The Best Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deals for Car Owners

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners

Prime Day 2023 takes place July 11-12 and as always, you can expect to see hundreds of thousands of products being discounted across Amazon. That means it's really difficult to find what you need, so we've done the work of finding you the best automotive deals.

Portable Jump Starters

Photo credit: Stanley

Recently, portable jump starters have increased in popularity, especially since many of today's offerings also serve as battery banks for your mobile devices. These compact jump starters are great for emergency use, giving your car's battery the boost it needs to start without needing another vehicle and using jumper cables. And at their price, we recommend every car owner keeps one handy inside their glove box.

The main factor you want to consider when picking a portable jump starter is your engine's size. You'll find that these devices have different peak current ratings, so make sure you're buying one that is powerful enough for your vehicle. If you're choosing an option that can also be used as a battery bank, check its battery capacity (measured in mAh). This will explain how many times you can recharge your devices before the portable jump starter itself needs to be recharged.

More premium options will include a cigarette lighter adapter to power 12V devices, and built-in LED flashlights. And if you have a phone with USB-C charging, you'll likely want to pick a portable jump starter with USB-C ports.

Prime Day Deals on Portable Jump Starters

LED Headlight Bulbs

Photo credit: Jodi Lai /

LED headlight bulbs are an affordable way to upgrade your car's factory lighting. Not only are LED headlight bulbs generally brighter than halogen headlight bulbs, they last a lot longer too. Most aftermarket offerings are fairly straightforward to install and are universal—just make sure you're getting the correct fitment for your vehicle.

When shopping for LED headlight bulbs, their brightness is measured in lumens, so choose accordingly to how bright you want your bulbs to be. If you often drive at night, you'll also want to compare advertised operating life among different options. Expect most LED headlight bulbs to last tens of thousands of hours. Another factor to consider is ensuring that they're approved for use by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and your local state laws, since they are brighter than standard headlights.

Prime Day Deals On LED Headlight Bulbs

Battery Maintainers and Chargers

While portable jump starters are great for firing up your car when the battery's dead, it's even better to ensure your car's battery is in good condition and always has a charge. Battery chargers, as their name suggests, are designed to simply charge your car's battery. Battery maintainers, also known as float chargers, not only charge your battery but ensures it won't be damaged in the long term by maintaining a charge.

So how do you choose whether you want a basic battery charger or a more complex battery maintainer? Battery maintainers are ideal if your vehicle is going to sit parked for an extended period of time. Hook it up to your car's battery and it'll do all the work—charge it to capacity, and then switch to float mode, where it'll only resume charging when the battery naturally drops below a certain threshold. Battery chargers, or trickle chargers, will just charge your car's battery and shouldn't be used long term.

Almost all battery maintainers will also charge a dead battery, but low power ones will do it very slowly. You'll get more features—like AGM battery support, 6- and 24-volt charging, and force charging—with higher end models, as well as much faster charging. We use an eight amp charger/maintainer in the AutoGuide Garage to keep our test batteries topped up, but we have 25 amp (shown, and below) and even 50 amp multifunction chargers for big jobs or when we need a battery charged in a hurry.

Prime Day Deals On Battery Maintainers

Portable Tire Inflators/Air Compressors

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Having properly inflated tires is an often overlooked factor when it comes to car maintenance. Driving on underinflated or overinflated tires will affect your vehicle's ride quality, as well as its fuel economy. Just because your car is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) doesn't mean you can ignore your car's tire pressure.

Owning a portable tire inflator or air compressor means you can check your tire pressure from the comforts of your own home and inflate your tires if necessary. These products generally use your car's cigarette lighter receptacle for power, although others can use a standard household power outlet. Some offerings will have some additional features, such as a built-in LED flashlight and auto shutoff feature. We recommend getting a portable tire inflator that allows you to preset your desired tire pressure, and it'll automatically shutoff once it reaches that value.

Here are some factors you'll want to consider when choosing a portable tire inflator. Check to see how quickly a product can inflate your tires. While this may not matter to most users, you also don't want to spend 10 minutes putting air into your tires. If you own a larger pickup truck, you'll want to ensure the tire inflator is capable of inflating your tires. Pay close attention to the length of the power cable and the hose to ensure you're able to reach the front and rear tires without having to constantly unplug the unit. Lastly, a warranty is always recommended with a portable tire inflator.

