Toyota continues to offer a full lineup of reliable cars and trucks, including popular models like the Corolla, Camry and RAV4. The latter has the distinction as America’s best-selling consumer vehicle that isn’t a pickup.

No doubt helping the RAV4’s popularity is the availability of a hybrid model. Toyota has invested heavily in its hybrid powertrains, making sure almost every one of its four-door models has the option. In addition to the RAV4, there are hybrid models of the afore-mentioned Corolla, Camry, and the Highlander. The Sienna minivan and Venza mid-sized SUV are both only available as hybrids. The original Toyota hybrid, the Prius, is all-new this year features more powerful drivetrains as well as very attractive styling.

Toyota still has the strong-selling Tacoma mid-sized pickup, and for 2022 it finally redid the Tundra for a third generation. A turbocharged V6 is now standard in the full-size pickup truck, with or without hybrid assistance. A whole new infotainment system also debuted on the big rig.

Another new addition to the range is the Corolla Cross. The sub-compact SUV leans on the popularity of the world’s most popular car: Toyota has sold over 50 million Corollas over the last 60 years.

Beyond that, Toyota also offers a pair of sports cars for those seeking driving thrills. The GR86 saw a new model arrive for 2022, with a bigger engine and more modern interior. At the top of the lineup is the Supra, which features a smooth and powerful BMW-sourced turbocharged inline-six.

2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More

There aren’t many vehicles that have a devote following as the third generation Toyota Tacoma. On sale for 8 years, the Tacoma, or Taco as it’s affectionately known, is a rugged mid-size pickup. It’s powered by either a four or six cylinder engine and can come with a manual or automatic transmission. 

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Toyota 4Runner – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More

The Toyota 4Runner is a survivor. While most mid-size body-on-frame SUVs have been put to pasture, the 4Runner soldiers on. Available with two or three row seating, this vehicle can travel places most SUVs cannot. It has real off-road capabilities and credentials, especially in TRD form. 

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Toyota Corolla - Review, Specs, Pricing, Videos and More
Toyota Corolla Cross- Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota Corolla Hatchback – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota Crown – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota GR Corolla – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota GR Supra – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota GR86 - Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More

Mom was perplexed.

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Toyota Grand Highlander - Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota Highlander - Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota Land Cruiser – Review, Specs, Pricing, Videos and More

Find everything you need to know about the Toyota Land Cruiser here, along with expert reviews, specs, photos, videos and more.

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Toyota Mirai – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More

The Toyota Mirai is one of the most unique vehicles on sale today, as it uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power an electric motor. The big rear-wheel drive sedan offers plenty of passenger space and torque. 

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Toyota Prius - Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota Prius Prime – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota RAV4 - Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota RAV4 Prime – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is the plug-in hybrid version of the this popular compact SUV. Unlike most hybrids, the Prime focuses on performance as much as it does fuel savings. With a total of 302 hp on tap, the RAV4 Prime is one of the most powerful mainstream compact SUVs available today regardless of powertrain. 

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Toyota Sequoia – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota Sienna - Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota Tacoma – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota Tundra - Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More
Toyota Venza - Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More

These two Toyotas don’t easily fit into any one category. So welcome to a different sort of comparison: the new 2023 Toyota Crown versus Toyota Venza.

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Best Small SUV: The 11 SUV Mega Comparison

Just like the families that made them popular, “compact” SUVs have grown up.

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Here's Why the 4Runner TRD Pro Won't Have IsoDynamic Seats (At Launch)

The trick Taco seats aren't in its SUV sibling—but never say never.

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2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid First Drive Review: Fun Will Cost You

The Tacoma finally brings Toyota's hybrid expertise to the mid-sized truck market. Far from a single-minded fuel-sipper, this electrified Taco comes correct with a muscular powertrain and a whole new Trailhunter trim catering to the overlanding crowd.

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2025 Toyota Camry First Drive Review: Better Best-Seller

More of a heavy facelift than a fully new model, the 2025 Toyota Camry nonetheless improves the brand's best-seller by updating the cabin and improving refinement across the board. Now exclusively hybrid-powered, the mid-sized four-door has a dash of Prius style inside and out.

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3 Ways the 2024 Toyota Crown is an Unusual Sedan

The Toyota Crown came out last year, replacing the Avalon atop Toyota’s sedan hierarchy. With a choice of hybrid powertrains, the Crown offers a good combination of power, ride comfort, and efficiency.

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2024 Toyota Land Cruiser First Drive Review: Reborn Retro Off-Roader

The new Land Cruiser is smaller, more efficient, and more affordable than the basically-a-Lexus model we said goodbye to in 2020. That's all good, but with this downsizing, Toyota's icon now sits much closer to the 4Runner than ever before, which will also see a whole new generation later this year.

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2025 Toyota 4Runner is a Land Cruiser Without the Historic Baggage

There sure is a lot of commonality between the two Toyota SUVs.

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2024 Toyota Crown Platinum Review: Traditional Sedan, Unusual Package

Not everyone is familiar with the Toyota Crown. Hitting our roads last year, Toyota’s latest sedan is very unique and hard to classify. Upon viewing it, many are left wondering if the vehicle is a car or a SUV. Rest assured, the Crown is a car, just in a very unusual package.

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2025 Toyota 4Runner Gets Trailhunter Trim, Debuting April 9

The Trailhunter family is expanding.

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Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid vs Kia Seltos Comparison

This comparison is a contest of philosophies.

