2015 Mitsubishi Evo Previewed With I-MiEVO Electric Sports Sedan

Behold the future of the Mitsubishi EVO. April Fools!

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Mitsubishi I Grows In Size For U.S., More Suited To Highway Driving

Mitsubishi‘s diminutive i electric vehicle is undergoing some fairly substantial changes when it makes its debut on our shores, the most significant being a slight increase in length and a 5 inch bump in width, with the extra size added to help the car feel better during high speed highway driving.

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Toyota, Honda Shutdowns Continue In Japan, Rivals Have Resumed Production

Japan’s major car companies have also been badly hit due to this disaster. Toyota and Honda have still not started their operations, and will stay shut over the weekend, due to a shortage of parts coming from suppliers, which were situated in areas most badly hit by this recent disaster.

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Mitsubishi Evo Resurrected, Future Versions Headed in a 'Different Direction'

Reports of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo’s death have been greatly exaggerated. After the unsurprisingly angry backlash the company received from its fanbase, Mitsubishi has apparently reversed its decision to kill its flagship rally fighter.

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Japanese Auto Plants To Face Parts Shortages

Japanese auto makers have been scrambling to assess the impact of the recent natural disasters on their supply chains, as North American production facilities face potential harm, as Japanese factories have begun suspending production in the face of a series of catastrophic events.

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Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Donate $3.75 Million Each For Earthquake Relief

Japan’s three largest automakers announced that they will donate $3.75 million each for earthquake relief. Honda says it will donate 1,000 power generators (a product made by the company) as well as 5,000 gas canisters, while Nissan is considering the donation of vehicles, provisions and medical supplies. Toyota also said that it is investigating such a move.

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Mitsubishi Forging Ahead With Global Car, Regional Differences Will Be Minor

Designing a single car for the entire world is a tough proposition. No matter how hard engineers strive towards a unified design, concessions must usually be made, particularly with regards to engine and gearbox choices. Other instances have called for variations in size to suit regional tastes.

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Nissan, Mitsubishi Announce Mini-Car Joint Venture

Japanese automakers Nissan and Mitsubishi today announced partnership that will see the two companies work together on a mini-car project. The joint venture brings together the struggling Mitsubishi Motors with the more successful Nissan brand.

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2011 Mitsubishi Outlander GT Review

Hey, do you want a little bit of rally car built into your SUV? Well, the Mitsubishi Outlander GT offers up some of the technology that made the company’s Lancer Evolution rally cars so successful in motorsports. For an additional $3,300 over the base price of the Outlander SE with All-Wheel-Control, the Outlander GT offers the company’s Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC, for short) system, mated to a 230 horsepower 3.0-liter MIVEC V6 engine, instead of the base 168 horsepower 2.4-liter 4-cylinder powerplant. 

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Mitsubishi Appoints News North American President and CEO
Mitsubishi has been in the news quite a bit lately, mostly to do with the rumors that the Lancer Evolution is to be killed off by 2013. Those rumors also suggested that Mitsubishi will now focus their energy on hybrids and full-electric vehicles.

Now comes the news that Mitsubishi North America has a new President and CEO, to perhaps get things back on the right track. Yoichi Yokozawa will take the helm from Shinichi Kurihara as of April 1, 2011. Kurihara will be returning to Japan to continue working for the company.

Yokozawa is not new to the company either, having already served 13-years with Mitsubishi, which included heading the brands European board.

Yokozawa has worn many hats within Mitsubishi and we wish him all the best for the future. And Mr. Yokozawa if you’re listening, don’t kill off the Evo.

Press release after the jump:

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Mitsubishi Evo to Compete in SCCA World Challenge Series in 2011

The Mitsubishi Evo might be slated for the history books, but a few folks out there intend to send it off with a bang.

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Car Salesman Turns Himself In After Test Drive Ends In Death

A Landisville, Pennsylvania area car salesman turned himself in to police after a customer test drive of a Mitsubishi Lancer ended with a passenger’s death.