Prime Day Deals On Tire Inflators

Floor Jacks

Even a cheap floor jack is a huge upgrade over a scissor jack. Photo credit: David Traver Adolphus /

There isn't much that upgrades your garage experience like switching to one of the best hydraulic floor jacks. It takes so much work—and stress—out of working on your car, whether it's a routine job like changing the oil or switching over to a different set of tires; or working on the suspension, brakes, or driveline. A floor jack isn't just faster, but gives you the reach to jack up from frame rails or other points deeper under the car, which makes it easier to get in good jack stands.

The wheels of a floor jack aren't just there to roll it around. As you lift, your car rotates away from the jacking point. With a scissors or bottle jack, this tilts the car away from the jack, and it can easily fall off. A floor jack rolls as the car moves, keeping the lift straight up and down.

Floor jacks also have a much larger footprint than scissors or bottle jacks, making them much more stable. The big lifting pads are gentler on the car, too, so you won't end up with crumpled lifting points (believe us, we've been there). The do take a little more care and maintenance (see our guide for what to do before you use a new jack for the first time), and they're bigger and heavier, so you'll need more room to store them. We can't remember a time, however, that we chose a scissor or bottle jack over a floor jack (aside from some special circumstances, like lifting a tractor).

When shopping for floor jacks, one thing you pay more for is speed. We like the classic Pro-Lift F-767, but it took us 56 pumps to raise it, as opposed to eight pumps with our higher-end dual-cylinder aluminum jack. If you're changing four tires, 32 pumps vs. 224 really does make a difference. You also don't need a three-ton jack to lift a three-ton car, since you're only lifting at most one end.

Prime Day Deals on Floor Jacks

EV Chargers

You can use almost any EV charger with any EV with an adaptor. Photo credit: David Traver Adolphus /

EV chargers are a hot commodity and sales are hard to find, but if you're ever going to find a deal on a Level 1 or level 2 charger, it's during Prime Day. There are an increasing variety of not just manufacturers, but styles, so think about ow you're going to want to charge your EV. There are affordable Level 1 chargers that aren't much more than extension cords with a built-in controller. You can plug these into a standard household outlet and with a 20-foot or longer cord, you have a lot more freedom in where you can park while charging (and also take them with you). The tradeoff is slow charging rates that could mean you need six, eight, or even 10 hours or longer for a full charge.

Level 2 chargers need a 240 volt outlet, or more commonly are hardwired into a dedicated 240 volt circuit by an electrician. Some are weather resistant so you can mount them on the exterior of a building or a post at a parking area, and many have smart or interconnected features to work with apps to help you understand what's going on with your charging. No matter what, you should look for EV chargers that are UL listed, meaning they meet a national set of safety standards.

Prime Day Deals on EV Chargers

Car Detailing Supplies

Photo credit: hedgehog94 /

What better time than now to stock up on car detailing supplies? From car wash soaps to spray waxes, tire shines to microfiber towels, you're sure to find some real good deals during Prime Day. So what are some things to look out for while shopping this year?

Start with the basics and get yourself a quality car shampoo, wash bucket, and mitt. You'll want a good drying towel too. If you really want to make your life easier and give your car a thorough cleaning, keep an eye out for a good deal on a pressure washer. But that just mainly covers washing your car—if you want it to shine for a long time, you'll want to also pick up a clay bar and wax. Ceramic detailing products are a great way to go as well! Put the finishing touches on your exterior with proper tire shine.

But you don't want to forget your interior either. Compact car vacuums are a great way to get your cabin nice and spotless with little effort. Grab yourself a bottle of upholstery cleaner to wipe down your dash, seats, center console, and more. And if your floor mats and carpet is a bit rough and needs some care, add some carpet cleaner to your cart before you check out.

Prime Day Deals on Car Detailing Supplies

Offroad and Recovery Gear

Recovery straps, rope, and gear isn’t just for offroading. We carry a  kit in our car every day for emergencies. Photo credit: David Traver Adolphus /

The first time we ever went offroading, we went without any recovery gear and got our truck stuck about 100 yards down a muddy trail. It was a long, wet afternoon using a length of cheap rope from behind the seats and tree branches as levers, and ended up with our muffler in the bed after we scraped it off on a rock.

