Top 10 Best Concept Cars of 2016

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Automakers love to stun and surprise with radical concept cars, and this year was no different.

As 2016 comes to an end, takes a look back at the best concept cars that debuted this year. Some are so wild that they likely will never see production, while others preview a future model that will be seen roaming the streets in the coming years.

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10. Volkswagen I.D. Concept

Trying to turn over a new leaf following its massive diesel scandal, Volkswagen is placing an emphasis on electrification for its future. The German automaker previewed that future with the I.D. Concept, powered by an electric motor with 167 horsepower. Volkswagen has set a goal of selling 25 million electric vehicles by 2025, and you can expect to see a production version of the I.D. Concept by 2020. The company estimates it will deliver between 248 and 372 miles of all-electric range.

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9. Lincoln Navigator Concept

Lincoln is working on a next-generation full-size SUV and previewed the model with the Navigator Concept earlier this year. Drawing inspiration from luxury sailboats and yachts, the Lincoln Navigator Concept was big and bold, powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with more than 400 hp. Along with its attractive and sleek styling, the Navigator Concept made headlines with its gullwing doors, like what you’d find on an exotic sports car.

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8. Subaru Viziv-7 Concept

Like many other automakers, Subaru is looking to strengthen its presence in the crossover and SUV segment. At the 2016 L.A. Auto Show, the Japanese automaker rolled out the Viziv-7 Concept, its largest concept ever. The model previews an upcoming seven-seat SUV that will serve as a replacement for the brand’s Tribeca. Unfortunately, Subaru cautioned that the concept doesn’t preview how the Tribeca’s replacement will look, but rather how large it will be when it hits the market. In other words, the company is trying to keep expectations low after disappointing so many with their wild concepts that looked nothing like their conservative production models.

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7. Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept

Mercedes is trying to get serious with its Maybach luxury nameplate, unveiling the ultra-luxurious Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept during 2016 Monterey Car Week. Measuring 18.5 feet long and nearly seven feet wide, the concept is designed as an electric car boasting 738 hp and more than 200 miles of range. Inside, things get futuristic with an entire windshield serving as a head-up/augmented reality display controlled by gestures.

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6. Cadillac Escala Concept

Earlier this year, Cadillac gave a preview of the next evolution of Cadillac design with the Escala Concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The American automaker said the Escala Concept is designed to be both a driver’s car and an indulgent flagship sedan, with the large four-door concept boasting an expansive liftback design. It measures roughly six inches longer than the CT6 with its overall length of 210.5 inches. The concept also gives us a look at new technical concepts that are in development for future Cadillac models.

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5. Buick Avista Concept

After making a surprise debut at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, the Buick Avista Concept went on to become one of the most interesting debuts of the year. All year, there were rumors that it would be produced, then it would flip back to just being a concept and nothing more, and people haven’t been this excited about a Buick in a very long time. Regardless, the 2+2 coupe features a stunning design and is powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with 400 hp.

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4. Hyundai RN30 Concept

Hyundai is getting serious about performance and the Korean automaker proved that with the RN30 Concept. The wild-looking hatch debuted at the 2016 Paris Motor Show powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 380 hp and 330 pound-feet of torque. Based on the existing i30 hatch, the RN30 has been tested and developed at the Nurburgring. Hyundai promises it will sound really aggressive and that its low center of gravity and lightweight construction will provide a thrilling drive. Look for the production Hyundai i30N to make its debut sometime next year.

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3. BMW 2002 Hommage Concept

The BMW 2002 Hommage Concept first made its debut in May at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, winning over BMW enthusiasts worldwide. The German automaker followed up on the concept by giving it a fresh two-tone color scheme just in time for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Paying tribute to the BMW 2002 Turbo, the 2002 Hommage Concept is just another example of a brilliant BMW model that will likely never see production, making car enthusiasts really sad.

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2. Jaguar I-Pace Concept

The crossover segment has become one of the hottest in recent years, and now electric vehicles are having a moment in the spotlight. So what better time than now to produce an all-electric crossover that actually looks stylish? The Jaguar I-Pace Concept made a surprising debut at the 2016 L.A. Auto Show, seemingly coming out of nowhere. What makes the Jaguar I-Pace concept so exciting is that it doesn’t resemble other electric vehicles available today. But there’s something about the I-Pace that makes it so satisfying to look at, especially if it delivers the same 400 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque found in the concept. The British automaker is expected to show off a production version late next year.

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1. Acura Precision Concept

Now that the Acura NSX has finally arrived, the Japanese automaker is focusing on the rest of its lineup. Kicking off the year at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, Acura rolled out the Precision Concept, previewing how the brand’s design may look in the future. The four-door concept features a low and wide stance and deeply sculpted rear fenders, while up front are “Jewel Constellation” LED headlights and a new Diamond Pentagon grille that will likely be seen on future Acura models. At the time of its debut, the company’s global creative director, Dave Marek, confirmed the Precision Concept isn’t just a design study, but something that will shape the look of all future Acura products.

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