2012 Fiat 500 Abarth Review

Car enthusiasts throughout North America bemoan the fact that we often get short changed when it comes to receiving hot performance versions of popular vehicles in Europe and Japan. Either we don’t get them period, or when they do show up, they’re somehow three-quarters of a whole. And on paper at least, the Fiat 500 Abarth appears to be a bit like that.

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Fiat 500X Crossover Previewed at 500L Launch

Expanding on it’s 500 family, Fiat teased the 500X, a small crossover designed to take on the Nissan Juke during an event meant to launch its new 500L.

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Fiat Developing New Crossover to Take on Nissan Juke

Fiat is planning on extending the versatility of the 500 lineup to include a small crossover that is going to take on the likes of the Nissan Juke and the MINI Countryman.

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Ferrari 458-Powered Fiat 500 is a Juke R Killer

Before gasoline-electric hybrids became a staple of the automotive world, enthusiasts referred to a ‘hybrid’ as a vehicle sporting an engine from a different car, shoehorned to fit in order to give a smaller chassis more power.

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Fiat 500 Abarth Wholesale Orders Capped by Chrysler

Credit sex, swagger or supportive reviews from the automotive community. Actually, scratch that and credit them all for the Fiat 500 Abarth’s warm reception that demanded triple what the automaker originally expected to sell in North America.

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Fiat Chrysler Future U.S. Lineup Revealed: Journey SRT6 Coming, Durango Axed

The future is looking bright for the FiatChrysler family, especially with the all-new SRT Viper on the horizon. 

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Abarth Unveils Limited-Edition Punto Super-Sport

Abarth has just unveiled its tuned up version of the Fiat Punto, called the Punto Super-Sport, a car which is not offered in the U.S. for now, but might make its way across the pond. 

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Fiat Won't Acquire Mazda Stake: Chairman Says

When Mazda and Fiat announced plans to co-develop the next MX-5 Miata and Alpha Romeo Spyder the auto news industry quickly went abuzz with speculation.

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Fiat-Mazda Relationship Could Grow Beyond Sports Coupe

Following news about Mazda and Fiat working together to build a new Miata and Alfa Romeo coupe, Fiat Chief Executive  Sergio Marchionne hinted that the Fiat-Mazda relationship has potential to expand even further.

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Mazda Teams With Fiat: New Miata to Spawn Alfa Romeo Roadster

The two latest automakers to climb into bed together are Mazda and Fiat and their love child promises to be one impressive performance machine.

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Fiat Abarth 695 Maserati Edition is Absurdly Expensive

When it goes on sale, the Fiat Abarth 695 Maserati Edition won’t be available in the U.S. and that’s a good thing because dealers would have to tack “unsellable” onto its laughably long name.

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Fiat Celebrates Facebook Fans With Giveaway Contest

Fiat is sending out its thanks to its 500,000 Facebook fans via a contest in which you can win a brand new Fiat 500.

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Fiat Uses Google Street View to Prank Volkswagen

Google Street View cars roam the world, snapping photos freely to give its users an accurate depiction of the location they’re looking for. As a result, sometimes you may be smiling on candid camera unknowingly when Google passes by.

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Fiat 'Boob-Job' Ad Aimed at Male Demographic

Car advertising is always aimed at a key demographic, and the newest spot from Fiat Argentina reinforces its slew of commercials aimed directly at men. 

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Chrysler Confirms New Dart Based Liberty, 100 Hatchback

In a recent article, Automotive News praised the new Dodge Dart as an example of true synergies between Fiat and Chrysler, declaring, “the Dart uses savings from its shared Fiat platform and co-developed technology to give Chrysler a larger, more powerful and technologically advanced compact sedan at a lower price than its competitors.” 

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Fiat 500 Sales Buoyant in Europe

Talk about a cultural divide. While the Fiat 500 struggles to find customers on this side of the Atlantic, in Europe it’s a different story. Over there, the car is a celebrated icon and the original “Cinquecento” was largely responsible for putting Italy on wheels following World War II.