That was the last time we went not just offroading, but did any driving, without recovery gear. In fact, we carry two straps, snatch blocks, soft shackles, and D-rings in our trunk organizer, while we haven't needed a rescue, in the last year we've pulled one car out of a ditch, one off an icy driveway, and rescued one tractor, all without damage to either vehicle. A good strap and D-rings also makes a bombproof tie-down in an emergency.

If you're really wheeling, you have your own ideas about what you need, and what we use in the muddy East is not the same as you use in sandy Moab. But everyone should have at least a hi-lift jack, attachment mechanism, strap and/or kinetic rope, and whatever else your specific winching and recovery needs require.

Prime Day Deals on Offroad and Recovery Gear

Mechanic's Tools

Photo credit: Studio 72 /

Are you a home mechanic and love working on your car? Now's the time to get yourself that comprehensive socket set or cordless drill you've been waiting on. But along with ratchets and wrenches, don't forget other accessories like a tool box or tool bag to help keep everything organized. If you regularly perform general maintenance on your car, don't overlook specialty tools such as a spark plug socket, oil filter wrench, or even an OBD2 scanner that can help diagnose check engine lights. It's a pretty good idea to get a garage work light or two.

We also recommend grabbing a pair of durable gloves for working on your car, or even a box of disposable gloves. Lastly, don't forget a creeper seat, which your body will thank us for later.

We're particularly excited that GearWrench has some of their hottest tools on sale, which they did not do for Prime Day 2021. We're included several of the best here, but in our experience they don't last long so if something is sold out, check for other deals from the brand.

Prime Day Deals on Mechanic's Tools

Tire Pressure Gauges

the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners
Tire pressure gauges are affordable, and most of them are pretty accurate. Photo credit: David Traver Adolphus /

Checking your tire air pressure is about the cheapest and easiest thing you can do for your car. All but two of our top picks for best tire pressure gauge cost less than $20, and tire pressure gauge will quickly pay for itself in better gas mileage and reduced tire wear.

Almost any pressure gauge will be accurate to ±2.0 PSI, which is honestly fine for almost everyone, as there are other factors like temperature and weight over any given wheel (checking your tire pressure on a slope can give very inaccurate readings) that make it difficult to be precise.

We did find in testing that some cheap gauges are hard to use and hard to read. Cheap digital gauges, in particular, can be very frustrating, although some of the best high-end gauges are digital. In the sub-$20 range, we'd choose a dial gauge that holds pressure for easiest to read, or a pencil gauge for convenience and a certain style. If you like the accuracy of a digital gauge, it's worth paying a little more, and make sure you choose one with replaceable batteries, as many of them are essentially disposable. You'll also find many low-priced gauges of every style that are literally identical aside from branding, so you may as well choose the cheapest of those.

Prime Day Deals on Tire Pressure Gauges

Seat Covers

Photo credit: welcomia /

When it comes to your interior, your car seats experience the most wear and tear on a daily basis. If you value your investment, you'll want to protect those seats. Or maybe you're just not a fan of how drab the factory seats look and want to add more color to your interior. Either way, car seat covers are a cost-effective way to protect your seats and since they're available in a variety of styles and sizes, you'll likely find something that matches your personal style.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to car seat covers is that most of them are designed to be a universal fit. That means most owners won't have any issue installing them onto their seats, but some cars it may be more difficult. You'll also want to ensure whichever seat cover you're purchasing won't interfere with side airbag deployment, if your vehicle is equipped with side airbags.

With all the different materials you can choose from, you'll need to decide what you want. Seat covers with neoprene material offer great water resistance, protecting your seats from mud and rain. If you want a more high-end, luxurious appearance, there are plenty of artificial leather seat covers out there that offer great protection and attractive styling. The more affordable seat covers typically use polyester material, which gives you a soft touch cover that's highly absorbent. These are typically machine washable, which requires a bit more maintenance than simply wiping down an artificial leather cover.

Prime Day Deals on Seat Covers:

Tonneau Covers

the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners
Tonneaus look good, secure your stuff, and keep the weather out. Photo credit: David Traver Adolphus /

Tonneau covers should probably come from the factory on all new trucks. Cargo theft from pickup truck beds is a huge problem, and while there aren't good statistics, both the Highway Loss Data Institute and Highway Loss Data Institute note that it's the #1 reason for truck insurance claims. With hard, folding, and roll-up options, it's easy to find the style that fits your hauling (and style needs).

