2019 Ford Edge ST Added to Refreshed Lineup


For model year 2019 the Ford Edge has been honed ever sharper thanks to an injection of fresh technology, updated exterior design and the availability of a brand-new, high-performance ST model.

The most noticeable change to this trendsetting crossover is found front and center. It gains a bold new grille, which, on ST models, is filled with a three-dimensional mesh texture. Flanking this opening are standard LED headlamps across the model lineup; fog lights utilizing the same illumination technology are available for extra cost.

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Along with that new grille, the hood’s leading edge has been pulled forward for a more aggressive, confident look. Emphasizing this stance, Steve Gilmore, Edge design manager said, “It’s all about width.” The vehicle’s front and rear bumpers were sculpted in a way that allows hood and hatch lines to flow neatly into the bumper covers, accentuating this Edge’s planted stance. The rear liftgate and exhaust finishers have also been reworked.

Helping support the speed this powertrain can provide are more aggressive dampers, stiffer springs and much bigger brakes. In fact, for drivers that really want to go all out there’s a set of optional binders that are even more fade resistant. Summer rubber is also available.

Proving this ST-tuned crossover isn’t completely out of its element on a racetrack, the stability control system has a relaxed setting that, in the words of Jonathan Crocker, Edge vehicle engineering manager, “[Allows you to] explore the limits within the laws of your local municipality.” If that’s not enough, it can also be completely disabled for maximum hooliganism.

It’s the same story when you engage sport mode. The gearchanges get rescheduled and the throttle sensitivity remapped, that’s expected, but beyond this the paddle shifters enable real manual shifting. “If you want to bounce it off the rev limiter for the next 10 minutes, you can do that,” said Crocker. It will not upshift on its own.

According to Crocker, “It’s not a color, it’s not a badge, it’s not even an engine,” the 2019 Edge ST is a complete package offering improved handling, braking, acceleration and even more aggressive sounds.

Since the first generation of this nameplate debuted in 2006, the company has sold more than 1.3 million copies in the U.S., with global deliveries reaching 2 million units. For model year 2019, Ford is looking to continue this crossover winning streak.

Pricing and fuel-economy figures are not available at this time, but the substantially updated Edge should go on sale this summer.

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