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Toyota's Crown Is Weird, But The Crown Landscape Is Weird Car Gold

The Toyota Crown is strange. It’s a lifted, hybrid, luxury-ish sedan offered here in the US, named after a famed luxury sedan that, for years, has been used to shuttle around members of Japanese high society. The Crown everyone thinks of when they hear that name (should they even recognize it) is Japan’s S-Class, and here in North America, it’s a $40k sedan wearing lifts that would make Ron Desantis blush.

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3 Reasons the RAV4 Still Rules the PHEV Party

We love us a no-nonsense mode of transportation.

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Second 2025 Toyota 4Runner Teaser Confirms Drop-Down Rear Window

...and every existing owner breathes a collective sigh of relief.

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This Is Your First Look At The New Toyota 4Runner

Toyota has begun to lift the cover off the latest 4Runner, sharing the first teaser image of the new off-roader. Toyota is known for keeping its models around for some time, and the current 4Runner debuted 14 years ago, back in 2010. Conceivably, someone reading this story right now could have lived their entire lives without seeing a new 4Runner generation. While keeping a model around for a while isn’t so terrible from an environmental and economic standpoint, it’s certainly safe to say people are excited for the new one.

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2024 Toyota RAV4 Prime SE Review: The Invisible Machine

The 2024 Toyota RAV4 Prime SE is the ultimate NPC car.

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The Great Beyond: Road Trip to Nunavut

A 3,295-km road trip shows why electrification is crucial—and how far we still have to go.

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2024 Toyota Camry TRD Review: The Last of Us

Should we celebrate something simply because it’s the last of its kind?

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Genesis and Toyota Win Big in 2024 Canadian Car of the Year Awards

Toyota locked out the gas-powered categories, while Genesis swept the all-electric ones.

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3 Things We Like About the 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro, and 2 We Don't

Big SUV, big fun-in the right situation.

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How the Toyota Corolla Hatchback Carries the Fun-Commuter Torch

It wasn’t that long ago that hatchback cars ruled the weekly commute. Small, efficient, and relatively inexpensive, these were the top choice for those enduring mundane drives to work.

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2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Review: Brodeo Ride

Big, bold, and brash: it's the 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro.

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Subaru Impreza RS vs Toyota Corolla Hatchback XSE Comparison

Hatchbacks: they’re like SUVs, just better—in ways.

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Toyota Trademarks a Mysterious New Sports Car Logo

Toyota pairs GR with GT, but what could it mean?

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Toyota Tacoma Vs Toyota 4Runner: Which Mid-Sizer is Right for You?

In the world of four-wheel-drive vehicles, the Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner are two of the most sought after.

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2024 Toyota Grand Highlander: 3 Standout Features

Toyota loves SUVs. For the 2024 model year, the brand will offer no fewer than 10 different utility vehicle options. One of the more important entries this year is the all-new Grand Highlander.

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Toyota Grand Highlander vs Volkswagen Atlas Comparison

It’s the battle of the big SUVs here—two of the biggest, in fact.

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Suzuki Doesn't Want To Share The Jimny With Toyota

Speaking with Autocar India, a source said that Suzuki isn’t allowing Toyota to rebadge the Jimny and bring it to more markets. That’s not great news for fans of the tiny but rugged SUV in the US and Canada. “It’s like asking Toyota to let us badge engineer the Land Cruiser. Models that are at the heart of our brand are not meant for sharing and both companies respect that,” said the source.

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2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Review: Great Off-Road, But Not at Towing

Another moose hunting season, another truck, and another 24-hour roundtrip drive. All for the chance of glory, and meat in the freezer. Luckily, this year we got to do it all in style with the 2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro. There was plenty we liked about the truck, but also things we did not. I’ll get the negatives out of the way first, then move on the positives.

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2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Review: Quick Take

Vehicular oatmeal. That’s what I’ve referred to the Corolla Cross as before.

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Here's Why the 2024 Toyota Tacoma's Tow Rating is 6,500 LBS

We’ve just driven the 2024 Toyota Tacoma and come away impressed.

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2024 Toyota Tacoma First Drive Review: Modern Meal

How do you revamp a product that claims almost 40 percent of its segment? If you’re Toyota: carefully.

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Has Toyota Hit Peak SUV?

The brand will offer buyers 10 different SUVs in 2024—with plenty of overlap between them.

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2025 Toyota Camry Combines AWD and Hybrid Power; Debuts November 14

The Camry will join the rest of the Toyota car lineup by combining hybrid power with all-wheel drive.

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Toyota Confirms Crown SUV Will Debut November 14

Not so coy now, are we Toyota?

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Toyota Prius Vs Toyota Crown Comparison

It’s another case of sibling rivalry here at AutoGuide.

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Is the Toyota Crown a Sedan or a SUV?

The Toyota Crown came to market late last year as a new full-size vehicle offering. Available with a host of hybrid powertrains, it features unique styling and cool two-tone paint options.

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3 Things We Love About the 2023 Toyota Prius, and 1 We Don’t

We’re hard pressed to think of any other vehicle that has undergone such a fundamental improvement from one generation to the next like the 2023 Toyota Prius has. Going from a sensible, highly efficient, albeit uninspiring car, to one that has suddenly become desirable, is no small feat. Toyota hit a home run with this car that seemingly does it all.

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One Year Later, the Toyota GR Corolla Still Lives Up to the Hype

And so Toyota said: FOMO no mo’.

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