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Mitsubishi EVO Gets the Axe, No Replacement Planned Says Mitsu Product Boss

The Mitsubishi Evo series will not continue into its eleventh model, says Gayu Eusegi, global product director. He may as well have kidnapped Santa, in the minds of rally fans everywhere.

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Geneva 2011: Mitsubishi Concept Global Small Car Proclaims to Be a Better B Car

If there’s one letter that represents Mitsubishi‘s new global small car concept, it’s not B, but ‘e’. While a B-Segment (or subcompact) car, Mitsubishi touts the vehicle’s “e-compact” characteristics, with the e standing for everything from efficiency, to engineering, to economies, to export, to electric.

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Mitsubishi Flagship Sedan to Be Based on Infiniti M; the Diamante Returns?

Mitsubishi may look to introduce a new flagship model and is currently in talks with Nissan to base the car on the current Infiniti M chassis.

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2012 Fiat 500 Buyers "Have No Interest" In Manual Transmission, Want "No-Haggle" Pricing

Fiat is hoping to eliminate haggling from the buying experience of the new 500 small car, in what the company claims is a bid to eliminate a stressful process for younger buyers.

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Mitsubishi To Dump Eclipse, Endeavor, Build Global Products

Mitsubishi‘s American plant will transition from making less-than-thrilling cars like the Eclipse and Endeavor SUV to producing vehicles for the global market.

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Mitsubishi Colt To Take On Ford Fiesta, Debut In Geneva

The Mitsubishi Colt is one of the oldest nameplates in the compact car market, having been sold across the globe in fairly substantial numbers. While North Americans missed out on the previous incarnation, the Colt was well regarded as a practical and inexpensive subcompact that was also a competent driver’s car.

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Mitsubishi Planning to Build Lancer-Based Models in the US, Axe Galant and Eclipse

The future of Mitsubishi in America is tied very closely to its production facility in Normal, Ill. Having suffered significantly in the market over the past several years (sales for 2010 were just 55,683 units compared to 345,111 in 2002), the Japanese automaker is planning a shakeup.

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VIDEO: What Not To Do At A Track Day

Toronto Motorsports Park, a former airfield that was converted into a 2 mile road course featuring 14 turns, is a great track for novices to dabble in motorsports. The speeds aren’t high enough to obliterate you in a crash, and the 14 turns will challenge a beginner, despite the lack of elevation changes.

TMP’s biggest downfall is the fact that they will rent the track to anyone, and many car clubs take advantage of their affordable rates to host their own lapping sessions. From the looks of it, the incident in the video above took place at one of the uber-cheap afternoon sessions, and was likely hosted by a club with an appalling disregard for professionalism and safety standards.

The driver of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution seen in this mercifully short clip should never have been let on the track to begin with. The driver has no helmet and is wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. But hey, he is wearing a Cosworth flatbill and super-dope driving gloves, so that’s got to count for something.

Common courtesy at TMP dictates that on the front straight, drivers passing slower traffic should give a wide berth and then come back to the racing line as they set up for Turn 1. Instead, the EVO driver came within a pubic hair’s distance from the driver of a Mark II Golf, cut back in, and proceeded to barrel down the straight away and into turn 1, a long, sweeping 120 degree right-hander. Drivers can easily hit 120 mph on the straight away, requiring a ton of speed to be scrubbed off before Turn 1.

Instead, our hero keeps his foot buried to the carpet and only starts braking mere feet before the apex – while steering the car with one hand! The results are predictable, and the EVO makes a glorious exit onto the grass, all while the cameras are rolling.

The Youtube description of the video claims that the brake fluid had “boiled”, causing him to lock the brakes and crash, but we don’t buy that at all. The EVO pilot should have spent money upgrading the driver – and safety equipment – rather than his car.

[Source: Bang Shift]

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2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution SE Review

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a polarizing vehicle, which is an odd thing to say about a 4-cylinder car that will seat five people comfortably while making forward progress through all manner of terrain.

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Mitsubishi Developing All Future Cars With Hybrid And EV Capability

Hot on the heels of Mitsubishi’s joint venture announcement with Nissan comes word that the Japanese conglomerate is developing all of their future products with the ability to use hybrid or electric drive technology.