Good tonneau covers are expensive, though, with some color-matched hard covers going for over $1,000. If you don't need a hard fiberglass top with LEDs and hydraulic struts, though, some of the best tonneau covers are available under $300.

If you're doing a lot of work with big payloads that might damage a tonneau, a trifold or quadfold cover is a good choice. They're easy to remove, store, and install. Roll-up tonneaus work well for people who keep their bed covered most of the time, and need the flexibility to carry larger items occasionally. They don't take up much room, but are almost impossible to put on in cold weather, and if they have snaps, those eventually tear out. Hard clamshell tonneaus are a more or less permanent installation. They open to give you access to your cargo, but you can't travel like that. If you're transporting valuable cargo, you're using your truck for commuting duty, might only need an open bed once or twice a year, and want the most secure bed possible, then you want a hard tonneau.

Prime Day Deals on Truck Tonneau Covers

Trailer Hitch Mounted Cargo Carriers and Bags

the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners

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Even the largest SUV or van doesn't always have the cargo space you need to handle all of your passengers and their gear. In such instances, a cargo carrier designed to mount to a standard two-inch trailer hitch is a great way to add much-needed storage to your vehicle. These handy accessories slide into a vehicle's trailer hitch receiver and lock securely in place when needed; removal is just as straightforward.

There are different cargo carriers to meet drivers' individual needs. Some are simply luggage platforms; others have raised sidewalls for added security. Specialty carriers hold bicycles, motorcycles, or other items. Waterproof cargo bags are available to protect stowed items from the elements.

Steel is the most common material for hitch-mounted cargo carriers; it's strong and inexpensive but heavy. Some carriers are aluminum; they're sometimes more expensive than steel but lighter and more resistant to corrosion. Hitch-mounted carriers typically have a 500-pound capacity because more weight would exceed the typical maximum tongue weight for a two-inch trailer hitch.

When using hitch-mounted cargo carriers, be mindful of the length they add to your vehicle. The added tail-swing can make negotiating tight spaces and parking lots more difficult.

Prime Day Deals on Hitch-Mount Cargo Carriers and Bags

Roof-Mount Cargo Carriers and Bags

the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners

Photo credit:

Roof-mounted cargo carriers are another great way to increase the cargo capacity of your vehicle. There are different types: boxes, bags, and baskets. All have advantages and disadvantages, which we discuss in greater detail here.

Most are designed to attach to a vehicle's existing roof rack. Cargo bags are lightweight and the easiest to install but generate more wind noise and are not theft-resistant. Hard cargo boxes offer more security but are heavier and more costly; basket-like metal cargo carriers are ideal for stowing wet or dirty items.

Roof-mounted carriers can be easier to live with than those that mount to a trailer hitch because they don't increase the length of your vehicle. However, they do increase the height, which isn't generally a problem on the open road but might create difficulties in some parking structures.

No matter what gear you haul, our Prime Day picks for roof-mounted cargo carriers will help you pack everything you need for your journey.

Prime Day Deals on Roof-Mount Cargo Carriers and Bags

Jumper Cables

Battery jump starters are great, but you still need jumper cables. Photo credit: David Traver Adolphus /

Battery jump starters are great, and we carry one at all times, but they're not a substitute for jumper cables. Smaller 3,000A and under ones have trouble with big engines ( as we recently found out), and if you don't get your car started after a couple of tries, most of them run out of power. Even if you don't, most of them recommend waiting as much as 10 minutes between attempts, meaning it could be a long time before you get going. Almost all the models we've tested have also had very short cables, and often small clamps that can make it hard to get connected in some engine bays.

With jumper cables, as long as you have another running vehicle, you can get power to a dead one. If a battery is in really bad shape, you can leave them connected for a while to help get it off zero charge, before starting. This also helps when trying to start a big gas or diesel engine.

