for the kids, versus the $95,000 Porsche price tag.

That said, you should make up your own mind. Watch the video below.

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Infiniti JX Named to "Smartest Family Cars of 2012" List by Parenting Magazine

In Parenting Magazine‘s first “Genius” issue, a new magazine committed to helping parents find ways to best help their children unlock their “genius” potential, the all-new Infiniti JX SUV was chosen as one of the “Smartest Family Cars Of 2012.”

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The World's Fastest Hybrid Is? [Video]

And the world’s fastest hybrid is? The Porsche Panamera Hybrid S? Sure… that sounds believable, especially after watching the teaser video below. But wait…

The hybrid Porsche sedan isn’t the only car in the clip below. Watch carefully at the 0:15 mark and you’ll see the reflection of another car in the Porsche’s shiny paint. Why yes…. that is an Infiniti M35h.

Infiniti already pulled a stunt in the UK to promote the M35h as the world’s fastest accelerating hybrid, but since then Porsche has released its new 380 hp gasoline-electric sedan with a claimed 0-60 time of 5.7 seconds.

So which car is actually faster? You can check back on January 23rd to find out.

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Infiniti EX37 Gets Vilner Treatment For Second Time

Be warned, this is the most dangerous Infiniti ever built and it has nothing to do with safety ratings or recall notices. No, the real danger here is that once inside, you may never want to leave.

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2013 Infiniti JX Starts At $40,450

Infiniti has announced pricing for their new JX crossover with the FWD starting at $40,450 and the AWD priced from $41,550. Both models come with a 3.5L V6 powerplant with 265-hp and 248 lb-ft of torque.

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Infiniti Extended Range Sports Car Concept Teased [Video]

Infiniti knows sexy. Their cars have flowing curves that look right at home next to car show babes, a set of golf clubs or a well-manicured lawn.

That’s why it really was a tease when they released photos last October of their new extended-range electric sports car. The company is still playing coy about the concept, but we know that it’s going to take the same philosophy as the Chevrolet Volt by implementing a 1.2-liter mid-mounted engine.

A few days ago Infiniti released their third teaser, which included a few snippets of information about the car. What’s probably most intriguing is that Infiniti is committed to making a car that has zero emissions capability and track-ready performance in the same vehicle.

Francois Bancon, Infiniti’s Deputy Division General Manager of Product Strategy and Planning, says the car will be a guilt-free experience with exceptional handling.

What’s really interesting is how different manufacturers are approaching the marriage between performance and efficiency. On the one hand, you have the Tesla Roadster, which is fully electric and fun to drive albiet with less sports car speed than you might hope. On the other, there are cars like the Scion FR-S, Toyota’s soon-to-launch sports car that uses a Boxer 2.0-liter four cylinder.

The FR-S is far from a zero-emissions car, but as performance coupes go, we’re expecting pretty mild EPA estimates. That brings us back to Infiniti’s take on the whole thing. They’re saddling up right in the middle, with both electricity and gasoline. It’s set to debut in March at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, where we’ll bring you coverage of the event.

You can watch the video below, but be warned, you may fall asleep. This video makes your uncle’s tired family Christmas stories sound as epic as Homer’s Iliad.

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Nissan Leaf Predicted to Double Sales in 2012

As with all new products, analysts are quick to analyze its success after its first year of sales. When Nissan reported that its Leaf electric vehicle sales tallied 9,674 units last year, industry analysts claimed that the poor sales number proved that a market does not exist for electric propulsion.

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Chris-Craft Builds An Infiniti V8 Powered Mahogany Speedboat

Infiniti‘s brawny 5.6 liter V8 proves to not only motivate land yachts but actual maritime yachts as well. Students at the Tennessee Technical Center-Nashville and Nashville State Community College have removed the titanic power plant from a donor Infiniti QX56 to ready it for maritime duty in an iconic 1962 Chris-Craft “Holiday” mahogany speedboat.

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Infiniti FX, M Models Recalled for Leaky Oil Filter

A recall has been issued by Infiniti on the 2011 FX crossover and the 2012 M coupe. A faulty oil filter component is being cited as the culprit of the problem.

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Infiniti's Mercedes-Benz Based Compact Will Be Built By Magna Steyr

A while back we revealed that Infiniti‘s working on a new entry-level, FWD compact that would be based on Mercedes-Benz‘s A-Class platform. We now have news that Canadian-Austrian auto supplier Magna Steyr will be in charge of developing the entry-level model for Infiniti.

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Infiniti Planning to Shift Production Outside Japan

Following on from the announcement that it’s moving  global headquarters from Yokohama to Hong Kong, Infiniti is now looking at moving other assets overseas, namely the production of vehicles.

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Infiniti M45 Under Investigation By NHTSA For Fuel Gauge Defect

An investigation of the Infiniti M45 has been launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding the fuel gauges of the 2003-2004 M45’s. The investigation was prompted by consumer complaints about the fuel gauge readings being inaccurate.