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Catrinel Menghia Returns in Three New Fiat 500 Abarth Ads – Videos

Catrinel Menghia, the lingerie model who starred in the Fiat brand’s sexy Super Bowl ad is back in several new spots for the Italian automaker.

Helping promote the new Fiat 500 Abarth performance model, the ad was a clear indication of a change in gears from the automaker, after dropping its female US brand boss and its female-targeted J-Lo ads for some sex appeal directed right at a male audience.

Are they as good as the original? Are you going to watch them anyway no matter what we say? Of course you are. So stop reading and start watching below:

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Fiat Anti-Drinking and Driving Commercial is Simple and Effective

Drinking and driving kills many people a year, and the marketers at Fiat are reaching out to people with this simple yet effective commercial. 

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Fiat 500 Claims Victory in Inaugural B-Spec Race

During the offseason, the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) announced its new B-Spec class to give automakers and racers a relatively affordable platform to go racing. The season has finally kicked off with Carbotech’s Fiat 500 claiming the first victory.

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Fiat 500L Design Approach Explained by Designers in Video

The Fiat 500L design is a big change from its 500 counterpart, and the company has released a string of three videos detailing how the car was designed, and why the car designed. 

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EPA Vs CAFE: The Two Sides of Fuel Economy Numbers

Fuel economy numbers are more important now than ever before, as gas prices continue to rise in North America.

Recently Dodge came under criticism for announcing its upcoming Dart compact will get 40 mpg combined.

An impressively high number, even a class-leading car like the Hyundai Elantra, which gets 40 mpg highway, only achieves an average of 33 mpg. While the exact fuel economy figures have yet to be released and a 40 mpg highway rating is still in sight, when the Dart (above) goes on sale later this year it most certainly will not get 40 mpg average; not in real world driving and not even on the window sticker.

Dodge wasn’t wrong. They’re not even entirely to blame. If fact, they were just using a different testing method to get their fuel economy numbers. Or to put it more accurately, they weren’t even doing the testing. So why would a different testing method be used? It’s a long and complex story, but the gist of it is that according to a government mandate, in order for Fiat to take control of Chrysler it needed achieve three goals, the final one being building a 40 mpg car on American soil. Being government related, that number is a CAFE number, not an EPA number. What’s the difference? Read on.

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2013 Fiat 500T Sport, Abarth Convertible Confirmed for US

It appears that is Fiat will continue to expand its American 500 offerings based on documents filed with NHTSA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). 

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Fiat 500X Crossover in the Works, Will Spawn New Mini-Jeep

Fiat is planning a new 500 based crossover, likely called the 500X, that will share its platform with a new small Jeep meant to slot in below both the compass and patriot. 

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Fiat Punto, Panda and 500L Rumored for Canada

Fiat’s return to America has been met with limited success. Sales of the 500 mini car failed to even come close to expectations, selling just a third of expected volume or around 20,000 units last year.

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Fiat, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne Interviewed on 60 Minutes

Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne was featured yesterday on CBS’ 60 Minutes discussing his life as the head of both Fiat, Chrysler and how he brought the American brand back to health from the brink of collapse.

In the interview, Marchionne addresses the state Chrysler was in when he came on board to resurrect the company, saying employees were afraid and that the hierarchical corporate structure in place was crippling to operation.

The 13-minute clip also looks at the upcoming Dodge Dart, which first debuted in January at the Detroit Auto Show. We also get a peek into Marchionne’s life in Italy, where he isn’ allowed to go anywhere without being in a bullet-proof car with police escorts.

Watch the video below, it’s well worth the time.

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60 Minutes to Profile Chrysler Turnaround Tonight on CBS

Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne will be the focus of attention on tonight’s 60 Minutes on CBS that airs at 7:00pm EDT. Reporter Steve Kroft will focus on Chrysler’s miraculous turnaround under the careful guidance of Marchionne.

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Fiat Experiences Best Sales to Date in US

Funny little Italian cars are finally coming into vogue, or so it seems after  Fiat reported its best month of U.S. sales to date in February.