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2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review

Over the past few years Mitsubishi’s presence in the North American marketplace has been shrinking, due mostly to outdated models that no longer appeal to consumers in a rapidly changing marketplace. That being said, we feel the need to introduce this latest model from the Japanese automaker. In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s the 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, a vehicle that’s designed to help the company regain marketshare by launching into the hot compact crossover segment dominated by vehicles like the RAV4, CR-V, Escape and Equinox.

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Nissan, Mitsubishi, Expand Business Alliance

Nissan and Mitsubishi announced a new joint venture today, notably involving a minicar project that will see Nissan’s engineering prowess and Mitsubishi’s small car expertise utilized in to give greater market share to both companies in markets outside North America.

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Mitsubishi Global Small Car Revealed in Design Sketches; Is This the New Colt?

Mitsubishi has just announced a new global small car that could turn out to be the next Colt. Currently Mitsubishi sells the Colt in major markets like Europe and Japan, competing in the popular sub-compact segment. The Colt has also been long-rumored to make a return to North America, where the small car segment has been growing in popularity with new models like the Fiesta and Mazda2 launching just this past year.

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Proton Expands Product Portfolio With Rebadged Lotus Europa, Mitsubishi Evo
Malaysian car company Proton, which normally only makes boring econo cars, is set to make some vehicles that will excite enthusiasts. However, these cars aren’t exactly Proton originals.

First up is the Lekir, which is essentially a Lotus Europa dressed up in re-altered clothes. Lotus (which is owned by Proton) had recently discontinued production of the unloved Europa in favor of the new Evora, so it can easily start building its old model for its parent company. This will allow Lotus to sell more vehicles and will in return bring in some much needed enthusiasts to Proton dealers. Also, since Proton has a much larger international distribution network, the Europa could finally see the success it never had.

When the Lekir hits the showroom, it will feature either a 1.6-liter pr 2.0-liter turbo charged four-cylinder engine, the latter producing about 220-hp.

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Mitsubishi's U.S. Strategy Includes 26 New Dealerships to Support I-MiEV Sales

With the recent launch of the U.S.-spec i-MiEV electric car at the LA Auto Show, Mitsubishi has announced a plan to help bring the company back to its former self.

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Mitsubishi Builds 5000th I-MiEV Electric Car

Mitsubishi recently reached a milestone with the completion of their 5000th i-MiEV electric car, which rolled off the line at its Mizushima plant this week.

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Mitsubishi Plug-In Hybrid SUV in the Works; Next-Gen EVO Also Slated to Go Hybrid

After unveiling the U.S.-spec i-MiEV production car at the LA Auto Show last week, Mitsubishi has confirmed the electrification of its vehicles won’t end there. Next up is the Outlander SUV, which is set to get a plug-in hybrid powertrain when it launches in 2012.

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LA 2010: Mitsubishi I-MiEV Debuts for U.S. Market; Priced at Under $30,000

Citing the company’s long history of affordable compact cars that are environmentally sustainable, Mitsubishi today launched the U.S.-spec version of the electric i-MiEV at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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U.S.-Spec Mitsubishi I-MiEV Revealed Ahead of LA Auto Show With Wider, Longer Body

Ahead of its planned debut at the LA Auto Show next week, Mitsubishi has released photos and details of it’s U.S.-spec i-MiEV electric car. Normally there’s little differentiation between a U.S.-spec model and one from the brand’s domestic market, but in this case the tiny i-MiEV has been widened to meet the needs of U.S. customers.

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New Recalls Issued by Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Ford

Ah, another day, another spate of recalls. A total of 90,000 vehicles from three different automakers are under separate recalls for everything from loose mirrors to defrosters. (At least it’s not as ridiculous as rusting Bentley ornaments).