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Infiniti To Finalize Upcoming Hatchback Design In 2012

Despite a fairly decent reception from attendees at the 81st annual Geneva Motor Show last year, Infiniti has remained tight lipped about the chances of its Etherea concept (shown above) of entering production.

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Infiniti M To Get 4-Cylinder Engine In Europe

With Europe having a long history of taxing cars based on engine displacement, automakers have long dodged this levy by placing diminutive engines in even their largest vehicles.

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Ward's Auto 10 Best Engines List Revealed For 2012

Ward’s Auto released their 10 Best Engines List for 2012 today, and no surprise here but direct-injection and turbocharging – the two big trends for today’s automotive era – are heavily represented.

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Nissan Previews New Safety Tech, Including "Unintended Acceleration" Override [Videos]

Nissan showed off three new safety technologies this week in Japan, all three of which are slated to make their way into various Nissan and Infiniti models in the upcoming years.

The first of these three new technologies is a rear camera multi-sensing system, which is Nissan’s result of evolving its Around View Monitor by adding Blind Spot and Lane Departure warnings with Moving Object Detection. Both Blind Spot and Lane Departure warnings have been integrated into Infiniti models in the past, but their Moving Object Detection is all new and set to come out next year. By using the rearview camera and a new image processing system, Moving Object Detection will do what its name says – detect objects and people, highlighting them with a red box while alerting the driver with audio and dashboard warnings. In the video, Nissan also shows off that it works with a front-mounted camera as well.

The next technology that Nissan previewed might have been taken as a slight jab to Toyota‘s misfortunes with drivers accidentally pushing the accelerator rather than the brake. Their Acceleration Suppression system will use the Around View cameras mounted in the bottom of the side mirrors to detect if a driver is pulling into a parking space. By observing the lines painted on the pavement, the system will also engage its front-sensing radar to determine if a wall or another stationary object is in front of the vehicle. By adding one and one together, the vehicle will know if the driver is unintentionally pushing the accelerator pedal rather than the brake and will automatically apply the brakes. Pretty neat.

Lastly, Nissan showed off what is called the Predictive Forward Collision system that uses a radar-based sensor located on the front bumper. The radar’s range has been extended to detect the second vehicle ahead by looking underneath the vehicle ahead of you. Through some calculations, the system will warn the driver if that vehicle doesn’t brake in time or if the driver in front of you swerves out of the way. Both audio and visual warnings will alert the driver of a possible collision and will even pretension the seat belts.

Check out the videos below, showcasing each of the new safety technologies.

[Source: Autoblog]

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Infiniti FWD Compact Will Use Mercedes-Benz A-Class Platform

Infiniti‘s Etherea Concept, shown off earlier this year at Geneva, may become a reality thanks to its partnership with Mercedes-Benz. Car and Driver has reports that Infiniti will be using Mercedes-Benz’s A-Class platform to build their own entry-level luxury hatchback, leading to speculation that a production model based on the Etherea Concept is on Infiniti’s to-do list.

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Infiniti Art Car Raises $55,000 For ONE DROP Foundation

Back in October, we told you about the Infiniti G37 Art Car and how it was being auctioned off on November 12, with its proceeds going to support the ONE DROP Foundation. An anonymous bidder placed a winning bid of $55,000 for this very special car, and the proceeds will go towards initiatives in developing countries.

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Audi A6 Ties Infiniti M37 in Latest Consumer Reports Midsized Luxury Sedan Ratings

Consumer Reports recently compared four luxury sedans in the January issue of the magazine, pitting the Audi A6 against the Infiniti M35h, Mercedes-Benz E350 BlueTec and Saab 9-5, with the refreshed A6 receiving an overall test score of 93, tying Infiniti’s M37 at the top of the charts. The previous generation A6 had scored a disappointing 79.

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Infiniti Teases Extended Range Electric Sports Car Concept

Infiniti is preparing a stunning new concept car for the Geneva Auto Show, one that will use both a gasoline engine and electric motor, while taking strong design cues from the stunning Essence concept.

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Nissan 370Z, Infiniti G37 Recalled For Faulty Windows

Model Year 2011-2012 Nissan 370Z sports cars and Infiniti G37 luxury coupes are recalled due to a programming error in the power window switch controller in select vehicles.

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2013 Infiniti IPL G Convertible Official With 343-HP: 2011 LA Auto Show

No surprises here as Infiniti unveiled the official IPL G Convertible today at the LA Auto Show. Set to go on sale in spring of 2012, the IPL G Convertible becomes the second vehicle in the Infiniti Performance Line models offering special aerodynamic styling pieces, performance from the IPL-tuned V6, exhaust, suspension, 19-inch IPL wheels, and unique leather interior.

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Infiniti 2013 JX Crossover Offers 3-Rows of Luxury, Priced From $40,450: 2011 LA Auto Show

As promised, Infiniti has unveiled its entry into the three-row luxury crossover segment today at the LA Auto Show with the new JX. With the official reveal of the JX, Infiniti has also announced its pricing, setting the JX35 FWD MSRP at $40,450 while the AWD will come in at $41,550. Both vehicles are powered by a 3.5L V6 engine with 265-hp mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with Sport mode.