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Fiat 500 Abarth Venom Debuts, Won't Be Sold in America – Video

The Fiat 500 Abarth Venom is the culmination of American and Italian minds working together. Mopar partnered up with Italian parts manufacturer Magneti Marelli to create the Venom variant of the Fiat 500 Abarth model.

The demo vehicle was debuted out in Las Vegas and even had a surprise visit by supermodel Catrinel Menghia that has made her claim to fame in the popular Abarth ads. Between Mopar and Magneti Marelli, the Fiat 500 Abarth Venom features carbon fiber goods for the body – including hood and side mirror housings – that in total drop 200 lbs from the vehicle’s weight. The roof also gets a large scorpion graphic.

Horsepower from the 1.4-liter turbocharged engine gets bumped up by as much as 40-hp (from the stock 160-hp) thanks to a retuned ECU and exhaust system.

Other options include Magneti Marelli 17-inch wheels in black, seats, and upgraded interior trim.

While the Fiat 500 Abarth Venom won’t make its way to America as a complete vehicle, Fiat tuning shops in America are already finding a way to import the parts so that you can build your own. Expect to pay a premium though, Magneti Marelli goods are expensive.

Watch the video – featuring the beautiful Catrinel Menghia – after the break.

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Fiat Planning Third Model for American Lineup

The Fiat brand has had a bumpy start in the U.S. market, but the Italian automaker hopes to change things around now that its dealer network has finally expanded.

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Fiat Airs New Commercials Starting Tonight

Cocaine, beautiful women and tiger blood — these things can compel a man to insane acts, not the least of which is driving a Fiat 500 at speed through a house.

That’s one image Italian automaker, Fiat, is hoping to portray (fun and youth not drugs and depravity), but the Charlie Sheen “House Arrest” commercial is one of two ads that will air for the first time tonight. The second, called “Baby” is a little more subtle in its appeal.

The spot features two men driving to a show with, as you may guess, a baby in the back of the car. The two men are discussing the seats, you see the driver working the manual transmission and then they find themselves stuck behind an old man in a generic Italian mafia car driving very slowly.

The Fiat pulls out to pass while the old man shoots a dirty look their way, inadvertently catching the baby’s gaze. In that moment, the child utters the same Italian phrase we heard supermodel Catrinel Menghia repeat during the Abarth superbowl ad, which means “what are you looking at?”

The old man looks shocked as the two men and baby pull away. We can’t say when the ad will air, just that it’s set for both local broadcast and network TV. That said, the ads probably won’t air during an episode of Grey’s Anatomy given their male-oriented nature.

Watch both the new “Baby” ad and “House Arrest” below.

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Fiat-Volvo Partnership a New Possibility

A few years ago, Italian auto giant Fiat was very close to partnering up with General Motors. However, that deal went sour at the last minute and a few years after that, Fiat bought a big chunk of Chrysler in its quest to have a large slice of the American market.

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Fiat/Chrysler CEO Declines Salary and Bonus From Chrysler Group

Earlier, we reported that Ford CEO Alan Mulally had been awarded $58.3 Million worth of company stock for meeting company performance targets. Fiat/ Chrysler‘s Sergio Marchionne, on the other hand, has declined a salary and bonus for the work he’s done for Chrysler Group in 2011.

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Fiat-Chrysler Could Join Forces With Mazda or Suzuki

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is open to the possibility of a partnership with another automaker to help Chrysler-Fiat’s ailing sales in Europe, with Suzuki and Mazda being cited by the CEO as viable options.

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2013 Fiat 500L, a Prettier Multipla but Still Ugly: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Essentially a proper replacement for the second generation Multipla, the Fiat 500L is a bit better looking than its predecessor, though is still a worthy contender for the Ugg-box crown.  

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First Fiat 500L Video Released: Geneva Motor Show Preview

The Fiat 500L was revealed ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut last month, but now on the eve of its debut the Italian automaker has released its first video showcasing the vehicle bumper to bumper.