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2010 Mitsubishi Outlander Review

The Mitsubishi Outlander competes in a tough and crowded segment of small crossovers.  Almost every carmaker has a least one offering, whether it’s the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Chevy Equinox, Mazda CX-7, Ford Escape, Volkswagen Tiguan, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sorrento, or a host of others. After spending a week with the newest Outlander, I will definitely say that anyone looking for a high mileage sporty little SUV should certainly have this model on their radar for comparative shopping.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Gets Updates For 2011

Mitsubishi‘s Lancer Evolution is the major bright spot in a pretty dowdy lineup, and for 2011, the company is making it an even more enticing package.

Mitsubishi’s new FUSE system, featuring voice activation, a Bluetooth integration for cellphones and a way to connect your music player. The navigation will also get real time traffic information, but we’re not sure that Evo buyers are all too interested in these sorts of improvements.

Of more importance to the Evo’s demographic is a re-tuned exhaust for 2011 that will give a more aggressive sound, as well as new front and rear spoilers.

Gallery: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Hit the jump to see the official press release

[Source: Mitsubishi]

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BP To Install 45 Charging Ports For EVs By March 2011

BP is set to install charging ports at 45 gas stations across the United States, which will be able to charge a Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i-MEiV to 80% capacity in under 30 minutes.

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Mitsubishi Endeavor Soldiers on Into 2011 With Minor Updates

It was introduced way back in 2004, but the Mitsubishi Endeavor is one of those mid-size soft roaders that has simply fallen through the cracks in a saturated market. Sure, it got a facelift for 2006, but with the onset of the global recession in 2008, Mitsubishi suspended production for ’09, instead choosing to give its aging people hauler another minor revamp the following year. Here we are, on the cusp of 2011 and the Endeavor is still with us, though for how much longer remains to be seen.

The biggest news for the ’11 model year are the adoption of satellite navigation, back up camera and power sunroof as standard equipment on the up-level Endeavor SE; whereas before they were optional features. The result is an approximately $2,000 increase in the sticker price for the SE, which is available with front or all-wheel drive; the base LS is still FWD only. Both Endeavors are still powered by the 3.8- liter V6, rated at 225-hp and 255 lb-ft of torque, a version of which is also found in the Eclipse sports coupe and Spyder, so aging or not, at least they’ve  got some pep under the hood.

Official release after the jump:

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Custom All Electric Mitsubishi Eclipse For Sale On EBay

eBay is just full of hidden gems and surprises, along with really random and cheap stuff. We ran across this Mitsubishi Eclipse and on the outside it looks like your standard Eclipse with minimal modifications. Then you take a look at the interior and it’s overwhelming … tacky, but then you notice there’s a whole lot of batteries inside and under the hood. “What’s this?” Well, it’s an all electric Eclipse.

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Mitsubishi Expects to Quadruple Sales With Product Shakeup Says Company President

Instead Masuko says he plans to quadruple sales in the U.S., increasing total volume to 200,000 units – up from the current 50,000 unit range. To do this he says the brand will need to have patience, while reducing its significant incentive program in order to create profits. New products will also play a crucial role and the launch of the new Outlander Sport compact crossover (competing with the likes of the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4) is the first of those. There are also reports that Mitsubishi will bring the sub-compact Colt back to North America in response to a resurgence in small cars.

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Daimler to Unveil Electric Commercial Truck Concept at Hannover Auto Show

Daimler Trucks has chosen the IAA  auto show in Hanover, Germany as the venue to introduce its concept of a fully electric commercial vehicle based on a Mitsubishi/Fuso Canter 3s13 medium-duty cabover truck. Confused?

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Coupe Spotted on EBay

Having built project cars ourselves, there are times when you just want to give up. And apparently despair got the better of the owner of this partially-finished Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR Coupe.

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Bolt-On HKS Ball Bearing 7460R Turbo Kit For Mitsubishi EVO IV-IX Delivers 430-WHP

We haven’t heard a whole lot of noise out of HKS recently, but it looks like they’ve returned to one of their favorite chassis of all time, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

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Donked Out Mitsubishi Eclipse On 28s is a World's First – For a Reason [video]

While we have no problems commending the efforts of those who think outside the box, we have to admit we threw up a tad when we spotted this Mitsubishi Eclipse. And as much as we want to criticize this build, we have to give the owner some kudos for really overhauling the car in order to support the gigantic wheels and tires. In fact, he completely modified the car’s suspension in order to fit the 28-inch wheels on it.