We recommend booster cables with at least 2 gauge wire, which both keeps them from tangling, and ensures more electricity gets where you want it. We also like them to be at least 20 feet long, and if they're 1 or 0 gauge, they can be 25 or 30 feet long. We also prefer solid copper, which lasts longer and conducts electricity better than CCA (copper-coated aluminum). But any set is better than none, and smaller gauges do have the advantage of being much lighter and smaller.

Prime Day Jumper Cable Deals

Car Vacuums

the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners
12V car vacuums are convenient but have poor suction. Use a corded or battery model for bigger jobs. Photo credit: David Traver Adolphus /

We’ve tested many of the best car vacuums over the last few months, and universally, we prefer either corded or good battery. Twelve-volt models that plug into a car power port or USB are convenient in that they don’t need any power source outside the car, and you don’t have to worry about charging them, but don’t expect to get much suction out of them.

On the other hand, 12v car vacuums are extremely affordable—when we put this list together for 2022, we found them as low as $10.39 (although at that price, consider a vacuum more or less disposable). If you want something inexpensive for light cleanup, then you might be satisfied with one of these. They also come with a lot more attachments specifically intended for car interiors than other vacuums, things like brushes for vents, extra small crevice and angle tools, and extensions to reach the back of your dashboard.

Like some other inexpensive car accessories, once you start looking at car vacuums, you’ll see that many of them appear identical, or nearly so. They almost certainly are under the skin, made in the same small number of factories, with minor changes to differentiate different models and brand. If you see a style you like, the least expensive one is probably exactly the same as the most expensive, so it’s a great opportunity to save money. We’ve seen the same model sell for $40, and $15, just with a different brand name and colors.

Prime Day Deals on Car Vacuums

About Prime Day 2023

This is the perfect time to pick up what you need to get your De Lorean back on the road. Photo credit: David Traver Adolphus /

Amazon Prime Day 2023 will officially take place July 11-12, 2023, and we've been working on finding deals for weeks. If you're looking to stock up on some automotive parts and accessories while saving money, you've come to the right place. With hundreds of thousands of items on sale as part of Prime Day 2023, it's a bit overwhelming trying to find the best deals, so until it's over, we'll updating this post nonstop with the best deals for car owners.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners

Amazon Prime Day 2023 will run July 11-12. Expect to see millions of deals worldwide, including discounts on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and more. Based on previous years, Prime Day will have plenty of automotive deals you won't want to miss out on.

What Goes on Sale During Amazon Prime Day?

the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners

Last year, over one-million deals were available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. In other words, a lot of products go on sale during Amazon Prime Day. Based on previous years, there are plenty of automotive items that will likely go on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2023. Expect handy accessories such as portable jump starters, power inverters, tire pressure gauges, and car seat organizers to see big discounts. Car detailing enthusiasts will want to stock up on their favorite car cleaning supplies during Prime Day, especially items such as microfiber towels or even an orbital buffer.

This year, expect to see plenty of automotive goods to go on sale. If you've been keeping an eye on certain tools or even aftermarket accessories, you might want to add them to your Amazon Wish List so you can easily see if there are deals once Prime Day goes live. will definitely be showcasing some of the best automotive Prime Day deals, so keep an eye out on the site for updates as we get closer to the sale day.

How do I Sign up for Amazon Prime?

the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners

Signing up for an Amazon Prime membership is really easy. You can simply click here to start your 30-day free trial to Amazon Prime. If you're a student, make sure you click the student link to take advantage of a 6-month trial courtesy of Sprint. You will have to hand over your credit card information to sign up to Amazon Prime, even to access the 30-day trial. You can always cancel at anytime.

Is Amazon Prime Day Better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

the best amazon prime day 2022 deals for car owners

The first couple Amazon Prime Day sales were a bit lackluster, especially for car owners. You'd have a hard time finding shoppers who believed Amazon Prime Day 2015 or 2016 were better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Last year however, the sheer volume of products that went on sale was impressive, and there were some deals that couldn't be beat.

Whether you find Amazon Prime Day better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday largely depends on the types of products you're shopping for. Automotive products aren't at the top of every retailer's sales list for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals—they're not the greatest gifts after all—so Prime Day edges out the other shopping holidays in that respect. Because Amazon covers such a wide range of products, you'll likely find some great deals on automotive goods during Prime Day that you may not come across on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Besides, with Prime Day taking place in July, you'll have plenty of time to save up again for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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