Mazda Vision Coupe Concept Looks Like Sex on Wheels


Mazda revealed its Vision Coupe concept at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show and it’s sexy AF, folks!

A palpitation-inducing vehicle, it highlights where this brand’s design identity is headed. Kodo, their current theme, debuted back in 2010 and this car hints at the next evolution of that.

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With a long hood, imposing dash-to-axle ratio and short rear end, this four-door coupe has classic proportions, and looks absolutely dynamite, even on an auto-show stage. Stylists took their time here and it really shows; the car was in development for about two years.

Pushing Kodo forward, designers aimed to bring new elegance to the Mazda brand by focusing on traditional Japanese beauty, which is subtle, restrained and minimalistic. Even glancing at the photos, those terms perfectly describe the Vision Coupe. It’s so clean and elegant it almost hurts!

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Inside, it’s the same story. The cabin is smooth, flowing lines and has a three-dimensional feel. Unlike most production models these days, information is displayed on a see-through screen – it shows all the important stuff you need to know while driving without dominating the interior or blocking your view.

Once again, Mazda has proven its mastery of clean, upscale design with the Vision Coupe as well as their hatchback Kai concept, which also debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show. This automaker may be tiny compared to Honda and Toyota, but they know exactly what they’re doing.

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