And our donk-obsessed owner doesn’t plan on stopping there, with dreams in installing an LS1 V8 under the hood.

While we hate to criticize creativity, we feel like a donk’ed out Eclipse is just downright silly. Does it garner attention? Surely. But there’s a good reason no one has done this before.

[Source: Tampa Bay Sports Car Examiner]

Check out the video after the jump

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Mitsubishi Puts Delica Minivan Plans On Hold

Mitsubishi‘s lineup in the rest of the world is a pretty far cry from the Outlanders, Eclipses and Galants we’re used to in North America. In foreign markets, cars like the i, Colt and Delica can be had instead of the pulse-slowing fare sold here.

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Honda CR-Z Moving Well At Dealers, Defying Expectations

A large majority of the automotive community decried the Honda CR-Z as neither fish nor fowl, a sporty hybrid that didn’t do anything well. Some even predicted this car to be Honda’s downfall, after having finally lost their way, two decades after producing the sporty and efficient Honda CRX.

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UK Cops Crash Seized Mitsubishi Evo
Hale, UK Police seized this yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII after its driver was stopped for “driving erratically” and arrested for DUI. Normal police procedure, in the UK requires the officers wait for a transporter to tow a seized car to impound, but not this time. The two officers decided to drive the car themselves, and, well, the photos show what happened next.

SEE ALSO: The Last Mitsubishi Evo

The officer behind the wheel lost control at what appears to be very high speed, and ended up rolling the car on a local man’s lawn. One of the officers suffered minor injuries, and clearly their superiors will be launching an investigation into their behavior. Evo carnage gallery after the jump:

[Source: BBC via Redliners]

[Photo Credit: LancerRegister]

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Report: Mitsubishi Eclipse, Galant, May Die In 2013

Mitsubishi‘s mid-size offerings, already long in the tooth and outdated, may have to soldier on to 2013, after which point they will be unceremoniously executed as Mitsubishi shifts its focus from heavy, lumbering mid-size cars to small vehicles and electric powertrains.

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Does It Cost More to Operate an Electric Vehicle Than Gas-Powered?

When you bought that new electric car of yours, we bet you thought you’d be saving all kinds of mad money. We hate to break it to you, but it turns out it is probably going to cost you more than an gas car in the long run.

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Samuel Hubinette, Andrew Comrie-Picard Driving NOS Energy Drink EVOs At X-Games 16

This weekend’s X-Games 16 is starting to become a star-studded event full of Formula Drift’s best drivers. We already know Tanner Foust and his experience with the X-Games, and now Samuel Hubinette and Andrew Comrie-Picard (Formula Drift driver and teammate) will both be driving NOS Energy Drink Mitsubishi EVOs on BFGoodrich tires.

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Mitsubishi EVO SE Hits the Track [Video]
BFGoodrich Tires Launches "Bolt On" Ad Campaign Inspired by the Animal Kingdom [video]

BFGoodrich Tires, a company well known for its innovative and action-packed TV commercials, has drawn inspiration from the animal kingdom for its latest “Bolt On” ad campaign.  As you’ll see in the video (after the jump), in the first installment it’s the grip of a tree frog that’s used to illustrate BFG’s point about bolting on grip by installing a set of their high-performance street tires, while the Behind The Scenes video (also after the jump) gives us a taste of some of the other animals we’ll see in future “Bolt On” ads.

Although the animal kingdom analogies will be at the heart of this campaign, the ads also feature two stars in the automotive world and members of the TeamBFG program. Two-time Formula Drift champion Samuel Hübinette did the stunt driving for the spots and Rally pro Lars Wolfe provided technical and special counsel.  The vehicle featured in the broadcast ad is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X with BFGoodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S tires.

The new campaign features a media plan that includes a variety of television, print and Internet advertising mediums. Kudos to BFGoodrich for thinking outside the box on this campaign and injecting some humor and style into their “Bolt On” ads. We look forward to seeing what animal makes a cameo in the next one.