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Charlie Sheen Stars in New Fiat 500 Abarth Ad – Video

The marketing department has certainly switched gears over at Fiat. From the female-targeted J-Lo ads for the cutsie 500 to the sultry Fiat 500 Abarth spot featuring lingerie model Catrinel Menghia.

Another step in that direction, the Fiat 500 Abarth is back in a new commercial titled “House Arrest” featuring legendary bad boy Charlie Sheen. And don’t worry, Menghia makes a cameo too.

Watch the video below:

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Fiat-Chrysler Still Seeking Partners According to CEO Sergio Marchionne

FiatChrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne isn’t one to sit idle. The head of both automakers recently said that he is actively searching for possible automotive alliances.

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Abarth Special Edition Trio Showcases Italian Speed: Geneva Motor Show Preview

Abarth is having a four-car party at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, with a trio of special edition models joining the already mentioned 695 Tributo Maserati.

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2013 Dodge Dart to Stay Sedan-Only, For Now

Based on the C-Evo platform from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback, the American-twin 2013 Dodge Dart will only be available in a four-door body style.

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Abarth 695 Tributo Maserati Revealed: Geneva Motor Show Preview

Following in the footsteps of the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari, this year’s Geneva Motor Show will see a 695 Tributo Maserati. The custom Fiat 500C is a special tribute edition for Maserti, with only 499 units to be produced by Abarth.

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Mopar Fiat 500 Stinger: 2012 Chicago Auto Show

Mopar is making an appearance at the Chicago Auto Show featuring four cars they’ve decked out with loads of visual goodies including the Mopar Fiat 500 “Stinger,” pictured above.

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What Did Model Catrinel Menghia Really Say in Abarth Super Bowl Ad

Sex sells, even if you don’t quite know what that pretty lady is saying.

Luckily we’ve got the subbed version of the popular Fiat 500 Abarth advertisement, right here! This spot, which was proved to be one of the most successful ads seen during the superbowl, was first seen way back in November. That doesn’t really matter, as we can’t get enough of it!

Check out the translations in the video below.

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Sexy Fiat Super Bowl Ad Boasts Biggest Online Traffic Increase
This Fiat 500 Abarth ad hit the spot with viewers, and showed the biggest increase in internet traffic during the course of the Super Bowl.

Edmunds revealed that the commercial showed the greatest increase of traffic to the models page on their site. Using measurements at 7 different points during Sundays game, Edmunds found that the Fiat section of their site had a 138 percent rise in activity at the end of the game.

The effective commercial follows Abarth’s “Small, but wicked” catch-phrase, and is sure to catch your attention in just 60 seconds.

The Abarth is going to be hitting North America some time this year, featuring track-ready performance and small car fuel efficiency.

Check it out in the video below.

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2012 Chicago Auto Show Preview: Acura to Volkswagen

Did you think that every automaker’s secrets were revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit? Think again.

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2013 Fiat 500L Revealed Ahead of Geneva Motor Show Debut

Fiat has released pictures of its new 500 “wagon” ahead of the car’s big reveal at the Geneva Motor Show this March. Called the 500L, it’s a replacement product for the infamously ugly Multipla.

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Chrysler CEO Applauds Employees in Internal Memo

Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of Chrysler Group LLC, has been in the media a lot lately thanks to his successful reinvention of Fiat and Chrysler as profitable companies. Announcing a $183 million net income for 2011 was a good way to start off the day for the surely elated Marchionne.

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Mopar Fiat 500 Stinger is an American Tuned Italian Racer

Mopar introduced us to four new Chrysler tuned vehicles this morning, one of them being the Fiat 500 Stinger.

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Mopar Rolls Out Four Performance Packages to Celebrate 75th Anniversary [Gallery]

For Mopar’s 75th birthday they have added some style and performance to four of Chrysler’s cars.

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Top 10 Future Collector Cars Under $100,000

Classic car insurance company Hagerty has just released its annual list of vehicles that it expects will become the collector cars of the future. The list of “affordable” collector cars is capped at $100,000 and comes on the heels of the annual Scottsdale collector car auction week.