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Lorinser's Newest Tuning Package Is For An… Infiniti FX?

Infiniti’s FX is clearly evolving to become a real winner, first with the Sebastian Vettel Edition and now world-famous Mercedes-Benz tuner turning their attention to the Japanese crossover. It’s rather surprising to see Lorinser working on a Japanese vehicle, with their portfolio of tuning programs almost strictly covering only Mercedes vehicles.

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2013 Infiniti JX, IPL G Convertible to Bow at Los Angeles Auto Show

Infiniti is set for two world debuts at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show on November 16th, 2011. Taking center stage at their booth will be the 2013 Infiniti JX crossover and the 2013 IPL G Convertible, the second vehicle in the Infiniti Performance Line.

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Infiniti FX Red Bull Racing Wrap Announced to Celebrate F1 World Championship

Red Bull livery. It’s not just for Honda CBRs any more. Not since Infiniti teamed up with the energy drink company’s F1 team last year and Sebastian Vettel won the World Championship for the second year running.

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Infiniti To Relocate Global Headquarters To Hong Kong

With China seen by many as the future in terms of greatest sales potential when it comes to consumer goods, many organizations are looking to establish a stronger presence in the region.

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Infiniti's G37 Art Car To Be Auctioned Off For ONE DROP Foundation

Infiniti Canada is joining forces with Bearfoot Bistro and Masquerave raise awareness of water-related issues and to help raise funds for ONE DROP’s initiatives in developing countries.

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Infiniti Launches Pit Crew Challenge Game On Facebook

You can be part of the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team’s pit crew when you play Infiniti’s first ever social game on Facebook.

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Sebastian Vettel Wins The F1 Championship, Infiniti Approves The FX SV Edition

Starting with the FX Sebastien Vettel edition. First shown as a concept vehicle at the Frankfurt Auto Show, this special vehicle is now rumored to be approved for production. While the looks will pretty much stay intact, it is yet to be seen if the production model will also be limited to a top speed of 186 mph.

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Nissan to Supply Mitsubishi With Infiniti M in Japan

Nissan and Mitsubishi continue to cozy up, with the latest announcement including the sharing of Nissan’s newest flagship luxury sedan. Sold in North America as the Infiniti M, Nissan will supply what it dubs the Fuga in its domestic market to Mistubishi. The new Mitsubishi-badged vehicle will go on sale in Japan starting in the summer of 2012.

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Infiniti M35h Sets Guinness World Record for the Fastest Hybrid

Infiniti already claims the new M35h is the world’s quickest hybrid with a 0-62 mph time of 5.5 seconds. Now the Japanese luxury automaker can add one more performance credential to the car’s list: the Guinness World Record for the fastest hybrid.

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Infiniti Electric Sports Car Concept Heading For Geneva In 2012

Earlier this week at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Infiniti released teaser sketches of their upcoming Nissan Leaf-based Infiniti electric sedan concept.

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Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, Formalize Platform Sharing, Small Car To Be First

Infiniti will adopt Mercedes-Benz’s small car architecture, used to underpin the front-drive B-Class, as part of the technology sharing agreement signed between the two companies.

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Infiniti Reveals Sketch Of Future Zero Emissions Vehicle

The teasing starts early as Infiniti takes an opportunity at the Frankfurt Auto Show to hint at the public of a future zero emission luxury vehicle.

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Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version is Just a Concept, For Now: Frankfurt Auto Show 2011

Back in March, at the Geneva Auto Show, 2010 Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel and Infiniti‘s Chief Creative Officer, Shiro Nakamura got chatting.

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Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version Official

Sebastian Vettel’s Version of Infiniti‘s FX is now official, packing 414-hp, improved aerodynamics, 21-inch wheels and carbon fiber components giving the FX over 101-lbs in weight savings. The special edition FX was designed to Sebastian Vettel’s vision and built by Infiniti in just six months and is based on the V8 FX50S Premium. And best of all, we’re glad Infiniti and Vettel changed more than just the FX’s good looks on their collaboration.

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Infiniti, Bell & Ross Partner on BR02-8 Infiniti Carbon Case Purple 8 Pro Dial Wristwatch

Infiniti has teamed up with Swiss watchmaker Bell & Ross to design the Limited Edition BR02-8 Infiniti Carbon Case Purple 8 Pro Dial wristwatch.

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Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version Revealed With 186-MPH Capability

Ahead of its official debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Infiniti has released a selection of photos of what will be called the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version. Wearing the name of the Formula One World Champion (and current points leader for the 2011 season), the man himself will be on hand to unveil the custom luxury crossover in Frankfurt.

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Infiniti Announces U.S Pricing On 2012 QX And EX Models

Infiniti announced U.S pricing for the 2012 QX full-size SUV and the 2012 EX crossover. The QX was redesigned in 2011, so changes to the 2012 model are non-existent.

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