[Source: BFGoodrich Tires]

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Mitsubishi Hoping To Introduce IMiEV At Below $30,000 For U.S. Launch

Mitsubishi is looking to get into the electric car game with their ultra-compact iMiEV. Unfortunately, the iMiEV is down on power, interior space and range – between 50 and 60 miles – three qualities which likely won’t sit well with most Americans.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution SE to Offer MR's Dual-Clutch Fun at More GSR-Like Price

Lately it seems like the only news coming out of Mitsubishi is related to tiny electric cars, so we’re extra excited to report the addition of a new model in the Japanese automaker’s lineup that will have car guys rejoicing. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution SE will debut later this year as somewhat of a cross-breed between the TC-SST transmission-equipped MR model and the more entry-level GSR. In essence it will be a GSR model, but with the dual-clutch transmission as well as the MR’s Bilstein shocks and rear diffuser. Also included will be the GSR’s cloth Recaro seats.

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Password JDM Goes Carbon Crazy on EVO X, We Drool At The Eye Candy

Password JDM first established themselves as one of the premiere importers of rare and fine JDM goods. This author remembers when he had to trek over there to pick up a JDM Integra front end for one of our own project cars (back in the Modified Mag days). Their shop was filled with front clips, engines, fenders, hoods, bumpers, brakes, motors, etc. It was like a JDM fanatic’s dream come true. But recently Password JDM has expanded not only the lines they carry, but have made some products of their own. Most notable of these lines are their dry carbon/kevlar composite components. From aerodynamics to body panels to engine accessories, Password JDM has it covered for carbon.

Newest to their catalog is a fantastic line of Mitsubishi Evolution X carbon engine panels. Virtually everything that’s in sight has been replaced with lightweight, fashionable carbon fiber and it makes for some sickening eye candy. You can clearly see the high quality in the carbon fiber utilized in Password JDM’s products and the airbox and intake combination is just to die for.

So if you want some good ‘ol high quality carbon fiber that’s done right, make sure to check out what Password JDM has for you. We’ve personally never had anything but good experiences with them, so we can only imagine how nice their carbon fiber is under the hood.

[Source: Luxury4Play]

See the full gallery of Password JDM goodies for the Evo X after the jump:

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Mitsubishi Planning Diesel Hybrid for EVO XI

File this under hard to believe. According to a recent report Mitsubishi has scrapped plans to build a hybrid EVO in favor of a diesel hybrid EVO.

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Cyber Evo Reigns Supreme at World Time Attack Challenge [video]

After an action-packed weekend at Eastern Creek International Raceway near Sydney, Australia, Tarzan Yamada and the HRS Garage/Cyber Evo team persevered through an engine failure to claim the title of World Time Attack Challenge champion with their legendary Mitsubishi Evolution 8.

As one of the pre-event favorites, it may come as no surprise that Tarzan and the Cyber Evo took the win, but things were looking very grim for this Japanese-based team the afternoon before the Time Attack finals on May 22nd at Eastern Creek. A blown engine during practice meant they had to scramble to source a replacement  unit locally, working at fever’s pitch to install it and remap the engine control unit overnight on Australian ECU specialist Haltech’s dynamometer.

A testament to hard work and determination, the HRS Garage/Cyber Evo posted a mind-blowing lap time of 1:30.587, breaking the long-standing track record set in 1999 by Mark Skaife in a Australian V8 Supercar. Tarzan celebrated the win in typical flamboyant style, much to the delight of the local crowd and his international fan base.

To see who rounded out the podium (plus some Time Attack video action), check after the jump:

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World Time Attack Challenge Attracts the Best From Japan and the USA [video]

The World Time Attack Challenge, held at Australia’s Eastern Creek International Raceway near Sydney, has attracted a deep field of local and international competitors including top American teams Sierra Sierra Enterprises and their Mitsubishi Evo 8 and Factor X Motorsports Development and their awesome Acura NSX.