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Fiat 500L Tipped as Name for Five-Door Wagon 500

Not too long ago, reports came in that Fiat is developing a 500 five-door wagon for the US market and now it appears that the Italian automaker will be reviving the 500L model name for the upcoming five-door 500.

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2012 Fiat 500C Review

In the auto world, the letters F.I.A.T. stand for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, or Fiat, a company founded in 1899. But Fiat hasn’t sold cars in the United States since the mid-1980s, when spotty reliability issues had many owners thinking F.I.A.T. stood for “Fix It Again, Tony”. Now Fiats are making their way back into special boutique U.S. showrooms with the Fiat 500, a moniker that began just after World War II in Europe. It was a small, inexpensive, high mileage car that put Italians back on four wheels. If you couldn’t afford a Fiat 500, your next option was a Vespa motor scooter.

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Fiat/Chrysler Reveal Product Future, Dodge Avenger Lives

While past reports have suggested that the Dodge Avenger is dead, speculation has apparently been a bit premature. Chrysler/ Fiat have plans for a number of new cars in the future including the introduction of new midsize sedans which will update the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger for 2013. The new Avenger and 200 will be based on the Dodge Dart platform. Chrysler/Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne also intends to have a Chrysler premium compact hatchback in the mix, known for now as the “Chrysler 100.” If given the ‘okay’ for production, then the Chrysler hatch will be exported as Fiat European luxury brand Lancia as well.

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Manufacturers New Motto: Fewer Platforms, More Models, More Volume

At least that’s the findings from Evalueserve’s White Paper, entitled “Platform Strategy Will Shape  the Future of OEMs.” Like many facets of  the auto industry, the concept of platform sharing is nothing new, automakers have been doing it for decades.

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2012 European Car of The Year Short List Announced

For the first time in it’s 47 year history, the European award for car of the year will be announced at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show.

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50,000 Sales Target for Fiat 500 "Incredibly Naive" Admits CEO Marchionne

Look, we get it. Everyone wants to be a little optimistic when a new model hits the streets, especially when it’s one of Italy’s most iconic compact cars.

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Fiat 500 Abarth Comes With Richard Petty Driving Experience

Fiat has finally announced the pricing on their 500 Abarth model for the American market, starting at $22,000 and will include a segment-exclusive, full-day Abarth driving experience.

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Fiat 500 Limo Lets You Live Large in a Small Way

Italian coachbuilder Castagna Milano has their eyes set on the American market, and to lead their entrance is a stretched Fiat 500 limo in three different variants: LimoSun, LimoCity and LimoCity Presidential.

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Fiat 500 Wagon Slated for U.S. Market In 2013

It’s no surprise that the 500’s return to North America did not make the splash that Fiat expected. Having sold less than 20,000 vehicles in its first model year in the United States, the 500 only did half as well as the company initially forecasted.

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Chrome Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari By Office-K [Video]

It appears that the Japanese have also embraced Italy’s compact Fiat 500, but this was hardly what we expected from a Japanese tuner. Office-K out in Japan got their hands on a limited edition Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari and figured it’d look a whole lot better in chrome.

The Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari comes in its own Scuderia Red finish, but Office-K didn’t really care for that shade. They wrapped the entire compact in chrome vinyl while applying racing stripes in Italy’s infamous colors. Surprisingly nothing else was done to the vehicle, leaving the upgraded 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder with 180-hp.

Abarth’s 695 Tributo Ferrari features its own aero package, 17-inch wheels, Brembo brakes, carbon mirrors, “Record Monza” dual exhaust and suspension upgrades as well. On the inside, Abarth outfits the Tributo Ferrari with a pair of carbon fiber bucket seats, flat-bottomed leather steering wheel with red inserts, and carbon fiber trim.

Check out a video showing off the shiny, chrome Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari after the break.

[Source: Carscoop]

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GM Says Opel Not For Sale Despite Discussions With Fiat

When there’s blood in the water, sharks start to bite. If the automotive industry does nothing else, it fosters ruthless competition and a winner-takes-all mentality akin to professional sports.

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