It may be an easier commute for the Japanese tuners, but it’s no less impressive that world-class Time Attack machines like the Sun Cyber Evo, Tomei/Cusco Subaru Impreza STI, and both the PanSpeed and R-Magic FD Mazda RX-7s will also be in attendance at Eastern Creek this weekend.

Hoping to put home field advantage to good use are top Australian teams Hi-Octane Racing and their stunning R34 Nissan GT-R, APC Racing’s Evo 8 MR, and Notaras and their lightweight 590-hp Mitsubishi Evo.

With an intriguing mix of the best Time Attack teams and drivers in the world, all vying for the title of World Time Attack Challenge champion, we’ll be following the action this weekend very closely and will report back on Monday with a full account of all the on-track action. In the meantime, wet your Time Attack whistle after the jump with a video of Mark Berry piloting Australian favorite Hi-Octane Racing’s GT-R around Eastern Creek in preparation for the WTAC.

[Source: World Time Attack Challenge]

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How To Distract A Rally Driver, Braveheart Style

Rally driving requires serious concentration on both the part of the driver and co-driver. If the co-driver reads stage notes wrong, or a driver doesn’t react quickly, a crash and possible rollover is almost a given. Many seasoned rally drivers have trained themselves to ignore the spectators along the sides of the stage, but one man distracts Mark Tapper in his prepared Mitsubishi Lancer in a most interesting way, by showing him his ass. The distraction is enough for Tapper to overshoot the next corner during the Rally New Zealand race and end up on his roof. Amazing video after the jump.

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California Journalist Discovers Electric Car Inconvenience in Mitsubishi IMiEV

Mitsubishi is testing a fleet of iMiEV electric cars in California and one of the chosen drivers is Southern California Public Radio KPCC’s Shirley Jahad – who’s diary entries do not paint a glowing portrait of the tiny EV. Jahad’s latest entry in her “EV Diaries,” series includes a day spent behind the wheel on the streets and freeways of Southern California with three charges and a tow truck, needed to get her back home.

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Mitsubishi To Give Peugeot, Citroen A Version Of ASX/Outlander Sport Crossover

A little over a month after the new Outlander Sport SUV (known as the ASX or RVR in the rest of the world) took a bow at the New York Auto Show, Mitsubishi has announced that it will be giving a variation of the sharp-looking crossover to Peugeot and Citroen, two companies which have had a long alliance with the Japanese automaker.

The Peugeot/Citroen variant will come with a very European 1.6-liter diesel engine, and the choice of either front or four-wheel-drive. Expected to launch in 2012, Peugeot and Citroen expect to move a combined 50,000 units per year, with the companies forecasting a 60% growth in SUV sales by 2015. While Europe is not usually thought of as hot spot for SUVs, compact crossovers (like this small, diesel powered model) are a hit and the ASX could potentially be a popular vehicle for locales with tight, winding streets and high fuel prices.

Official release after the jump:

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AMS Drag EVO Sets Four-Cylinder Standing Mile Record, Catches Fire

Over four years ago, AMS shocked the world taking a Mitsubishi EVO VIII and setting all sorts of new records with it. Back then it eclipsed the mid-to-low 9-second mark on the drag strip and a couple of years later they bested all the marks with a new world record at 8.42 @ 168.7 mph. The car then went on to break horsepower records dropping 1,181 all wheel horsepower. So everyone had to ask, what was left for this straight-line bullet to achieve in the record books? Well, why not the world’s fastest standing mile for a four-cylinder? And that’s exactly what AMS did with their EVO at The Texas Mile a few weeks back, breaking yet another world record and going 228 mph.

It wasn’t all that happened that fateful run however. It seemed as if the car itself knew that there was very little left it could achieve after four years of dominating all sorts of records. The car unfortunately catches fire and driver Eric Jones wisely bails himself out of a vehicle that had just gone close to 230 mph. While it seems very tragic that AMS’ EVO VIII was on fire, we’re sure deep down the boys over there are looking forward to building something new. We know we all are, after four years of watching this one succeed.

Make sure to check out the in-car video of this record-setting Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII after the jump:

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